QB Jacoby Brissett (9.22.22)


On the win:

“I thought it was a great team win. We obviously on offense started out slow. Then we settled in and then we just started to get things going. We knew it was going to be a 60-minute football game. Obviously, they are a good team, great coaches and good players. It came back to us. I think we did a good job of settling back in and then just making our routine plays.”


On if he believes he has ‘answered a lot of questions’ by his play the first three games, given fans didn’t know much about him beforehand:

“I am not in this to answer anybody’s questions. I am in here to play good football, play for my teammates and enjoy this moment. That is really what it is all about.  I can look those guys in their faces and tell them I am giving them my best. That is what I look forward to.”


On his emotion after the QB sneak and pumping his fist:

“I was thinking about that on the sideline because I have never been able to do that in a game, and every time I see a quarterback do that in a game, I am like, ‘Dang, that is so sick. I want to do that one time.’ I told myself if I get a sneak, I am doing it. I almost blacked out (laughter). The flow of the game, just being excited, letting my emotions show and not holding things in, just being present.”


On whether it was tough to put Sunday’s game in the rearview mirror this past week:

“For sure. Just because it is such a short week. Like I said up here that day, I think we had the right men in that room to be able to get past it. I think we answered that call today. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. We had to look each other in the face and look at ourselves in the mirror and say, ‘Listen, man, the season is going on. The longer we sulk about that one then we won’t be where we need to be for this game.’ I think the guys answered the bell and came out with a big one tonight.”


On watching the onside kick:

“It didn’t matter to me.”


On WR Amari Cooper’s performance in the past two games:

“He played really well, even in the first game – he was just getting PI-ed (defensive pass interference) the whole time. That is just who he is. He is a great player, a great teammate, a guy who is going to give you his all. You see the things that he is doing obviously in the pass game, but in the run game, he is holding his own. You don’t see that a lot from a lot of No. 1 receivers. I am sure he is going to want to continue to get better and better. Even on the long pass on that big third down, he was like, ‘Man, I need to find a way to stay up and go score.’ That is just the type of player he is. It is obviously a treat to have him on this team. I am looking forward to just continuing to grow with him.”


On whether there was a point this week or tonight where he realized the team had moved past Sunday’s loss:

“I think once we got back in the building, like I said, we had no choice. In this game, the margin for error is so slim. The teams that are good can move on, good or bad. If we want to do something special, we have to be able to do that. After this weekend we have to move on, and we have to get ready for another game. I think the guys in this room and the coaches in this room really understand that. I am extremely proud of the guys tonight for answering the call and looking forward to the next one.”


On TE David Njoku’s performance:

“He always tells me he is always open (laughter). Every time in the huddle, he’s like, ‘I got you. I got you. I got you.’ Another player who maybe in the first game didn’t see the touches or whatever the case may be but made some big catches tonight. I think he did a really good job. Nobody really gives him credit for what he does in the run game that opens him up so much in the pass game. I think he is doing a great job. Like I said, he still has so much room to grow.”


On teammates repeatedly using the word ‘poise’ to describe him and his play and if he feels like he is playing some of his best football now:

“I don’t really get into this game to judge myself. I am just going out there and giving my best. Each and every day, I try and do that as many times as possible is just go out there and do my best. I let those guys speak for me. If I was in this to speak for myself, then I wouldn’t be who I am. I am just looking forward to getting back to it next week.”


On how the Browns offense and defense are starting to complement each other early in the 2022 season:

“Like you said, it is early in the season. This league is crazy. I have seen a lot of crazy things happen in this league. The mindset is just to continue to get better each week and to fight and claw to try to get the next one, the next one and the next one. I think guys understand how present we have to be. Listen, we only get one. We get one day, then we get another day and then another day. As many good days as we can stack, then we will see at the end.”


On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski telling reporters the QB sneak is not overly complicated but seeming to have a skillset to do it:

“It is just not complicated.”


On reporters seeing complications with QB sneaks in the past:

“I can only speak for myself.”


On if his QB sneak tonight was the longest of his career:

“I don’t think so.”


On how comfortable he is getting in the Browns offense:

“I think we are getting better each week. The mindset is whatever it takes to win the game, we go out there and do. Whether that is run 20 times, pass 20 times, throw 50 times or run 50 times, that is what it really is all about. Just continuing to grow and get better. I know there are a lot of things on this film that I want to get better at that is kicking me right now. Just watch the film, be critical of myself and just try to get better for the next one.”


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