Raiders Players (12.20.21)

Raiders DE Maxx Crosby:

What he expected on the Browns’ third down prior to the Raiders’ last drive of the game:

“We expected them to run. They did a good job in the second half. There were a couple of times where (RB) Nick Chubb was running that thing hard. We had to make a play. It is just a credit to the coaching staff, the defense, and everyone coming together and getting those three stops in a row. Getting (QB) Derek (Carr) the ball back.”


On NT Jonathan Hankins making the tackle on third down:

“Hank, that does not surprise me whatsoever. He is one of the best run-stopping guys in the league. He always comes up big time in big moments, running down field on screens with his 340 LB – or damn near. The effort he plays with is insane. That goes for our whole group. Guys are playing their tails off. We gave our offense another chance.”


On what the last 72 hours has been like:

“It has been pretty cool. Everyone was freaking out. They were mad. Cleveland guys were all upset. Couple of guys were upset. I was fine with it. My calves are a little soar, so I got to lay back, get some more treatment, play some Fortnite. It was a good couple of days. I am not complaining.”


On the level of confidence seeing K Daniel Carlson running on the field to kick the potential game-winning field goal:

“It was funny, I am on the sideline. I 100% believe in Daniel. He is money. We are sitting there and we are checking out the wind, I am picking up grass seeing which way the (expletive) grass was falling, excuse my language. We were just laughing and trying to make sure we were all good. He hit the first one and I was like, ‘Alright, he is going to hit the next one.’ It was exciting.”


On how does it feel to be named to the Pro Bowl:

“It is honestly crazy. I found out right before the game. I really did not believe it. I had to take a moment. I broke down. I just put in so much work. For having my teammates, my peers, coaches around the league. It is a dream come true. Those awesome individual awards are cool, but something like that – I think about that as a kid. I have five sacks. I just want to show people out there that it is not all about the sacks. I have had double-digits. I have done things like that. It is your impact. No matter what it is. It is your impact in the locker room, it is your impact on the field. Effecting the game no matter what stats I get. I believe I do that every single Sunday. It is what I try to do. It was super special for sure.”


Raiders WR Zay Jones:

On the offensive plan for the last drive:

“It was a two-minute drive. We have to go win the game. We have been in that position before. Just a huge credit to the guys all around me. They did not blink. From (QB) Derek (Carr), to (QB) Marcus (Mariota), to (QB) Nate (Nathan Peterman) – just encouraging me to finish strong. Having (WR Hunter) Renfrow and (WR) Bryan (Edwards) there as well – all the guys. It was a really special moment.”


On how much the offense wanted another chance after the interception:

“It was heartbreaking. I was running down there as fast as I could. Lay out for the ball. Their guy (Browns CB Greedy Williams) made a great play. To be honest, I was a little defeated. I came back to the sideline and I was frustrated. Derek grabbed me and said, ‘I am coming right back to you and you are going to win this game for us.’ It just reignited fire in me. Marcus said the same thing to me. Nate, the guys rallied around me. I tried the best I can to be ready for that moment. Just a good way to close a game. Our defense, especially giving us an opportunity to get the ball back. Our special teams, to close it like that. It is a complete team effort.”


On his reception that set up the game-winning field goal:

“To be honest, I went kind of blank. I just heard the call. I do not remember what the call was. I was just really in the zone at that point. Those 2-minute drives happen pretty fast. Just try to line up as efficiently as possible. Trying to fight through fatigue and things like that. Really just try to set up our team to get in position to either score a touchdown or kick a field goal.”


On what he was thinking on the sideline after Derek talked him and the defense was on the field:

“It just showed me that Derek had a lot of confidence in me. Just a trust and belief in my teammates. All across the board. Not just Derek alone, but my defense. Those guys, they played their asses off. That is what they do. From Maxx, (DE) Yannick (Ngakoue), linebackers, DBs. Guys really showed up today against still a really good offensive unit – has a tremendous run game. Just trusting and believing that were are going to have an opportunity – no matter if it is 10 seconds, 30 seconds, whatever it takes to win a football game. Just stay alive and we are still in it.”


On how big the win is big picture:

“It is a big win, but it is one win. We wanted to be 1-0 this week and that is what we got done, that is what we accomplished. So put this one to bed and move on, because we have another tough opponent coming to us at home.”

Raiders K Daniel Carlson:

On if there was a yard line he had in mind where he felt comfortable for the game-winning attempt:

“Pregame practice with the wind, I think 35-yards and in so a 53-yarder and in felt like a comfortable range. 40-yards and in, we can hit that. At the end of the day, we are going to try anything realistic. The offense did a great job. Despite a couple of penalties where we got pushed back, we found a way to get the ball to the 30-yard line for a 48-yard field goal. That is huge props to them. Huge props to the defense for making the stop quickly so we could get a chance to get the ball back. Awesome finish to the game and it was an awesome team win for us.”


On his thoughts prior to the Browns calling a timeout before his field goal:

“You cannot really guess. You just assume that the first one is going to count. If you get a second, then the second one is going to count. I heard the timeout about halfway when the ball was in the air, so I could at least figure out the wind a little better. I think I hit the ball better the second time because I had not been kicking that direction on the field for a while, so you are guessing the wind. With the second one, I knew exactly what the ball would do. Great snaps, holds, protection all night. It was fun to be able to do my job and get the win for us.”


On if his earlier kicks helped him get a feel for the wind:

“It is huge. Any cold weather windy game at least it was not rainy. Saturday was supposed to be rainy so at least we avoided that. Any game like that you have to try to figure it out pregame, halftime, and throughout the game as well.”


On if he could hear the Browns crowd:

“It kind of goes dead when you get in the zone. You have to turn it into background noise. Obviously, when I am on the sidelines and people are yelling at me, it is always fun. When I am in the zone and so focused, I am not very good at multi-tasking – just ask my wife. If I am on my phone, I am not going to hear her yell at me either. Maybe that is a good thing.”


On the reactions after the game winning kick:

“I noticed our guys started yelling and that was real fun. It is good to celebrate a big win on the road.”


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