QB Jacoby Brissett (8.19.22)


On reaction to learning QB Deshaun Watson will be suspended for the first 11 games and that he will start at QB during that stretch:

“That does not change my mindset from the start. I was prepared to do my job that I came here to do so guess I have to go do that, right?”


On his career experience of being a backup and then called into the starting QB role:

“It has given me experience in situations. I think that has been the key. Since I have got in the league, it has shown me how fast this league is and being the next man up and being ready whenever your number is called. I am excited for the opportunity and ready to go.”


On if there is a sense of relief in now knowing how long Watson will be unavailable, given the uncertainty prior to yesterday:

“I do not think it is like we were sitting around waiting for anything. We were preparing for whatever. Obviously, it is done now so just go about our business how we have been going.”


On his comfort playing in the Browns offense as he is getting more first team reps:

“I think every day we go out there, I have grown more and more comfortable. Obviously, I did not play in the [first preseason] game, but just seeing how the game was called, just talking to the guys on the sideline and stuff like that, you kind of grow more confidence in what we are doing. Just looking for that to continue to build.”


On the team’s vote of confidence in him, rather than potentially acquiring another QB:

“I have to go out there and prove that every day, right? I am just excited for the opportunity. I do not take it lightly obviously. Just going out there and continuing to be the man that I am, the player that I am and the teammate that I am, and I think all of that stuff kind of takes care of itself for itself and I do not really have to speak on that.”


On if it would be more beneficial for him to get reps in the upcoming preseason game against the Eagles, given Head Coach Kevin Stefanski shared he and Watson will not play:

“I think we have a plan and we are going along with the plan. Obviously, I am continuing to get more and more comfortable with the offense, and I have not played in a game yet. When that time comes, it will come. I have to use, which I do, these practices and these days as my game. I go out there with a mindset of it is a game. I think I am playing every day.”


On the benefits of competing against the Eagles this week during joint practices:

“I think it has been great to come in and compete against another team who does not know you as well as your team does. You have to react a little bit more than you would in a structured practice. I think it has been good. Yesterday, we had a good day of competing against a really good team. Looking forward to doing that again today.”


On always being prepared to play as the backup QB and if his leadership style, mindset or approach changes at all when receiving first team reps:

“No, not at all. I think being in a position of a quarterback on an NFL team, you can’t just one day do something and then the next day not do it again. I try to be consistent in being the same guy every day. I think that is what my teammates appreciate from me. I just continue to do that.”


On the role he hopes to serve in supporting Watson while suspended:

“A great teammate.


On how he can serve in that role of being a great teammate and supporting Watson while suspended:

“Continue to be myself.”


On teammates speaking about his personality and humor and if that part of his personality will be more important now:

“I just have to be myself. I do not try to do anything more or less. More so, I just try to be myself.”


On his leadership style and winning over younger Browns players after joining a new team:

“I am still one of the younger guys (laughter). I think it is more of just being genuine and doing things with intent, meaning what I say and meaning what I do and being the same guy every day. I think players gravitate towards that. Like I said, just be myself.”


On how much he can benefit from joint practices with the Eagles and having time ahead to prepare prior to starting Week 1:

“For sure, I guess it helps more. I think in one of my stints with the Colts, I kind of took all of the training camp and OTA reps because (former Colts QB) Andrew (Luck) did not practice anyways. A little similar to that. I am excited for this opportunity, though.”


On how he can specifically benefit from getting first team reps during two days of joint practices with the Eagles:

“Unless I get in a fight (laughter). Like I said, it is game-like. You have to use these reps as valuable as they are. Like I said, you are going against another team that you did not really prepare as much as you would normally but you are going against another team that does not know what we do and how we do it. It is helping the reaction time kind of getting that game feel like. I am excited. We have another day today in the red zone so I am excited to see how it goes.”


On how his experience with C Ethan Pocic will benefit the team moving forward, given their extensive work together this offseason with the second team offense:

“It has been good. I think that group has really been one of our strong suits. Obviously, when you think about the Browns, you think about our offensive line. Ethan has done a great job. Stepped in and has not missed a beat. Like you said, I have been working with him since OTAs so it kind of is funny how it worked out. He has been doing a good job, and I am sure he is going to continue to get better.”


On how the Browns roster ranks compared to the supporting casts he has had in his career:

“I am not really a ranker. I am definitely excited about the group of guys that we have on this team. It is so early in the season right now that you can’t really make any predictions. As we continue to grow, we will get better, and we will get to that question at the end of the season.”


On potential Super Bowl expectations for the Browns being placed on his shoulders during the first 11 games of the season:

“Could [not] care less. Here to do my job, do the best I can, lead, be the same guy and be a good teammate, and then everything else will take care of itself.”


On if he would be in favor of the Browns acquiring another QB to compete as his backup:

“I would not be a great teammate if I thought like that.”


On how he can assist the development of WRs Anthony Schwartz and David Bell prior to the start of the season:

“We have a lot of time before the beginning of the season. I think those guys come out and work every day. Obviously, they have dealt with some things that have sidelined them for a little bit, but they come back with the mindset to get better. The last couple of days, we have gotten a lot of work in, and obviously, being able to watch film and talk through things as a group and them obviously being in the room getting the same coaching points has helped. Excited to see the growth, and like I said, we have a lot of time to continue to get better.”


On how the QBs have built chemistry with Browns WRs despite the number of injuries at the position group:

“The good part about this league is it is always the next man up. I think that room has done a good job of battling through some things and coming out with the mindset that they are still working and the standard is the standard no matter what and no matter who is out there. It has been exciting to watch their growth and continuous upgrowth. We are going to continue to build that chemistry and get better.”


On if he developed a strong chemistry with WR Amari Cooper:

“Yeah, it is kind of easy when it is Amari, right? He has been helpful to learn from obviously with how he plays the game, his abilities and things like that. As we get closer and the more reps, the better the chemistry will get, and we will see where it goes.”


On if Watson shared any specific message with him after learning about the suspension:

“I will keep that in-house.”


On his best memory of Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni, who used to coach him in Indianapolis:

“It is so many. Remember he was trying to fight fans one time they were booing us (laughter). A lot of good memories. A great friend. A great coach obviously. I am extremely happy for him and the opportunity that he has been presented. I think he did a great job last year. Excited to see where he goes. I am a big of him.”


On when the memory of Sirianni fighting fans occurred:

“Every game. (laughter).”


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