QB Jacoby Brissett (10.27.22)


On Browns teammates supporting his Halloween Fashion Show at FirstEnergy Stadium on Monday that benefited children from University Hospitals and the Littlest Heroes:

“It was awesome. It was a great event. Our CR (community relations) team did a really good job of putting it all together and teaming up with Littlest Heroes. Obviously, the players coming out and supporting it was awesome. Brought a lot of smiles and a couple of tears in the crowd. Overall, it was a great event. Definitely puts a lot of things in perspective.”


On his favorite costume from the fashion show:

“It was a lot. From the players or the kids? I don’t know. We had a bunch of good ones. I thought Joel’s (G Joel Bitonio) [Mr. Incredible costume] was pretty good. He actually brought that with him so he actually had it in his house for a little bit. That was good. I thought all of the little kids looked cute so there were a lot of good costumes.”


On if he is a big fan of Super Mario Bros games since he dressed up as Mario:

“No, they got it for me so I just put it on.”


On the significance of Monday’s game against Cincinnati at this point of the season:

“Obviously, it is the next game on our [schedule]. The only one we have promised together is this next one. Obviously, a divisional opponent, and we need a win. I think that is the mindset. We understand that it is not just going to happen. It is going to start today, and honestly, it started after the game in Baltimore. All our focus is on Cincinnati and trying to find a way to get a win.”


On if the team is ready for the Monday Night Football atmosphere:

“Honestly, the Monday Night thing doesn’t really – it is just another football game in this league. I think that is the mindset that we are taking is we have to find a way to block out all the noise and the distractions and focus in on this one.”


On building off his individual performance at Baltimore:

“Just continue to do what I have done throughout this year and just going back and sticking to what I know is right. I thought we had a good plan for Baltimore. Obviously, it was close, but you don’t really win games with being close. Just find a way to make one more play and make one more good decision and figuring out how to attack this team.”


On if he feels he individually has played pretty well despite the team not being satisfied with its 2-5 record:

“For sure. Definitely thought I played well in spots. Obviously, the results are the main objective. Just finding a way to continue to play better and putting this team in the best position to win.”


On TE David Njoku meaning a lot to him and the Browns offense this season and the impact if Njoku is unable to play this week:

“For sure. Somebody else better mean a lot to me soon then (laughter).”


On Njoku and TE Pharaoh Brown being on the injury report this week and if the Browns offense would need to significantly change schematically on Monday if those players are not available, given the team’s use of TEs:

“I wouldn’t say significantly because we have played with one tight end on the field a lot this season. It just gives other guys opportunities to step up and make plays. I think guys are up for the challenge. Obviously, putting a plan together around those – I wouldn’t even consider them setbacks but circumstances – and then finding ways to put our other guys in the best position possible.”


On if his reads change significantly if the personnel on the field is different, including with additional use of WRs compared to TEs:

“No, it is usually whoever is open gets the ball. Hopefully, that stays true whoever is out on the field.”


On RB Kareem Hunt receiving fewer touches in recent weeks:

“I don’t make the decisions like that. You will probably have to ask (Head Coach) Kevin (Stefanski) on that one.”


On Hunt being the team’s third-down back and if Hunt should be getting more touches:

“Again, that is a question for Kevin. I am sure his interview is soon.”


On if it is easy with his experience to block out potentially only having four more starts this season with the return of QB Deshaun Watson in Week 13:

“Definitely. I never really thought about the duration of it – more so just the journey of it. I have had a lot of fun. I am going to continue to have fun and going out there and trying to do my best. That is all that I have been thinking about.”


On if it feels like something is missing with the team and if they have identified it, given the team has talent and is 2-5:

“No because if I figured it out, I would have probably told everybody what it was (laughter). This league is so up and down, and you just have to find your streak. It is a league of streaks. It is like a three-point shooter; once you hit one, hopefully you see more go down, and that gives you the confidence to understand that they will start falling your way. We just have to hit our streak. It is really just finding a way to get one and not necessarily just games but good play, after good play, after good play, after good play. Hopefully, those will pile into a win.”


On describing his journey of the 2022 season up to this point and the ‘whirlwind and rollercoaster in the NFL’:

“It has definitely been that. It has been a rollercoaster. It has been nothing short of fun. It has been a great time. Obviously, enjoyed every week. I know my emotions don’t show it to you guys, but I actually do enjoy what I do (laughter). It has just been a lot of fun. I am like a kid.”


On if he can continue to be a team leader as the backup QB once Watson returns:

“Yeah, I think that is what makes me who I am. My circumstances don’t change who I am. I am a teammate first. I will continue to be that no matter what the circumstances are and figure out something else to do.”


On if his comment that this next game ‘is the only one promised together’ is in reference to Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline:

“Oh no, I didn’t even think about that. Damn, I should have used a better choice of words (laughter). Obviously, A-Walk (LB Anthony Walker Jr.) is one of my best friends, but you are just thinking about him, and like I tell him every day when I walk into the building, ‘I think about you’ because these aren’t promised. The only thing we have is the one right now. I think that is the mindset that I like to carry because listen, I don’t know when the train is going to stop for me. While I am here, I am just enjoying it.”


On if the losing streak makes a team potentially be or play too tight by trying to not make mistakes:

“No, I don’t think so. I just think we have to find ways to minimize the mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen in this league. The other teams gets paid, too, so they have good players, too. We understand that. It is just more so we just have to find a way to make one more play here or one more play there. Like I said, hopefully you pile up enough good plays to where it equals a win.”


On if this is a good time to ‘recharge their batteries’ with a lighter day yesterday and the upcoming bye week:

“Honestly, we have to go to a game so we can’t recharge right now. I think the whole thing is to just empty the tank this week and just see what happens. That is how you always play but even more so knowing the situation and being a division game needing a win. Just empty the tank and then when it is time to recharge, we recharge.”


On connecting on more deep passes last week and the opportunities for it to continue and open up the Browns offense:

“It was nice. Obviously, I love completing the ball. Teams obviously have to respect it. At spots last week, they didn’t, and we took advantage of it. That is the case every week. Sometimes teams just respect it because of the nature of their defense and sometimes they don’t, which is the nature of Baltimore’s defense. It was good to capitalize on a couple of those and being able to do it on the fly.”


On if his reaction to losing a fumble like last week is that it is bad luck or if he believes there is more or something differently he could do:

“You always think of, ‘Damn, what could I have done differently?’ Some, it is just like, ‘Hey, that is just the process of football.’”


On aspects he has gained more appreciation of RB Nick Chubb prior to joining the Browns, knowing previously that Chubb was an elite RB:

“I just didn’t know how elite he was until I got here. Obviously, watching him throughout the league and seeing him every week on ESPN and stuff like that, but when you come and you see his work ethic and his attention to detail and then you actually see him go out there in the game, the crazy thing is that it is no surprise but it should be because that is not very normal.”


On if Bengals DE Trey Hendrickson is someone the Browns offense needs to ‘keep an eye on’ this week:

“Oh, definitely. A guy who has a high motor. He has played a lot of good football in this league. Definitely somebody who we obviously are paying attention to this game.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr. appearing to struggle a bit in last week’s game and if he has conversations with Wills during or following a game like that:

“I didn’t think he struggled. Plays happen here and there. Like I said, they get paid, too. It is nothing that I can say to him or anybody really to that matter if somebody thinks that they don’t play well. This league, guys just have to rise to the occasion the next week. He has played good throughout this whole year so I don’t think there will be a downfall.”


On what Njoku has been doing so well thus far this season prior to the ankle injury:

“Catching the ball and getting open, which is his job, and blocking. I think he was really on the rise. I don’t think his season is over – just a little hiccup. He is definitely going to be missed for sure.”


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