QB Jacoby Brissett (10.16.22)


On if today looked like a ‘vintage [Patriots Head Coach Bill] Belichick defensive effort’:

“For sure. They came out, had a good plan versus us and they beat us.”


On the interceptions this week:

“Just not good enough.  Making bad decisions with the ball. I will be better from that for sure. Just going back, watch the tape and move on.”


On if he initially believed the Browns converted the QB sneak on fourth-and-1 early in the game:

“I thought I did, but they said I didn’t so I can’t really sulk about that.”


On the first interception and if he believed he had TE Pharaoh Brown open earlier and threw the pass later than wanted:

“No, I was rolling out and wanted to give him a chance. It probably wasn’t the right decision at the time just based on the timing of the game. Just a poor decision.”


On Browns players in the locker room saying he addressed the team postgame and if he can share that message:

“That will stay in the locker room, but we are moving on and getting ready for our next opponent.”


On the second interception:

“Another bad decision.”


On if it feels like the Browns are beating themselves with recurring mistakes in recent weeks:

“I think that is the main thing, yeah. We are beating ourselves. That is the challenge for us is to get out of our own way. I think we have the right people in the locker room to do that. Just hone in on our details, fundamentals and technique, and for my sake, decision making, as well.  Just take it one play at a time, and those will take care of themselves.”


On the Patriots plan was to stop the Browns running game and RB Nick Chubb:

“I definitely think that was on their plan to limit our run game. Hats off to them. They had a good plan for us They executed their plan and came out with a win. We get to go back and try again next week.”


On today appearing to be a collective team loss based off of the performance of the Browns offense, defense and special teams:

“We win together; we lose together. I felt like everybody had their handprint on this one, including myself in a big way. I think we have to go back and start from scratch – not start from scratch but start from our basic fundamentals and technique, and those things will take care of themselves.”


On what led to his interceptions and the decisions in those circumstances, given he is known to be strong in protecting the football:

“I don’t know. I have to go back and watch, be very critical of myself and make the corrections from there.”


On if the ball simply came out of his hands on the fumble in the second half or if his arm was hit on while throwing the ball:

“I was throwing it, then I pulled it down as like and I thought I like (motions hand moving down).”


On completing only the first six games of the regular season and if the next two weeks at Baltimore and vs. Cincinnati seem like the most critical part of the season:

“For sure, this week is the most important week of the season – it is all we have. It is going to take complete focus and commitment from this group, and I think that is what we will get.”


On the Ravens and Bengals owning 3-3 records and if that gives the Browns some optimism that the AFC North race is still in reach:

“Not looking at records. Just taking it one day at a time and then we will see where we are at the end. Not looking at anybody else, just worrying about us. and getting back to focusing on us and taking care of us.”


On if he remains confident in himself after today’s game, given earlier this week he stated he has not lost any confidence or trust in himself this season:

“For sure, not a question.”


On facing Belichick for the first time as a starting QB in his career and if there is an extra element to playing his former head coach:

“You definitely can’t go beat yourself – that is for sure – and I think that we probably beat ourselves more than they beat us. Granted they had a good plan, but I definitely think it started with us. Like I said, I take full responsibility with the start of the game, and that is beating ourselves. Just have to get out of our way and then take it one play at a time, one step at a time and one day at a time.”


On if he was able to move past the early interception:

“For sure. I was way past it after.”


On stating he believes in the Browns locker room and the current mental state of the team after three consecutive losses:

“I think guys have until tomorrow to really see the mindset that they bring. I think the guys are going to bring the right mindset and the right fight. Guys are still out there fighting. You have (DE) Myles (Garrett) right there who is battling and putting the team first. That is what it is going to take: putting the team first. That is what is important right now is just taking care of each other and taking care of the team. I think that is the mindset going forward.”


On his role as QB to help make sure the team keeps focused on the task at hand following three consecutive losses:

“Show up tomorrow ready to work, being critical of myself and taking responsibility for my mistakes. I think that is where it starts at the quarterback position and then leading the charge going forward and letting the guys feel that from me that it is more to come and it is better to come. Showing them the 100 percent commitment, focus and confidence that I have in not only myself but the group that we have. I think we will be OK.”


On G Wyatt Teller sustaining a calf injury in the first quarter:

“It is tough to lose anybody. Obviously, Wyatt provides… He is a beast. I think (G) Hjalte (Froholdt) came in and did a great job. I think that is what this team is about. It is the next man up. That is what it is going to take going forward is everybody’s 100 percent. That is one example of guys who are totally committed to this. I am sure more guys are going to be able to do the same. Ready for this challenge.”


On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski saying the team will not consider a QB change:

“I was not worried about it in the first place.”


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