QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson (8.1.23)

Kellen (Mond) said Bishop Gorman just avoided IMG for a couple of years…

“Yeah, we’ve had those conversations in locker room. He’s definitely made those jokes before, so I have nothing to say on it.”


How would you describe your relationship with Kellen (Mond) and how much closer have you guys come over the last few months being in the same room?

“Yeah, I think me and all the quarterbacks, really me and really all my teammates here at the Browns, they’re all new faces to me besides Cedric (Tillman) and Bubba (Bolden) and Felt (Demetric Felton). So really getting to gel with those guys, I’ve come, tremendous, a long way since I’ve been here. Just being able to talk to them and get to know them on a more personal basis. I think Greenbrier actually helped out a lot. Getting us all in one space for a short period of time–having nothing to do but talk to each other, I think really helped guys open up and everything.”


Can you talk about what are your thoughts on playing Thursday night in front of a big crowd on national TV for the Hall of Fame game? 

“Yeah, it’s going to be super exciting. I’m obviously going to have family there and close friends, so super excited to be able to have them there and share that experience with me. But I’m ready to just go out there and get an opportunity to play–being a rookie, you don’t really get as much practice reps, so finally being able to get in the game, the time is yours and you get to go out there and show what you can do. It’s fun for me.”


How have you progressed this camp? 

“I think I’ve done really well. Just grasping the playbook, learning my teammates, learning how Coach (Kevin) Stefanski wants things done, both on the field and off the field. So just trying to become a complete pro and making sure that I’m setting an example.”


 Who are some of the guys that you’re excited to try to make some plays with on Thursday night? 

“Well, obviously my guy Cedric (Tillman) and then Thomas Greaney, tight end, who I got the chance to play with down at the Shrine game. So those are two guys obviously I have really good chemistry with already going into it. But we have a lot of good guys. Austin Watkins, number 80 out there, speedster, and I think our running back Hassan Hall, I think he’s going to do really big things. I think he’ll show all his stuff on Thursday for sure.”


Where do you feel you’ve gotten the most comfortable with either your offense or life in the NFL over the last whatever, week and a half? 

“I think just getting into a routine. I think that’s probably the biggest thing as a pro athlete, you have to find a routine on what you’re going to do on a day to day basis–stay consistent. And so I think that’s one of the things I’ve really grown in, is being able to be one of the first ones in the building and then also one of the last ones out and having everything in between that follow to what my goal is, is obviously to lead this team and stuff like that.


I know Kevin (Stefanski) said in this game coming up, like first quarterback, a young quarterback, like the operation stuff is really important in the game. What’s your approach to that? 

“That’s definitely the one thing I’ve been focusing on. I’m really good when it comes to the cerebral side of football things and being able to grasp a playbook and go out there and execute. But this is my first time having to call plays in the huddle, having to get it in a headset and being able to spit it out it and we don’t have the shortest of play calls, so that’s probably the number one thing I’m going to be focusing on for sure. Making sure I can get guys lined up and making sure that everybody’s on the same page.”



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