QB Jacoby Brissett (10.19.22)


On the Ravens defense:

“Playing really well. Playing at a really high level. Obviously, a lot of talent on that side of the ball. A lot of guys who understand the system flying around and making a lot of plays. I see a really tough group.”


On if it is easier or harder for the Browns to put last week’s loss behind them because they are set to face a division opponent:

“I think that is our mindset. We are spending all of our time focusing our time on the Ravens this week and not worrying about last week because it is over. We are excited about this one.”


On if he has seen consistent problems in the Browns offense from the past three games or if it is a different issue each week:

“Our focus is moving forward. We have addressed a lot of those issues internally. It is about moving forward. We have a big week ahead of us, and all of our focus needs to be on that.”


On what compelled him to address the team postgame last week:

“It was just one of those moments where something needed to be said by somebody. As the quarterback, as the leader of this team, I felt the liberty to do that.”


On Browns players responded positively to his postgame message:

“I only do it because I hope people are listening and because I need to hear it myself. Hopefully, it translates, and I think it will and I think it has. Guys understand the urgency that we need to play with and focus with this week of preparation. That is the mindset.”


On how many times he has addressed his teams after a game:

“A couple of times – so I was prepared (laughter).”


On how to help ensure confidence isn’t shaken after losing three consecutive games:

“The only way is up. I think that is the mindset to have, and that is the mindset we are taking. Listen, we have done a lot of good stuff throughout this year so not taking away from that. It is just about this week, and whatever we can do to find a way for this week is our mindset. That is what Kev (Head Coach Kevin Stefanski) has been preaching to us, and that is what we are taking forward.”


On if other Browns players took ownership of their mistakes on Sunday similar to what he did:

“I will keep that private. Some things don’t need to be repeated. Obviously, I said that because I was the one speaking for myself, and I won’t speak for other people. Other than that, I will just keep those things internal.”


On the importance of the upcoming two division games:

“The score is 0-0 right now for Sunday. That is our mindset. We only have one right now. That is our focus is taking care of this one, and it starts today.”


On if there is a stronger emphasis on division games:

“For sure. For sure. Definitely a different type of level of focus that needs to be taken. You hope it is not, but it is the reality of it sometimes. Like I said, this team deserves our full attention.”


On the Ravens defense having an overall lower NFL ranking but a high interception total this season:

“I have been told a long time ago that stats are for losers. When you turn on the film, you see a bunch of guys who are ballhawks and guys playing at a high level. It is definitely another level of focus on execution and focus on my part of decision making and putting the team in the right position.”


On if there is solace in knowing many of the Browns mistakes in recent losses were self-inflicted ones:

“That is the whole thing is at least let the other team beat us. The mindset is, like you said, we have beaten ourselves a lot in these games. It is to eliminate those and then to see where the results lie. That starts today with our preparation, understanding the plan and how we are attacking this team and going forward.”


On the opportunity with the AFC North race being close:

“Honestly, it is just another game in the NFL, which is a treat in itself, versus a very good team – that is another reason. Versus a division opponent, another reason. Needing to win is another. It is a bunch of reasons why we need to be ready to go this week, and I think the guys understand that.”


On timing appearing off on deep passes last week time and if watching the throws on film opened his eyes for better opportunities on those plays:

“For sure because a lot of those… Obviously, the pick was too early. It was no need for that. Yeah, getting better this week.”


On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, recognizing he doesn’t have to face or tackle Jackson:

“The Browns are in a better place without me tackling him, that is for sure (laughter). Definitely grew knowing about him because I was from some of the surrounding cities and obviously, played against him in college. Seeing how he has elevated his game every year, the things that he has done are special. Nobody in this league can do what he does. It is definitely as a fan to watch is nice, but hopefully, not this week.”


On if he ever wondered whether or not Jackson’s production would translate to the NFL from college:

“No because he was doing it at such a high level. The same players who are in college come to the NFL – the same guys who couldn’t tackle him in college can’t tackle him now (laughter). It is obviously a lot of fun to watch him play. He makes a lot of plays and some things that you just can’t prepare for. That is what makes him unique and special. Like I said, being from South Florida, always knowing about him and seeing him play.”


On if Jackson put some ‘spin moves’ on his teams when playing in high school or college:

“He did a number on us. Hopefully, none of my ex-teammates are watching this, but he definitely did something.”


On the Ravens run defense, including against NY Giants RB Saquon Barkley last week:

“I think they are stout. They are very stout. They have a lot of veteran guys in that front and obviously some younger guys, too. Their leadership comes from their older guys who have played a lot of football. I think those guys play well in unison together, not just their front but their backers and those guys and how their safeties play off of it. They do well when they are playing together for sure.”


On if he is able to tell when watching film that an opponent may be vulnerable in certain areas, including against the Ravens:

“I would say you definitely pick up on things that you want to exploit when you go out and play. I won’t tell you what I think those are. Honestly, I think they are a really good defense. There is very little vulnerability in that group because of the guys they have playing who have played a lot football and have been in that system for a while and played with each other so they obviously understand each other and the mindset of their defense. It is going to be a tough task.”


On when he ‘gave up his hoop dreams,’ given the start of the NBA season:

“When 6’8” point guards were doing what I was doing. I gave that up a long time ago.”


On if he is a basketball fan:

“For sure, I watch.”


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