Quarterbacks Coach Drew Petzing (12.30.22)


On the challenge fully evaluating QB Deshaun Watson’s performance and development in the Browns offense due to mitigating circumstances, including shaking off rust in the first game and difficult weather conditions in the past two games:

“I think that is always part of it. It is important to keep in mind for us as we evaluate each game and go through the week in terms of where he is and where we are trying to get to. The weather, the matchup and the injuries [ on offense], all of that plays a factor. I think that certainly goes into our process, but I think a big part of what we are trying to evaluate is – you see it during the week, too – decision making, mechanics and understanding the offense. I think we have seen a lot of that growth here over the last four weeks so very encouraged by that, and I think we are going to continue to see that as we finish the season.”


On how Watson handled playing in cold, windy conditions last week:

“I thought he handled it really well. That was one of the big takeaways for me and for him coming out of the game is that he can handle that weather and he can play at a high level in that weather. He made some really impressive plays and some really impressive throws throughout the game and certainly late in the game that put us in a position to potentially score there at the end that are difficult at best in those conditions. Very encouraged by that.”


On the differences in Watson’s footwork within the Browns offensive scheme compared to his time with the Texans:

“Again, a lot of it is just tying it to the concepts as much as anything. Certainly, there is always an adjustment when you come into a new system in terms of what we are going to ask him from a footwork standpoint of saying, ‘Hey, we are going to put this foot forward. We want you to hit in this rhythm. We want to take these hitches. We want to make sure you are moving on your progression when you are at this place in the footwork.’ I think there are always going to be some things that we are going to teach differently in that regard. I think he has really embraced that, but it certainly is a process for him. It is one thing to think about it, say it and do it in practice. It is another when you are in the course of a game, you just came off of different play, it is going quick and you have 10 seconds to think about it. That is something that he is definitely working on, and it has been a transition that I think he has embraced. It has been good to see.”


On if there are significant differences in Watson’s footwork within the Browns offensive scheme compared to his time with the Texans:

“He probably would be better at answering that than me because obviously, I haven’t done it two different ways, especially at this level with all of the things that he is trying to consider as he goes through it. I think it is an adjustment. I wouldn’t say ‘significant,’ but I think it is definitely a part of the process, and it shouldn’t be overlooked.”


On where Watson has improved on operations within the Browns offense, given Watson commented yesterday it was one of the best areas of development in recent weeks:

“I think a big part of the operational side of it is just in and out of the huddle and everything that happens before the ball is snapped of how efficient we can be. The quicker that we can get to the line of scrimmage, the better he is at calling the play or that we are at getting in the play and getting out of the huddle, the more time he has at the line of scrimmage to evaluate his decision process, maybe we need to check into a play or maybe it is going to change his read or where he needs to go with the football. I think we have seen over these last couple of weeks that it is getting better and better. We are getting in and out of the huddle quicker. We are making quicker, more competent decisions at the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being snapped. I think that is a really important part of it.”


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