QB Baker Mayfield (9.22.21)


On not having WR Jarvis Landry for Sunday’s game against the Bears:

“Jarvis is obviously a big time leader for us and a big time player. We just have to have a next man up mentality. You never want to have anybody go down, but we kind of hit on it after the game. It is next man up, and somebody is going to have to fill that role. Those are big shoes to fill so we are not asking anybody to do exactly what Jarvis does but just to be themselves, and we will be just OK with that.”


On if he expects WR Odell Beckham, Jr. to play on Sunday:

“We are seeing. That is not my call to make. Like I said before, it is whenever he is ready to roll. It is a long year, and we will be ready to have him and welcome him with open arms.”


On his left non-throwing shoulder:

“It is good. Hanging in there. Attached still.”


On RB Kareem Hunt saying he will handle the tackling going forward:

“Well, he needs to get his ass up there and make it happen then (laughter), if you are watching the tape. Kareem is funny.”


On if Browns coaches have told him not to take risks with his body, such as tackling a defender after an interception or throwing himself into a block:

“I think on the interception it is more of be careful. There are definitely plays where a defense is going to try and knock you out of the game. That is just the nature of the game. Yeah, just be careful.”


On if the Browns offense gets a jolt of energy when Head Coach Kevin Stefanski decides to go for it on fourth down:

“Not necessarily for me, but for everybody else, that shows his belief in us to get the job done. He is giving us multiple chances to go do it. Most of the time, he gives us a heads up of ‘Hey, we are in four-down territory.’ He also feels the flow of the game and how we are doing and how we are executing. I think that gives guys confidence and that self-belief.”


On his league-leading 81.6 completion percentage:

“I am very pleased with that because that goes for everybody. That is protection, that is everybody being in the right spot at the right time, accuracy, ball out on time and those guys making plays and finishing the plays. For us, that is a whole team stat. I think that gives credit to everyone else, as well.”


On how much decision making plays into a high completion percentage:

“Game planning and preparation is a huge part of that completion percentage and just being on that same page of ‘Here is certain look. The ball is going to come here. Be ready for it.’ If you are a guy who might have to grab the attention of someone on a route scheme, then it is just being on the same page. We have done that so far so we need to keep getting better.”


On if Stefanski is more comfortable with him when calling plays and if that plays a part in his completion percentage:

“We have hit on it quite a bunch of that halfway point of last year sitting down and talking through our schemes and what I was comfortable with and how he sees things. I think we have continued to grow ever since that point. Also, this training camp and being able to work some preseason game thoughts and see how different looks stack up against other defenses. I think that all contributes to the continued success.”


On if he pays attention to other QBs around the league, including Cardinals QB Kyler Murray:

“I try and keep up with guys that I have been friends with and have history with just to check up on them. I would not necessarily say I am keeping up to compare, but I do know that Kyler is killing it right now just from seeing his stat lines and whatnot and some of the highlight tapes that are being posted. He is doing great right now.”


On how often he speaks with Murray:

“Every few weeks. We are both somewhat busy, and we understand that. We catch up for a decent time period and then off for a few weeks after that.”


On RB Demetric Felton:

“He is a versatile guy. I hit on it a little after the game. He has a little bit of running back history and wide receiver skillset so it is a matchup advantage for us to see how teams are going to try and defend him in man coverage or if they want to play zone. It is just trying to find ways to get the ball in his hands, and obviously, good things happen when that happens.


On if he did not have enough time to hit WR Anthony Schwartz on a post route early in Sunday’s game:

“Yeah, that was one of those on the third down, it is asking quite a bit from your O line to block for a timing route like that. Obviously looking back, he is open, but that is one of those you have to trust and you have to see it, and those guys have to hold up. That is a tough job for them to be able to accomplish.”


On if he had a discussion with Schwartz about the interception:

“Yeah, we hashed it out. That is the trust factor of me playing on time, listening to my feet and ball out when it is supposed to be. Obviously, the safety was in a good position to break on the ball. It would have been a bang-bang play, but it is all of the little things and the details, landmarks and depths that we have been harping on. We need to continue to do that because we have four turnovers now, which we saw the stat and it is tied for 24th in the league. That is not what we are about. We have to continue to stress those little details and protect the football.”


On the luxury of having three RBs who can catch the ball out of the backfield:

“Having those extra completions with those guys, it is essentially an extension of our run game with the check-downs and whatnot. That also goes along with what I just said about listening to my feet and some of our deeper passing schemes and checking it down and trusting that the positive play is a good one. We will have out shot plays. If it is not there, that is OK. We will call it again and move on. I think that is the growth in our offense guys being patient and trusting the system.”


On the Bears defense:

“They are extremely talented. Obviously, they are a very good front. They have a lot of depth up front. Linebackers are flowing. (Bears LB) Roquan (Smith) and (Bears LB Alec) Ogletree are playing well. I think (Bears S) Eddie Jackson is a great safety. They find ways to create plays. You have seen that over the past couple weeks with some turnovers and them being very aggressive.”


On how much the team will need to focus on Bears LB Khalil Mack:

“He is one of those guys you have to know where he is all of the time. We are expecting him to be on our right side pretty much the whole time. Just game planning, that is the type of guy that he is going to get his plays in. You just have to limit it and not let it be a game changer. Luckily, we are able to practice against two pretty good guys on the edge, as well. You have to be ready for a guy like Khalil Mack. That is for sure.”


On if he enters a game like Sunday’s believing there will be more involvement from the TEs and RBs, given Landry is on injured reserve and WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s game status is not yet known:

“Especially now that we are installing so far, for me, it is about still doing my job. We trust these guys, whether it is (WR Anthony) Schwartz, Higgy (WR Rashard Higgins) or (WR) Donovan (Peoples-Jones). We have played quite a bit with those guys last year, obviously minus Schwartz. It is trusting those guys, me going through my reads and finding those completions and continue to stay on page and ahead of the chains. I think that is how this offense works.”


On having a veteran player like Higgins who he has a lot of experience with and can take on more game reps when other WRs are not available:

“It is great for those reasons when [Landry] goes down because I do not think he was practicing at Jarvis’ position. For him to be able to fill in and step up, that takes a lot of communication, a lot of reps and a experience from his part. That is big time for him to be able to be ready to go.”


On how tough it is to make certain throws across his body on the move:

“I think getting your hips set to throw is one of the more important pieces because if you look at my feet when I throw, it is not exactly orthodox. My left toe is closed off to the target, which is not the typical way of teaching throwing. I think I always try and do a good job of getting my hips set to the target, and that is why I am able to do those cross-field throws and some of the shot plays. It is just something that you have to work on, but it is also I have been fortunate to be blessed with.”


On Peoples-Jones not having a lot of opportunities in the first two games and if Peoples-Jones simply needs to keep patient while waiting for more targets:

“Donovan is a patient guy regardless. He knows he is one of those guys that the catches are going to come to him. That is kind of how last year went. He is trusting the process, as well. He is a great teammate. He is trying to do anything he can to help us win on special teams or offense.”


On if he ever attempted to change his throwing mechanics to adjust his left toe being closed off to the target:

“I did not because I am a firm believe in you can either throw it or you can’t. That is just always the way I have done it so I am not going to change that part of it now.”


On how having a sore left non-throwing shoulder impacts him, given the throwing motion is comprised of the entire body:

“I think just do a good job this week of getting treatment, doing all of that, taking care of my body and doing all of the things that I need to – flying my physiotherapist in – his name is actually Dave Matthews, not the band (laughter) – and getting him in here and taking care of me. He is a big reason why I have been able to survive the last three year. Just doing all of the things that I have been doing and just get ready for Sunday.”


On his schedule with the physiotherapist:

“Here during the day getting work when the breaks are happening and then go home and getting that treatment that I need. It is about being a professional and just doing everything you can to be ready for Sundays, whether it is mental or physical. You have to do what you need to do.”


On what instrument his physiotherapist Dave Matthews plays:

“He does not play any instruments – he thinks he can sing, though (laughter).”


On if he has worked with Matthews his entire professional career:

“I got introduced to him by (former Browns and free agent QB) Drew Stanton. He is out of Arizona. He was with (former NFL QB) Carson Palmer and (former Cardinals WR) Larry Fitzgerald pretty much their whole careers. Just one of those guys who I trust with my body, and a lot of our other guys seem to. He is one of those guys who I am fortunate to have. Like I said, it takes a village, and he is one of those key pieces for me.”


On if seeing other QBs sustain injuries makes him concerned that he may need to slide more or other changes to his game play to further protect his health:

“Sunday was just one of those days in the league where a lot of guys went down coincidentally on the same day. Yeah, there are definitely plays where I could slide. Now when it comes to having to get a first down and all of that, I am not going to change the way I play. Like I said, my mentality is whatever I can do to help the team win.”


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