QB Jacoby Brissett (9.20.22)


On how he has processed the Week 2 loss during the past two days:

“Excited for the next opportunity. We have another one coming up two days from now. Excited about that opportunity and looking forward to it.”


On the Browns-Steelers rivalry:

“I know it goes back a lot of years. Always a tough opponent year in and year out. Good team and good coaches. The tradition is rich. A divisional game on Thursday Night Football, if that does not wake you up, then something is wrong with you.”


On his ankle:

“I am fine.”


On if the Browns have done a good job of compartmentalizing an emotional loss and preparing for the Steelers during the short week:

“Yeah, I think (Head Coach) Kevin (Stefanski) kind of set that precedent in the locker room. He was like, ‘Hey, as much as we have an excuse to let it lag, we can’t.’ I think the guys have accepted that challenge and we have come out focused in these walkthroughs and energy. Looking forward to Thursday.”


On what the Browns offense had identified of what it should or should not do going forward late-game situations like this past Sunday:

“I do not know. Every situation is different. Honestly, I have not dissected that as many times as you guys probably have because it is a short week and we have to move on. I think that has been the mindset. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will go back to look at that and hear what you all have to say.”


On his message after an emotional Week 2 loss and an emotional game approaching this Thursday:

“We have no time for any focus on anything else but the Steelers. I think the players understand that. I think the coaches understand it. I think that was the standard when we walked into this building on Monday that we are onto the Steelers. Looking forward to it.”


On if the Browns found more of a rhythm on offense this past Sunday:

“Yeah, I thought we did a lot of good things well and moving forward toward what we want this offense to look like. Each week is totally different, and we only have to score one more point than the other team. That is just the mindset. However that comes, we are up for the challenge. This week proposes another challenge. Looking forward to it.”


On if he had other options on the final play that resulted in an interception:

“Oh yeah, there were other guys running routes.”


On if there was potentially a Browns player open closer to the line of scrimmage to attempt a shorter FG, given the team’s goal was to reach the 40-yard line last week:

“I do not know. I was just trying to make a play.”


On chemistry with WR Amari Cooper against the NY Jets and carrying it forward:

“It is Amari. That was just one of those days for him. Did a really good job of understanding the plan. I thought we as a collective group understood the plan. It was not just Amari – obviously, Amari was getting himself open – but players running routes to help get him open. Just capitalized on the opportunities that we had. Like I said, looking forward to creating more opportunities in the future obviously coming up Thursday and just seeing how things unfold.”



On the Steelers defense strengths with Steelers S Minkah Fitzpatrick in the middle of the unit:

“Definitely Minkah, No. 97 (Steelers DT Cam) Heyward and those guys, and No. 56 (Steelers LB Alex Highsmith) is a really good player. They have a really good defense. Obviously, you have to know where No. 39 (Fitzpatrick) is when you break the huddle and be aware of him. He is as good as advertised of what you see on film. It will be a challenge, that is for sure. It is going to take a 60-minute football game of focus and attention to detail in the things that we are going through in our gameplan to make the right decisions.”


On how the Steelers are different on defense with Steelers LB T.J. Watt out due to injury after watching the Pittsburgh-New England film:

“They still look good to me. I think New England still did things to help mitigate as much as possible. They still have good players. Obviously, I know they wish they had T.J. out there, but I am sure those guys on the other side of the ball are happy that they get to go out there and play some football, play in the National Football League, make plays and make names for themselves. Watching that film, you can see that.”


On personally running multiple times last week and if that simply occurred or if the Browns want that threat to be there for other teams to consider:

“No, we didn’t call any quarterback runs – if the Steelers are listening, no, we didn’t call any quarterback runs (laughter). It was just flow of the game.”


On if he felt quicker when running the football last week, given he looked more fluid and faster when running the football compared to Week 1:

“Thank you (laughter). I have no idea. I am slow (laughter).”


On evaluating the Browns offense’s downfield passing game through two games and if there are more opportunities moving forward:

“Every game is so different. Whatever comes, comes. Like I said, we just have to score one more point than the other team. If we have to run 50 times, throw 50 times or whatever it is, we just have to do it.”


On if Watt being out makes facing the Steelers defense ‘more manageable’:

“It is the NFL. Nothing is manageable. All of this stuff is hard. Like I said, I am sure he wants to be out there and they want him out there, but listen, this league is hard. They have good players, good coaches and good scheme, and I am sure they are going to have things that we haven’t prepared for so we just have to [focus on] fundamentals and technique, trust in our rules and play good football.”


On if the Browns were able to connect better on deeper pass attempts this week compared to Week 1, given offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt said last week that opportunities were there that they were unable to capitalize on:

“I guess. What did AVP say this week? I don’t know what he said this week. I think it is just flow of the game. I honestly haven’t even watched the game so I can’t really go back and asses it. It was just the flow of the game. I thought we were in a good rhythm. It just flows from there.”


On if he will have time to re-watch last week’s game during the short week with a Thursday night game:

“Not this week.”


On if he came out of the second game with a ‘special resolve or renewed vigor’ following a stronger personal performance against the NY Jets compared to the Panthers game:

“Week 1, we won so that is all that really mattered. No, it was just going back and doing the basics of football, throwing to the open guys and understanding the plan. Just doing that.”


On if he was calmer during last week’s game, given his emotions following the Week 1 matchup:

“Definitely. I definitely think I was more of myself in the second game.”


On his mindset on the penultimate offensive drive and if it was on his mind at all to tell the Browns offense not to score a TD with the ball and two minutes remaining in the game:

“Playing football really.”


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