QB Jacoby Brissett (9.14.22)


On evaluating film from the Panthers game:

“A lot of room for improvement. Definitely good that we were able to win in all three phases of the game, but a lot of improvement I know for our side of the ball. Looking forward to that challenge this week.”


On evaluating the film of the two deep incompletions targeting WR Amari Cooper and RB Kareem Hunt that:

“It is just getting more repetitions at it. That was probably our first time in game like live action. Can’t miss those obviously, but something that we are going to work on.”


On if one element of the repetitions together with Cooper and WRs is game speed compared to practice speed:

“A little bit, but he got held on like three of them so it is kind of hard (laughter). I thought we were on the same page for the most part of the game.”


On if after Week 1 he feels it would have been helpful to ‘rewrite’ the preseason playing time plans, despite the fact the team won:

“We won so I do not think that we should rewrite it.”


On his perspective watching RB Nick Chubb run the ball:

“It is a lot of fun. Going back, watching the film and seeing some of the things that he did in the backfield and then in open space, it is really special. It is definitely a treat to have him here. It was very impressive to watch.”


On Chubb’s jump cuts:

“I remember watching one in the game, and I got a minus [grade on the play] on it because I was supposed to carry out my fake and I just watched, and it was worth it – that is for sure.”


On Chubb and RB Kareem Hunt releasing on routes when on the field at the same time and the package having the opportunity to do more than just run the ball:

“For sure, I think both of those guys have really good hands and can catch out of the backfield. That is what makes them such a threat. We obviously are trying to exploit that to keep the defense honest and those guys. Like I said, with the ball in their hands, they can do pretty much whatever.”


On WR Donovan Peoples-Jones making multiple contested catches in Week 1:

“It was great to see. He played big. A lot of those were huge plays that we needed at the right time, and he came up for us. Talking to Donovan, he lives for those moments. He was ready for it and obviously made a lot of those plays. Just have to continue to work and get more of them.”


On his likes and dislikes about his individual performance and the offense’s performance after evaluating the film:

“Well, then I would be telling you the Jets the gameplan so I am not going to do that (laughter). I think it just starts with us. A lot of things that halted us were our communication, our fundamentals, our technique and things that had nothing to do with the opposing team but everything to do with us. This week is to clean those things up and get ready for a tough opponent.”


On if he believes he can settle in more and play better after completing one game in the Browns offensive system:

“That is the plan to play better every week. Looking forward to that this week.”


On kickers at one point being taken for granted in the NFL:

“Not anymore (laughter).”


On having a K like K Cade York who converted when needed, even though it is early in York’s rookie year:

“It is special. He was confident that he could get it from the 40. We knew that was our mark going into that game, and then obviously going into that drive, Cade kind of reminded me to where we needed to get to. I just remember going back to a conversation me and Cade had, and he was telling me, ‘Just get to the 40.’ Definitely look forward to him making more of those. Like I said, it is the first game of the season, but glad he got to do that for us in Week 1 and his first NFL start.”


On how rare it is for a rookie like York to exude the level of confidence displayed:

“One, from a rookie that is rare, but from a kicker, that is even more rare. He puts in the work so he should be confident. He should want the ball in his foot at the end of the game. Like I said, he was confident. That is more than half the battle right there.”


On if his emotions after last week’s win and if he will be able to play more freely after the Week 1 result:

“I play freed the game. It was just an emotional game. I definitely thought I played free. The thing is just to play better and better each week.”


On if every game will be as emotional for him moving forward as last week:

“I do not know. Sunday is not here yet so we will see how that goes.”


On if he has more clarity with how the Browns offensive operates and his preferences within it after completing the first game of the season:

“I would assume that it will be a much cleaner game from our standpoint. We addressed a lot of the problems that caused a lot of those communication errors and those things. Looking forward to obviously going into this week of practice and preparation to correct those things so that on Sunday that they are clean.”


On if he knows what plays he likes better after Week 1:

“Yeah, but every game is so different. Each team proposes a different problem. Like I said, it is correcting our things and cleaning up on our end for us to play better.”


On the NY Jets’ defense:

“They have a lot of talent. Obviously, their front is really good. Have a lot of good players. A system that they all know and that they get to play fast in. Looking forward to that challenge and going against a good team.”


On the Ravens typically being successful in the running game but not being as productive against the NY Jets and if that is the result of the NY Jets DL and defense:

“I think it is a collective effort to stop the run so I think it was a conscious effort on all of their parts.”


On if the Browns go into each game with confidence that they can run the ball on any opponent, given the team’s OL and RBs:

“For sure, I think we have the confidence in the guys to say that and to do that. We look forward to those challenges.”


On being able to run the ball successfully even when the opposing defense knows it is a run:

“I would more so say it is just give our guys the ball and get our guys in the right position, not just the running backs but the tight ends, the O line and the receivers in blocking positions to give those guys a chance. Talking to those guys, they just want a chance for one guy, and if we can do that, then they can handle the rest. If they tackle, then they tackle us, and if they do not, they do not, but those guys are definitely a threat.”


On if he felt like ‘he got away with something’ on the spike prior to the game-winning FG, given the Panthers comments about the officials’ call:

“What happened? Going off what the ref said.”


On how pre-snap shifts and motions in the Browns offense make it challenging for him but also opposing defenses:

“As much as it makes my job challenging, it makes the defense’s jobs even more [challenging]. We know it is a part of our offense to test the defense’s mental stability and understanding of their plan. A lot of time, it creates advantages for us so we do that for that. For me to learn, it is the ‘easy’ part of that.”


On TE David Njoku not getting many targets in Week 1 and if Njoku could be more involved moving forward:

“I think every game is different. David did a great job in the run game. Obviously, he probably did not get as many touches as he wanted – obviously, he did not get as many touches as he would want – but it is part of the game. It is no, ‘Hold up. Let’s force the ball to somebody.’ We had a couple of chances. I missed him on a couple, but it is the first game of the season. We have a long way to go. It is things that myself, him and us as an offense are working on to spread the ball around to as many people as we can.”


On rushing some snaps, late movement of Browns offensive personnel and potential confusion getting aligned in last week’s win:

“I just think it was confusion. Like I said, it all falls back on communication. I think that is what was one of our bigger issues, and it had nothing to do with the other team and it had everything to do with us. We have another week to prepare and to fix those.”


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