QB Jacoby Brissett (8.27.22)


On today’s performance and heading into the regular season:

“I thought today was a step in the right direction.  Obviously, we have more time coming up in the next two weeks. Today was definitely a good stepping-stone – getting in and out of the huddle, calling the plays and hearing it from (Head Coach) Kev (Kevin Stefanski). I thought today was good.”


On if he knew how much he was going to play:

“I knew I was playing. I just told them just tell me whenever you are taking me out. I did not want to put a number on it or anything like that. Just going out there and just playing.”


On if he wishes he had all of the Browns starting offense playing with him today to get a better feel for Week 1:

“I am fine with how it went. It is just giving other guys opportunities, especially in games in the preseason where a lot of jobs are at stake. I was fine with the guys that were in there.”


On keeping confidence in WR Anthony Schwartz after a few dropped passes:

“As you saw, I kept going back to him because of the confidence I do have in him. Look, it is part of the game. It is nothing to beat him up about. I was talking to him on the sidelines like, ‘It is just scar tissue. Just go back to work. Keep trusting yourself. When the page turns, you are on the other side of it.’ Just continue to feed him and continue to give him opportunities.”


On how he can help uplift Schwartz after drops:

“I told him on the sideline, ‘Look, you would not be in this position if they did not think you could do it. At least cherish the part that they are putting you back out there no matter what. It is only because they want to see you succeed, and they want you to see yourself succeed.’ I think he is going to do that. It is unfortunate that those things happen, but it is part of the game. I am sure it is like plays that I would like back and throws that I would like back. It is a learning process. This game is hard if we make it hard. I am sure he is going to get over it.”


On if he thought he had Schwartz open on the deep pass that fell incomplete:

“Oh yeah, for sure. That is why I threw it. We did not catch it.


On if that deep pass to Schwartz was catchable:

“I have to go back and watch it. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.”


On operating the Browns offense and his performance in his first preseason game:

“I thought it went smooth. Getting in and out of the huddle was one of the biggest things that we wanted to do, getting up to the line of scrimmage, making the calls, seeing the defense and seeing the structure of the defense. I thought that went well. Obviously, I knew where I was going with the ball at times and seeing it well. Like I said, it was a good step in the right direction. Have two more weeks.”


On taking the bulk of first team reps in recent weeks and only playing in one preseason game and if he feels prepared for the season opener:

“For sure. Like I said, we have two more weeks so I will get a lot more reps in.”


On what he and the Browns need to do over the next two weeks to be ready for the season opener:

“Continue to grow in this offense. Going back and watching this game, putting those reps in my memory bank and learn from this. When Week 1 comes, Week 1 will be here. We have time before it gets here so I am not trying to jump the gun.”


On if getting in and out of the huddle is more difficult than most people think:

“I think that is just the details of it and not taking anything for granted. Getting in and out of the huddle, getting the center-quarterback exchange, calling the plays right and things that would seem so basic, those are things that you want to make sure you hammer down before you get to Week 1. You do not want to have those hiccups.”


On Stefanski choosing to go for fourth-and-two and the Browns converting:

“It was big. We had talked about, ‘Hey, we want to try to extend drives as much as possible.’ It just shows the confidence in this offense and the guys who are out there. Being able to extend drives, those are the things that we are going to need throughout this season. It was good that we got to do it today.”


On establishing chemistry with TEs David Njoku and Harrison Bryant and if that is encouraging heading into the season:

“Definitely. I keep saying this, we are going to just keep banking more and more time, repetition and rhythm with those guys. Being able to throw those guys the ball in live action and coming to the side and saying, ‘Hey, this is why I put the ball here,’ or ‘This is what I was thinking.’ It is part of the process.”


On having a ball batted down at the line of scrimmage and if the pass could have been a reception if knocked down at the line:

“I have not seen it. I heard the ball bat, and I looked to see where the ball was.”


On if he re-watched the interception:

“No, we can’t watch film on the sideline.”


On WR Anthony Schwartz getting knocked down by a Bears player on the interception:

“I have not seen it yet.”


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