QB Jacoby Brissett (10.9.22)


On the interception late in the fourth quarter:

“We talk about this all of the time. It is just bad decisions late and late throughout the play, and just making good decisions. That was a poor decision by myself. Yes, I saw (WR) Amari (Cooper) coming.  I know I am better than that, and I just made a bad decision.”


On if he considered running for a first down or to the end zone on the interception:

“Yeah, but like I said, I saw Amari in the back of the endzone. Yeah, it was in my mind, but yeah, a really poor decision.”


On being known as someone who takes care of the ball and doesn’t throw many interceptions:

“It sucks. It really sucks. That is a pivotal moment in the game. Obviously, the ball was in my hands for a reason, and that was not the outcome obviously that I was intending to happen. I am just better than that. I truly am, and I know that. I will be better next time.”


On his mindset when the Chargers went for it on fourth-and-2 late in the game and the Browns defense getting a stop:

“We practice this situation a bunch. Once they went for it, I was like, ‘Alright, we are going to stop them and go down and win.’ I knew we had to get a couple more yards. Wish we could have gotten a couple more obviously on a couple of those throws.”


On the Browns going for it on fourth down earlier in the game and if the Chargers defense took away the QB sneak opportunity:

“I have to go back and look. I don’t remember right now off of the top of my head. Sorry.”


On the Browns handing it off to RB Kareem Hunt on that fourth-down play rather than running a QB sneak:

“Flow of the game. From what I remember, we had a good play on. It is 50-50 right there. Just being better.”


On if the Browns had called a QB sneak on that fourth down prior to the Chargers timeout:



On if the mindset with the Browns offense after K Cade York’s game-winning FG in Week 1 is that anything above a 50-yard range is makeable and that’s only as far as the team needs to get and if the assumption was York would definitely make it from there:

“Oh, hell no.  Hell no. Ultimate trust in Cade and our field goal unit. We will go out and do the same thing again with the same trust in him. [Stuff] happens, and it is more than that play that I would say caused the outcome of this game. I threw a pick in the red zone, and we are about to go score. It is definitely not on one person. The trust is still in Cade.”


On appearing to be ‘in the zone’ for most of the game prior to the late interception and if that makes the play and loss tougher:

“All of it makes it so tough. It all gets overshadowed by one play. That just shows you the margin of error in this league is so slim, and regardless of whatever plays you make throughout the game is it always comes back to that one play.”


On if he has had or wants to have a conversation with York that the team hasn’t lost faith in him:

“No. He knows that. We sent him out there smiling. Why would we not have faith in him? Like I said, stuff happens in this league. We have a long season ahead of us. It is on to next week. He understands that. Why would I go bother him?”


On the reaction knowing Browns fans are disappointed following the loss:

“It is tough. I felt like they kept us in the game. A couple of miscommunications on their [the Chargers’] side, burning timeouts and stuff like that because of what our fans were doing. It is tough when we leave this room and this stadium without a win. It sucks. It is going to turn. It is going to turn.”


On the belief that results are going to turn around and lead to Browns wins:

“Because I trust No. 1 myself and I trust the men in that room and the coaches, and I know what we are working towards. It is like a three-point shooter; once one goes in, hopefully, they start coming in bunches.  It is just one at a time. It will turn.”


On takeaways from recent games about the team’s heart and desire:

“I think it is all of those things. It is a no-quit mentality in that locker room. All of the players in that locker room feel the same way I feel up here right now. When you have that, that is the mark of something. I know that the guys in that locker room are going to come back and be ready to work for next week because that is all we have. This is going to suck to all of us because we understand how… I am sure everybody when we are watching this film is going to be like, ‘That play right there for me. That play right there for me.’ I think that is when guys are really looking in the mirror and being honest with themselves.”


On QB Deshaun Watson being able to return to the team facility tomorrow:

“Oh, nice.”


On if Watson’s presence will provide a ‘nice emotional boost’ for the team:

“Oh [expletive], I hope so (laughter). I don’t know. It will be good to see him.”


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