Raiders K Daniel Carlson (11.1.20)

Raiders K Daniel Carlson:

On kicking in the wind and missing his first FG try: 

“Pregame, it wasn’t quite as windy. I had a really good pregame to try to figure it out. We got out there, and I really aimed at basically the right upright. That was by far the windiest game I have ever played in and I think most of this team has ever played in. I aimed at the right upright, hit it and basically an A+ ball exactly how I wanted, but didn’t factor in that wind quite enough. Luckily, able to learn from it, bounce back and have a good operation, good holds, good protection and get some points on the board the rest of the game.”

On if it was better kicking west than east:

“Yeah, absolutely. That late kick for them going that way, that Dawg Pound end was really tough. I would say 30 mile per hour winds or whatever it was and doing the best with the operation, that snap and hold is tough when it is cold, when it is raining, when it is sleeting, when it is hailing or whatever it was. Those guys did a great job just giving me opportunities to get the ball down and put it through.”

On his conversation with Browns K Cody Parkey prior to the game:

“We played at Auburn together. I redshirted his final year at Auburn. I was asking him a little bit about the wind pregame, and he said he has never seen any wind like that. He was giving me some pointers to the best of his ability. We were just kind of talking through what we were thinking with the wind. Just trying to figure it out as quickly as we could and do our best.”

On if Parkey should not have given insight about the wind or ‘kept his mouth shut’:

“I think some guys do, but I’m going to figure it out either way. I think most specialists around the league are pretty friendly. Most of us kind of know each other, whether it is from different camps or just training throughout the years or playing against each other. It was pretty obvious that one end was extremely windy and extremely tough. We have to try to take advantage of it. I learned some lessons today, but I felt like I hit that first one pretty well. Just have to play that wind a little better next time.”

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