QB Jacoby Brissett (8.24.22)


On if he knows how much he will play on Saturday:

“Not yet.”


On if he has a preference about if or how much he plays on Saturday:

“It is all a part of the plan. I am sure we will know soon, and then we will go from there.”


On what he feels he needs to accomplish Saturday, assuming he plays:

“I think this whole week it is just continuing to get better and focusing in on offense as we are getting closer to the season and banking a lot of those reps with a lot of the guys, with the O line and with (Head Coach) Kevin (Stefanski) calling the plays and just get more comfortable.”


On developing a strong chemistry with WR Amari Cooper:

“It is still a work in progress for sure. Just going out there constantly, getting put into different situations and being able to come back and talk about those things, it has been very helpful. He is a very open guy. I think it has been a good relationship building.”


On being the only Browns QB who has not yet played in a preseason game and being the starter for Week 1, including that the media member ‘does not understand that plan’:

“Well, I am sure you did not make that plan so that is probably why (laughter). No, it is part of the plan. We have been doing a good job on the field in practice and making it as game-like as possible. This week is another steppingstone in the plan.”


On how much easier it is as a QB to have a WR like Cooper who is meticulous as a route runner Cooper:

“Nothing is easy, but he definitely makes it joyful to have him on our team. Like you said, he is so meticulous in what he does and how he studies defensive backs, coverages and plays. It has been fun to just learn from him.”


On if it is ‘unusual’ to have as meticulous and precise of a route runner like Cooper:

“You definitely give him an extra second to see what he does, and sometimes you just get caught watching a little bit. It has been a lot of fun watching him run routes and just hearing why he did certain things. It has been pretty cool.”


On Cooper’s remarks that he has an intricate knowledge of what WRs need:

“He is probably just trying to get me to throw him the ball more (laughter).”


On offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt’s remarks that there is not a big difference in the gameplan regardless of if he or QB Deshaun Watson is starting:

“They come up with the gameplan so that would probably be a question for them.”


On if it is ‘hard to not try and be’ Watson when on the field:

“It is very easy for me not to be Deshaun, trust me (laughter).”


On his first reactions to the Browns’ and Stefanski’s playbook and offensive system:

“It all made sense. Football is football. It is about just how you go about playing football. He does a good job of keeping the game complementary and just seeing the plan unfold as we practice and go through certain situations. Then the first two preseason games and just hearing him talk about why we do certain things in this situation versus the other, it has been a lot of fun and a lot of knowledge being passed around. I am excited to see what the season holds.”


On Van Pelt stating more than 30 minutes after practice he can still be seen still working on the practice field and if that has always been his approach or is specific to being new to the team:

“I think it is something that I always do. Obviously, being in a new system, you have to put a little bit more extra time into learning things. Something that I always do, obviously just because you can never know too much of something.”


On younger Browns WRs responding to the ups and downs of training camp:

“The thing that I think they have done a really good job of is coming back the next day, no matter if it was good or bad, but coming to work. As young guys, that is hard to do because some guys get too high and get too low. I think that room and that group has done a good job of every day is a new opportunity and everybody is willing to work, and that is all you can ask for.”


On enjoying naps, his nap schedule and the benefits of them:

“It is being interrupted right now (laughter). It is really time to myself, and my eyes just happen to go to sleep. Just a couple of minutes just to be to myself and kind of just relax in the midst of all of the commotion of meetings, walkthrough, working out and stuff like that. Just trying to relax a little bit.”


On the importance of taking naps and the time to himself to relax:

“I can speak for myself, I definitely need it, just because I get too excited a little bit so it is a good way to kind of calm my nerves.”


On his pregame routine and if it includes time for a nap:

“It depends on what time the game is, but for sure.”


On if he also meditates:

“I definitely do meditate. I do a lot of the mindfulness and things of that nature.”


On why teammates describe him as a funny person:

“I have no idea. Nobody has ever come up to me and asked me to tell a joke (laughter).  I don’t know. I think because I am serious, and they think that I am joking – that is probably it.”


On his style of humor:

“I never really make jokes. I really just think because I am older than them and I just say stuff and I am actually serious and they think I am joking, that is why they think it funny.”


On his previous observations of the AFC North prior to entering his first year playing in the division:

“Always a tough division. You always had teams that played hard, good football. This was always one of the tougher divisions in the league.”


On if NFL players typically believe their own division is the toughest in the league:

“Yeah, that is usually how it goes.”


On the focus on the running game in the Browns offense and the benefits of having strong RBs:

“I don’t take that as a bad thing, especially when you have those guys back there. I think our O line does a really good job and (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan does a really good job in the run game. It is a weapon so I am not opposed to using it.”


On if he likes running play-actions passes:

“For sure, yeah.”


On describing himself as person and player to Browns fans:

“They have been Browns fans for a long time so they have seen me play because I have played against the Browns – I am kidding (laughter). I don’t really know how to describe myself rather than we will see when I go out there and play. I love this game. It is an honor to be on this team, be a part of this organization and to play with these guys on this team, and I am looking forward to it.”


On recollections of rushing for two TDs when the Colts defeated the Browns, 31-28, in 2017:

“Yeah, we won. Yeah, two rushing.”


On if he ‘can still do that at this age’:

“At this age? Gees, I am only 29 (laughter).”


On if the two rushing TDs in that game were planned plays:

“I think one was planned and then the other one wasn’t. It was just situational football and just playing football.”


On describing Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s offensive style:



On teammates describing him as funny and his response that they laugh thinking he is joking but he is actually being serious, including if he is ‘scolding guys’ in those moments because they are not doing something right:

“It is just people like that (LB Anthony Walker Jr., who was standing behind media during the press availability and laughing) who just laugh at anything that comes out of certain people’s mouth, and they just blow up the situation that is not even there.”


On the importance of building chemistry with Browns players who are fighting for roster spots, particularly at WR:

“I think it is extremely important. We put a lot of guys in a lot of different situations just to see how guys react. It has been exciting to see a lot of those guys come out and make plays. I think they have made it tough on the organization, which is a good thing – you want that problem. I am just excited to see those guys play, build and continue their future, too.”


On the Bears saying their starters will play approximately 25-30 snaps and if that is enough prep for him for the 2022 season, if he receives a similar amount of playing time on Saturday:

“Whatever the plan comes and whatever it is for us, be ready for it and go from there.”


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