QB Jacoby Brissett (4.20.22)

On what was most appealing about joining the Browns: 

“Obviously, the opportunity, but speaking with (Head Coach) Kevin (Stefanski) and the guys on the staff, it was a good opportunity.”


On similarities between him and QB Deshaun Watson and if that factored into his decision to join the Browns:

“Like you said, I think we do a lot of the same things. Obviously, he is way faster than me – I am not afraid to say that (laughter). This offense suits us well in that room. It sounds like and looks like that obviously from watching film and stuff like that the coaches try to put is in the best position possible and play to the strengths of who they are playing.”


On if it is more challenging for him to prepare not knowing whether he will start Week 1, given Watson may or may not face a suspension this season:

“No because that is not my place to try to predict that. I think I would not be in the position I am in today if I ever worry about things like that. I always prepare myself like a starter, and I carry myself like a starter because when those opportunities present themselves, I want to show that I am that. Obviously, I am here to support and know the room – obviously, Deshaun, (QB) Josh (Dobbs) and all of those guys in there.”


On his past experience stepping into starting roles when called upon and if there is something in his personality that has allowed him to be successful in those situations:

“I think it is just me believing in myself and trusting what got me to the point at whichever level I was. Really, just falling back on that, trusting the hard work that I put in, going back to what do I know about football and trusting that and going out there and just playing football and doing what I have done since I was a little kid.”


On his strengths as a QB:

“Tough. Stand in the pocket and make all of the throws. It is hard for me to stack myself and tell you right now and then everybody is going to know what to do (laughter). I think I do all of the things that the job requires me to do.”


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