Raiders LB Nick Kwiatkoski (11.1.20)

Raiders LB Nick Kwiatkoski:

On the weather conditions, the success in the run game on offense and the defense coming up with necessary stops and playing a physical game: 

“Yeah, absolutely. I used to play countless games in this type of weather. They are fun games, but weather definitely plays a factor in game plans and it comes down to being tough, stopping the run, getting the ball out, things like that. So, I mean, definitely a fun one.”

On making changes on defense this week and what changes worked: 

“There were a lot of different small tweaks here and there. It is hard to just pinpoint one. We do a lot of different stuff throughout the game. So, have to go back and watch film to really answer that question. But after that, watch the film and kind of carry what we did well into the next game, correct what we did wrong and go from there.”

On how big Raiders S Lamarucs Joyner was on the last drive: 

“He was huge. The whole game, he makes plays. He is a physical presence out there playing nickel. Making plays in the run game, pass game.”

On how the defense was able to hold it together and only give up six points: 

“Kind of what I said before, taking things from previous games. We have made mistakes and taking the good things we did and carrying them on. Building each week in practice. Emphasizing different things, turnovers or the run game each week. Just putting those emphases week by week and building on the good things.”

On if he gets the sense the HC Jon Gruden enjoys these types of games: 

“Yeah. I mean, he kind of preaches to us finishing. That is kind of what this game was. The weather played a factor. It was a lot of run, downhill runs, boots, things like that. It is a grind.”

On how big of a focus the defense put on forcing turnover: 

“That is kind of an emphasis for us every week. Turnover battles win games. But, for us to get a turnover early in the game is huge, giving our offense an opportunity. Get them off the field. During that time they were moving down the field. So, any time we can get off the field and give our offense an opportunity, it is huge.”

On if they came out of last week with a chip on their shoulders: 

“Yeah, absolutely. It is one of those things. Like, you take a loss, correct the things and move on. You cannot really harp on losses or wins. You have a game the following week. You just have to take the film and move on.”

On the impact Raiders S Johnathan Abram makes: 

“Yeah, he is a guy who does it all. On and off the field, he is a leader. He is vocal. When he comes down making plays in the run game, it is huge for us as linebackers with that help. Also, in the pass rush. When he gets an opportunity, he loves to blitz. Any time you can get him on a quarterback, it is great.”

On what he saw on the Raiders fumble recovery: 

“It was a tight end screen. Really, I was kind of in the trail position. I had an opportunity to just swipe the ball. I tried to get it and I had no idea that it popped out, until after the play.”

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