QB Deshaun Watson (8.11.23)

Deshaun, are you satisfied with the way your one series went?

“It was good. I wouldn’t say satisfied because we didn’t get into the end zone, but it was exactly what the coaching staff wanted us to do. (The) operation, get the feel of the game, drive it down, and try to get points on the board. Washington did a great job of stopping us once we got down there, but we didn’t, of course, show exactly what we would be doing in goal line offense, but they did a good job of stopping us and wish we could have punched it in, but it was fun to be back (out there).”


How comfortable are you this year compared to last year? 

“Way better than last year. There was so much going on last year and just really, just trying to play catch up and get to know everyone and new system and everything. But having a full offseason and being able to lock in with the guys and run the first team offense all the way through has definitely been a help for myself and the confidence to get ready for this season.”


You didn’t shy from running – you ran three times? Once was a design run. So is that just instinct that you’re going to take off even in preseason game? 

“Yeah, it’s just all feel. That’s when I get out there, I just feel the game, let the game come to me. Don’t try to force any plays, you know, that’s what I did. And we drove it down towards the one (yard line) and came up short.”


Deshaun, we saw a glimpse of what Elijah Moore can do for you guys. What do you have to say about the way he played tonight? 

“Yeah, same thing. I mean, everyone came out locked in. Elijah showed us and the fan base that whenever the ball is in his hands, he can make something happen. And with him in our offense, he’s going to be able to help this team and contribute so much, and it’s going to be great to have him.”


Did you know he got X rays out of his wrists during the game? 

“I did not.”


They’re negative, so what a relief.

Most definitely, yeah, we definitely want (that) for anybody, but especially Elijah with the negative X rays, just (really) hearing that. But I (saw) him in a locker room. He said it ‘he was good’ and everything, so we’re just going to go with that.”


Were you at all concerned that with the delay – coach might have pulled the starters out? 

“No, not at all. We were all in here (in the locker room) getting ready and making sure were staying loose and prepared to go out there and play ball. So he didn’t come in and mention anything like that. We just had to stay focused, and whenever that time was (to be) ready for us to go back out there, were just ready to go. So I wasn’t (concerned).”

On the one play where you slipped a little bit and then you recovered and you were able to convert the third down. Do you think that kind of shows your athleticism, that you can kind of start out like that with a stumble and then convert third down? 

“Yeah, we had, I think, some option routes and when I got back, I kind of slipped and it just threw off my timing. So I didn’t want to force it, especially with the weather condition…force the throw. So I saw an open lane and I just took it, and that’s just me filling out the game and my instincts taking over and just really trying to do whatever I can to keep the chains moving.”


I know you enjoyed your time with Jacoby (Brissett) here. Did you catch up with him and did he look any faster to you? 

Yeah, that’s what was telling him. He said he was looking for me, he was going to throw up the fours. But yeah, it was good to see him out there. I did catch up with him. We actually went to lunch earlier today, me, him, and AWalk (Anthony Walker). So went to lunch and we chopped it up for a couple of hours before the game and then of course, after the game and pregame, we caught back up and just laughed and joked about the good times of last year and just meeting rooms and things like that. So it was good to see him and he’s going to do well for Washington whenever his time is called. And he’s a great teammate and great person, as we all know.”


You said you wanted to take charge, have command, just those kind of terms that you were using. Did you feel that out there, that you really are kind of taking control of this whole thing? 

“Yeah, that’s the plan. Everyone is giving me the keys and they are following my lead. So as far as I go, this offense goes and this team goes, and the energy, the plays to really just controlling…leading this team is going to go as far as myself. So I got to make sure I’m prepared each and every moment, each and every opportunity, and I just got to go out there and do what I do and just be myself. And we showed a glimpse of it at the first drive and got us down, like I said earlier, got us down to the one, and we just didn’t capitalize on that. But that’s something that we’re going to continue to work on throughout this preseason and get ready for the (regular) season.”


What do you hope to accomplish in Philadelphia?

“Just work, just great competition. You know, the Super Bowl runner ups who was great enough to win it, and they got the whole team back and plus more. So it’s going to be awesome to go out there and compete with them and learn from them and ask knowledge and experience things that they got to experience last year and just kind of continue to grow from there. So last year was good, the practice against them, and this year is going to be great, too.”


How impressed have you been with Dorian (Thompson-Robinson) and everything he’s done these last two games?

“He’s been great. He’s been a sponge. He’s been learning. Whenever his time comes, he take advantage of those opportunities and he won’t shy away from any moment. So he’s a great guy that’s been a great addition for the QB room, in the locker room, and then when he gets on the field, he brings that energy, and you can see it when he step on the field, everyone is watching him, and you can feel the energy going throughout the whole team.”


Even though you didn’t punch it in there at the end. Did that drive leave you excited and encouraged about what’s to come, especially knowing that Nick  (Chubb) wasn’t out there? 

“Yeah, we’re very excited. I mean, everyone, once I came off the field, even though we went four and out and they got the ball back, you can feel the energy. Everyone…defense, offense, special teams, everyone was saying good job, and they were excited about it. You can see everyone’s expression. So, yeah, I’m super excited to get especially (Nick) Chubb and Joel (Bitonio) and Mari (Amari Cooper) back out there and you know, really open up the playbook like we want to. So, yeah, I’m super excited.”



Do you feel like the rust is coming off or do you need more of a sample size? 

“No, I’m not thinking about no rust. I mean, that was last year I missed ball. I played six games last year, had a full off season. So I’m not thinking about rust.  I’m not using no excuses for no rust or anything like that. I got to be ready for this moment, and I’m going to be ready whenever that time is called for September 10 here in the Dawg Pound and I’m going to be ready to go. We all will be. So all that rust and all the other stuff that’s left in 2022, I’m focused on 2023 and making sure that I’m ready for September 10.”


Do you feel like those joint practices against the Eagles are more meaningful than even playing in a preseason game?

“Most definitely. Because you really get to call everything, you get to see everything, and you get to make those mistakes that in the games, you can’t get back. And having two great days going against their ones and that talent and their coaching staff is going to be great because we get to see something different, and we also get to see their full package. They get to see our full package and what we need to work on. So it’s great against great. And we’re looking forward to it and appreciate Philly for hosting us and looking forward to going out there and competing.”


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