QB Jacoby Brissett (10.5.22)


On the key to improving the red zone offense:

“Score touchdowns. When we went back and looked, our attention to detail and focus in the red zone, that was very uncharacteristic of us. Just honing back in and focusing on our details with each play, and we will get the results that we want.”


On what he could have done differently on the INT last week:

“Not throwing it to that guy. Anything else would have been better than that.


On if there were better passing options on the INT play:

“Like I said, any throw would have been better than that one. Just being better in those situations.”


On the failed fourth down conversion on the first drive of the game:

“I just think that is what it was. It was just a bad job by myself. Like I said earlier, just honing in on the details. Kind of made a bad decision from the start of the play that caused that so just be better.”


On clarifying what the bad decision was on the fourth down attempt on the opening series:

“I won’t because I don’t want the other team to do the same thing.”


On running hurry-up offense on third down for the first time of that opening series and if it felt rushed:

“Yeah, that was our first hurry-up on that series. Not necessarily because when you get them in the looks that you want… We almost had them. We get a look where (RB Nick) Chubb is on one guy, and the guy made a good play. I don’t think it is tough. It is part of our game because we have gone on the ball fast in certain situations and had converted them. We were just hoping the same thing.”


On if it was challenging preparing for the Falcons goal line defense, given the Falcons had not lined up in that situation this season prior to last week’s game:

“Yeah, and that is just something that you really can’t account for. It is just something that happens in the flow of the game. I think as a collective group, we just looked at it and said, ‘Hey, we have to be prepared more for these type of situations and make sure we are on the same page.”


On WR Amari Cooper having limited production on Sunday and what the Falcons did well to limit Cooper:

“A couple of them, I just missed him honestly. Have to do a better job of trusting my eyes. I think that is pretty much it.”


On how important it is to get Cooper highly involved in the pass game:

“I think it is critical. We understand that, and teams understand that. Obviously, didn’t want it to work out that way, but it did. It is a great learning tool for us at my position, his position and obviously Kev (Head Coach Kevin Stefanski) calling the plays. Just something that we understand is something that we have to do is find ways to get him involved. Again, like I said, I just missed him a couple of times.”


On if the Browns would benefit from running the ball more in the red zone rather than passing the ball:

“We could play that game all day of which one is better. I thought we had good plays down there. It is just about our execution and focusing in on the details.”


On the importance of involving other Browns players in the passing game last week, in addition to Cooper:

“I just think that is a critical part of our offense is when everybody touches the ball, we do well. Amari didn’t get what we say is the correct number of touches, but a lot of guys stepped up and made a lot of plays. Both Davids (WR David Bell and TE David Njoku) made a lot of plays. (WR) Donovan (Peoples-Jones) made a lot of plays. Our backs made a lot of plays in the pass game. Just finding ways to get everybody involved and making a conscious effort to make the right decisions.”


On if the Browns’ mindset on the final drive of the Falcons game was that the team needed to score a TD and not a FG:

“No, we only needed a field goal.”


On Bell becoming more comfortable in the Browns offense as the season has progressed:

“He has been doing a good job of taking the coaching from the meeting room to the field. It is paying off dividends in the games in critical situations and some of the big catches that he made in that game. It is exciting to see his growth becoming more and more clear each game, and just looking forward to that throughout the season.”


On the Chargers defense, including not having Chargers OLB Joey Bosa and if that allows the Browns to focus more on containing OLB Khalil Mack:

“I still think they have a really good defense. Obviously, he is one of their better players, but I think those guys still play really well and play really hard. It is a system that those guys know very well. We have a tough task.”


On if the Browns’ difficulties in the red zone last week are more frustrating given the team’s talent at RB:

“It is just frustrating. You just want to score touchdowns. We always say we don’t care who scores for us. We just want to put the ball in the end zone. We just have to be better in those situations.”


On when he realized he was so good at QB sneaks:

“A long time ago, I guess. It is just part of my game, I guess. I don’t know. You just go get a yard.”


On if the mindset is the QB sneak on fourth down is ‘automatic’:

“For the most part. I just tell myself to go get it. The guys up front do a really good job of getting surge, and just finding the cracks. We only need to get one [yard]. I am 6’4” so I will get one yard laying down (laughter).”


More on the Chargers defense:

“A really good defense. Like I said, they know the system very well. Put a lot of guys in different spots, and they all understand the rules of their defense. Very tough obviously. Have known to be a really good defense. We have our hands full this week.”


On the abilities of S Derwin James and the players in the middle of the Chargers defense:

“They have a lot of ballhawks in their secondary, including their linebackers, and a lot of guys who can make plays on the ball. Obviously, being good on my part and making good decisions and making sure I am not putting the team and the offense in harm’s way.”


On the Browns facing top NFL offenses in upcoming weeks and if it is on the team’s mindset that the offense may need to score more points to win:

“No. Obviously, the mindset is to be better just to be better. Each week is a week that we get a chance to go out there and perform better than we did the week before. We are not playing against their offense; we are playing against their defense. We just have to go out, execute and do our job and focus on that. I think that will be more than enough to be worried about.”


On the high-scoring game against the Chargers last year and if that indicates it will be the case again this year:

“I have no idea yet. Whatever the game needs, I am sure we have the guys on this team and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get a win. That is the mindset going into this one.”


On if he had success with QB sneaks dating back to college:

“I don’t remember doing it that much in college so I don’t know.”


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