QB Baker Mayfield (9.29.19)

(on the offensive production) “It’s kind of like what I was talking about earlier in the year. We’ve got a bunch of guys that are more than capable of making plays. It’s one of those things where you can pick your poison of what you want to take out of our offense. We have to be very good at working on whatever they’re not taking out – we have to get that.”


(on how comfortable he felt) “No, I just did my job today. I got the ball out of my hands and into the playmakers’ hands, like I’ve been talking about – what we needed to do.”


(on making adjustments from last week to this week) “I just had my eyes in the right places. I talked about it earlier in the week – I had my feet and eyes where I needed to go … Just getting the ball out of my hands, and they made plays.”


(on what WR Jarvis Landry said during the week) “I think that’s the best part about this team. We know how good we can be, but it’s like I said earlier as well, that’s the frustrating part about how we started. We knew how good we could be. We just need to do our jobs, and that’s what our guys did this week; focused, heads down and worked.”


(on the offensive production and winning a divisional game on the road) “It sets the standard for our offense of how we need to play.”


(on if 2-2 is a good result after what the team has been through in four weeks) “Well, we’d love to be 4-0, but we’re not. So, we’re 2-2 at the first quarter. The most important game is always the next one.”


(on what he thought of RB Nick Chubb’s day overall) “He’s an unbelievable player. I think the offensive line played great and you see some of the plays that … I’m not sure which touchdown it was, the one where he made a bunch of people miss … [The offensive line] just opened up a hole for him and he went and made a play.”


(on RB Nick Chubb’s 88-yard touchdown) “Yes, that takes the momentum out of someone. I think that’s something we did very well today – not letting the crowd play a factor in our play – and just doing our job.”


(on if he has a comment on his Twitter battle with Antonio Brown) “Absolutely not. If you don’t wear orange and brown, you don’t matter.”

(on his view of RB Nick Chubb’s touchdown run) “He can roll. I think people underestimate his speed. Once he gets to that second level, he’s got true break-away speed. People say he’s a power back, which he is, it takes more than one guy to bring him down. But, he’s got that speed to make a play like that.”


(on how it feels to be in first place in the AFC North) “The win is great, but [the media] will keep [doubting us] and throw us in the trash – we won’t believe it.”


(on TE Ricky Seals-Jones) “I spoke about that earlier in the week. I feel … It definitely sucks losing a guy like David [Njoku], but I think he offers some of the same things. He’s a tight end, but he’s also more of a receiver in the same sentence. So, he creates a mismatch. For him to be able to just be in the right spot at the right time … The long run he had – it looked like they were trying to double Odell [Beckham Jr.], but he just took advantage of the play.”


(on Baltimore’s approach to WR Odell Beckham Jr.) “I think [their defense] was getting there pretty quickly, but I think that’s why we played better. We knew exactly how they were trying to attack us, and we did our job.”


(on if he was fueled by Rex Ryan’s comments) “Absolutely not. Rex Ryan does not get any credit for this week’s win.”


(on watching WR Jarvis Landry make big plays) “He’s a guy … I just get the ball in his hands. He’s going to make plays. He makes guys miss, and he’s very quick. He’s one of those guys that is hard to tackle. So, he’s very elite at what he does.”


(on if today felt different with the play-calling coming from the coaching staff) “I don’t know – I played better. Make it easier on him. When the quarterback sucks, it’s got to be pretty hard to call plays.”


(on how the Cleveland defense played Ravens QB Lamar Jackson) “I think our defense played phenomenal. Obviously, the turnovers are great for us, but eliminating the big plays … He’s still going to get his. But, eliminating all of the big plays that they can possibly have – going over the top, isolating some of the tight ends and eliminating some of the play-action.”