QBs coach Ryan Lindley and DBs coach DeWayne Walker (8.10.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns position coaches during today’s media availability:


  • Quarterbacks coach Ryan Lindley
  • Defensive backs coach DeWayne Walker


Quarterbacks coach Ryan Lindley:

On if he gets tired of hearing how great Lake Travis High School is:

“The running joke is that even (QB) David Blough is a Lake Travis guy. Anybody who has ever came out of Texas is a Lake Travis guy (laughter). Obviously, it is a historic program. We joke about it now. It is fun for them because you have two of the better guys that have played at that school at quarterback, and they get to be together on the professional stage. That is a special thing. I got to do that myself with a guy who was my center in high school. He was on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad for a little bit. That was a special time for both of us. I am sure they are really enjoying that, and obviously, me and (QB) Drew (Stanton) try to rip them about Texas football every once in a while, too.”


On how help is to have familiarity with Head Coach Freddie Kitchens and Stanton in the QB room:

“Yeah, it is huge. I think everything we do and right now we are kind of past the basic stuff, we are moving on into kind of different creative sides that we can get into the offensive system and having that to bounce back on. We were both in the same room there in there in Arizona. We can of refer back to some things that we do and bounce it off (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and if he likes it, we roll with it. If he does not, then we just keep it moving.”


On QB Garrett Gilbert’s growth since April:

“Gosh, you know what? It is impressive. At the end of the day, it is almost like you do not want to jump to conclusions, but I was really happy with what he did on Thursday and just the grasp that he has with the system. Drew has been our guy that obviously was in it for so many years in Arizona. He has the feel and been in a lot of different systems. He has the experience obviously of a 10-plus year vet. He has been that guy and you expect him to be that guy coaching guys on the field, even talking to Baker about what he sees. The fact that Garrett has been able to do that, it is almost misleading because his years of service are technical low, but he has bounced around the league and has been in a ton of systems. We both spent time in New England. We kind of bounce stuff off that. I try to compare our system to theirs, which has some similarities. He is incredible right now. He is almost at a mastery level. It is just really impressive. I am very fortunate to have an extremely sharp room in there that is picking up on things quickly.”


On if he can relate to Gilbert due to similar past experience:

“I do a little bit. I do. I am sure there is kind of a soft spot there for that with what he has been through from all the way back at Texas to now. Being bounced around the league, when you are a third quarterback, it is a part of your life. The biggest thing I harp on with him is just he has the skill set. He is smart enough, can see things and he understands it. The biggest thing with him at this point now is to have the confidence to go out there and execute it. He has showed that since he has been here. It has been impressive, and I hope that he continues to grow.”


On Mayfield’s arm strength and how he uses that to his advantage when improvising or on the move:

“It is a part of [his skillset] and even David Blough is another guy who does a pretty good job of moving around. They have some similarities. Baker just has a bit stronger of an arm than he does. Really, it comes down to Baker has the ability to make so many plays when he is on the move because he has such a strong arm. He is so explosive. He has a whip-like motion. He has a quick release and gets it out. When David moves around, he doesn’t necessarily have. He tries to make those throws and we kind of just say you also have to play within yourself. When Baker goes out, playing within himself is the whole field essentially. It allows those guys and the receivers when we break things down where there is nothing that is really off the board.”


Defensive backs coach DeWayne Walker:

On coaching points for CB Greedy Williams after the miscommunication that led to the TD on Thursday:

“It is always on the player, but at the same time, we can improve our communication and making sure everyone gets the call. What happens when it is a deep ball and the corners are running back kind of late, a lot of times they do not get back into the huddle. It is his responsibility, but at the same time as a defense and as a secondary, we have to make sure that we communicate those things to make sure everyone knows what the next call is.”


On if Williams potentially has a higher ceiling than CB Denzel Ward, given Williams’ physical traits and size:

“I just think good players are good players. I do not think you can put a size on them. You look at Darrell Green compared to Mike Haynes and both guys are hall of famers. I just think based off of each guy’s skill level, it just depends on what they are getting out of their size and their skillset.”


On benefits for the Browns defense having Ward and Williams who have different body types:

“I will take the best players. Based off of size, everybody is going to want longer guys and length, but at the same time, you just want the best football players. We are pretty fortunate to have two guys who are good football players.”


On expecting Ward to start Week 1 last year and if that is the case for Williams:

“I think the situations are a little different. This staff, we want him to maybe have to earn it versus with Denzel last year, he kind of proved early that he belonged. With Greedy, just kind of bringing him along a little slower. At some point – he is a good football player – he is going to help our team.”


On if he appreciated seeing Williams playing close to the line of scrimmage and make strong tackles on Thursday:

“No question. It is hard in practice because you do not get a lot of live reps so it is nice to see in a live setting. All you want to see is a guy willing [to tackle]. We call guys ‘Is he a willing tackler?’ I think he proved he is willing so he will continue to get better.”


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