Quarterbacks Coach Drew Petzing (10.21.22)


On QB Jacoby Brissett’s interceptions in recent weeks despite being a player who is typically strong in protecting the football and how to help improve decision making moving forward:

“I think it is exactly that, I think it was decisions. I think it was conscious decisions where he put the ball in harm’s way. I think he knows he can’t do that. There is also that urge to make a play, make the throw, feel like you have the opportunity to do it and taking that chance. It is a fine line because you also don’t want him checking it down every time it is there. There is the balance of understanding the situation, who we are as an offense and who we need to be as an offense, coupled with the looks where, ‘Hey, it is going to be there and you want to take it,’ and the times where you have to be smart, you have to survive the play and you live to play the next down. I think getting back to that balance is going to be really important.”


On the Ravens’ production with interceptions and how that impacts the Browns’ willingness to attempt downfield passes:

“As you said, it is something this defense does really well so we have to be hyper aware of it and just understanding at times that they are going to have a lot of guys with eyes on the quarterback and you have to make smart decisions in those situations. When you want to be explosive and you are looking for those shots, you have to know the looks when they are there and when you can take them and certainly the looks where, ‘Hey, we hoped for it and didn’t get the look for it,’ and we have to be smart and get underneath or get through your progression and keep going.”


On QB Deshaun Watson returning to the facility in recent weeks:

“He has been great. He has come in and fits seamlessly into the room. He is a great team guy. He understands right now that Jacoby is the guy, and he has been very supportive of that and I think really helped Jacoby’s process. It has been fun to have him back in the building.”


On Brissett and WR Amari Cooper having four connections on 12 targets in last week’s game:

“Some of that is opportunities. Some of that is it is not going to be 100 percent. You know you are not going to bat 100 percent. You just hope that some of the bad ones don’t all run together. That is not something I worry about seeing it one game. I have seen those guys have so much success together over the last couple of months that I don’t worry about them being on the same page or kind of getting right back on track to where they left off prior to last game.”


On Brissett’s message to the team after the Patriots game:

“That is the type of guy he is. I have a lot of respect for him. That is not an easy thing to do. I think he owned the way he play and he admitted that, but he also understood that we as a team have to go somewhere and we have to do it together. I think that was his message. It was impressive to hear, but that is really who he is every day. One speech at the game, that is just the tip of the iceberg with him. I think he is a great leader. I think guys gravitate towards him. It is exactly what I expected from him in that situation, I guess you would say.”


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