QB Deshaun Watson (1.5.23)


On the biggest differences for the Browns offense in the first half and second half last week:

“Just the rhythm. Guys making plays, for instance two of Coop’s (WR Amari Cooper) called and made plays in space and got in the end zone. Just having that balance of the run and the pass, was on the same page and things started clicking.”


On what it meant to have the opportunity to show fans a glimpse of his talent in the Browns offense:

“I don’t think it is much [so] more of me just trying to show what my talent is. That is self-explanatory. I think everyone knows that. It was just the matter of fact of when the opportunities come how you can make it more consistent. The second half was very, very motivating for the offense to be able to continue to have some momentum going into this week, but also just for us to be able to pull out that win. The Commanders had an opportunity for them to go to the playoffs so it was a tight match and they played hard, but we wanted to be able to try to win the game and show what we have not just for the Cleveland Browns but for ourselves.”


On his first game against the Steelers as a member of the AFC North:

“Just another opportunity for us to go out there and win a game, especially a big divisional game. Just like last week, the Commanders had something to prove and they were trying to get into the playoffs. That is the same thing Pittsburgh is trying to do. We respect them. We respect all three phases – special teams, defense and offense. We are going into a hostile environment where we have to go out there and compete because they want to go to the playoffs, and we want to win the game. That is our opportunity, and that is our mindset.”


On which team was the Texans’ biggest rival during his time with Houston:

“Big rivalry? I guess all the divisional games.”


On if a particular team inside or outside of the AFC South was a major rival with the Texans similar to Browns-Steelers:

“Not that I know of.”


On if he understands the significance of the Browns-Steelers rivalry, including the opportunity to keep Pittsburgh out of the playoffs this year:

“Most definitely. I know the Browns fans are pulling very, very hard for this win. They want this one to finish out the year and be able to go into next season with two victories under our belt, especially against Pittsburgh.”


On how he would describe QB Jacoby Brissett to an organization if it asked him about Brissett during free agency:

“Leadership. Passion. Just great, great energy. Each and every day, he comes in and brings that next-man opportunity for everybody to come up and be able to perform. He is just making everyone else around him better. He is a guy who is always smiling. Like I said, he is all about his energy and his leadership, and he can go out there and win games. I think teams that are out there looking for a quarterback, he is definitely a who should be top of their radar.”


On if he has done everything he wanted to do in his first five games in preparation for the offseason and 2023 season:

“No, I am always improving. I don’t have everything checked off for what I want to continue to try to improve and continue to check off of the list. I want to go win this game and finish this season off strong. There are always ways for me to improve and there are going to be things that I want to improve and things that I can get better in this game. It is just another opportunity for us to be able to put myself also to be able to go out there and learn and grow.”


On how it would feel to put a complete offensive performance together after a strong second half last week:

“It would feel really good, not just for myself but for this whole team and this organization and what we want to do for the 2023 season. That is what we are looking forward to. Just play a complete game from start to finish and go out there and get a W.”


On what it would mean to help Cooper set a new career-high in receiving yards and RB Nick Chubb to reach 1,500 rushing yards:

“It would be awesome. Those are stats that are legendary. Like you said, (Browns Legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame RB) Jim Brown for Chubb and then Amari making career-highs, this is an opportunity for both of those guys to be able to do that in a big game and finish strong. For me to be able to help out and participate with that, I am grateful.”


On what is left unfinished for him as areas of improvement heading into the final game of the season, in addition to wanting to win this week:

“Everything. It is really just mastering this offense, mastering the game situationally and being able to have confidence going into 2023. Me individually, just my footwork to reads, progressions and everything. Like I said multiple times before, I am never comfortable. I am never going to sit up there and say that I have it all figured out. That is just not me as a person and never me as a player. There is going to be always things going into this offseason for me to work on.”


On if he will stay in Cleveland during the offseason:

“I live here so I am going to stay in Cleveland. I will be here.”


On the Bills statement that Bills S Damar Hamlin’s status is improving and how that impacts coaches and players:

“The biggest impact is all about Damar. We are praying for him. We are praying for his family. We are praying for the whole Bills organization. We are praying for all of the teammates in that locker room for the Buffalo Bills. I heard the same news before I came up to do my interview. I was reading the same thing. Our prayers are all for Damar, his family and the Buffalo Bills. We are pulling for him very, very strong. For us to be able to go to this week, of course, football, we have a job, but the whole NFL is thinking about him, and we are going to make sure that we are playing for him, praying for him and pulling for him. We want the best for everything to come back as best as possible.”


On if he has been regularly checking for updates on Hamlin’s status:

“Most definitely. We have been checking, especially in the quarterback room, since Tuesday pretty much. It happened on Monday, but Tuesday we came in and watched the tape and things, every little second and every little update we get, the coaches, they will talk about it and we will talk about it. We spent some time to really think about just life in general and how grateful we are. Like I said, we have been thinking about him each and every day. (Head Coach) Kevin (Stefanski) brings it up in every team meeting and to make sure we keep sending prayers and thinking about him and if we can reach out to anybody in that Bills organization or to his family and friends, make sure we do that.”


On how difficult the last few days have been given sports part of the entertainment industry and the focus has been on critical matters like Hamlin’s health and well-being:

“It is tough. Like you said, it is entertainment and it is fun, but you don’t go into a game thinking that situation is going to happen to anybody. I haven’t seen it before. That was my first time seeing it. It just strikes you differently. You open your eyes a little bit more. You think that you have life in perspective and think that you are grateful, but when you see something like that, it is a tough situation and just makes you reconsider everything. Like I said before, all of our prayers and love is going to him, his family and that organization. I am praying and pulling for him as hard as I possibly can. It is something that you really just have to sit back and really think about.”


On if he has considered donating to Hamlin’s The Chasing M’s Foundation:

“Yes. I actually was talking to my manager yesterday about doing something and getting that to his family or his agency who is controlling his foundation. We definitely want to do that and be a part of that and keep supporting.”


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