QB Baker Mayfield (9.22.19)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On what went wrong on the goal line plays at the end of the game: 

“Just not executing. I think I am going to have recurring nightmares over the throw to (TE) Demetrius (Harris) up top. I think I will be able to look at the film and know I have (WR) Jarvis (Landry) underneath. Just execute. I think that is what it comes down to. Execution down there. Doing your job. We need all 11 guys doing that, and it starts with me. I heard the back end of (Head Coach) Freddie (Kitchens) talking about red zone efficiency. Right now, that is a huge area for us to improve on.”


On areas of improvement for red zone offense after the team’s efficiency last season: 

“Like I said, execution. I think we have to be more consistent with everybody doing their job. It seems right now we have one guy out of place or I am not doing my job. It is one thing every play. We have to eliminate that, first and foremost.”


On if the 4th-and-9 draw play with RB Nick Chubb looked like it had a chance when called and at the line: 

“I will go back and look at it.”


On the play call on 4th-and-9: 

“I know what you guys are going to try to do is blame the play calling, but that is why I said execution is the most important thing. Whatever we have called, we have to do our job.”


On if he is surprised that lack of execution has been an issue for the Browns offense: 

“Disappointed more than anything because when you play a team like that, it is all the little things it comes down to. That is why it was fourth-and-goal right there at the end. It is all the little details to build up to the end, and if you do not take care of them, it will come back to haunt you.”


On if he is still trying to find the strike zone with Browns WRs, specifically referencing a pass attempt to WR Jarvis Landry in the second half: 

“No, I think we had a great play called there. For me, knowing that they have a [Cover] 2 shell over there with their corners waiting for the out route. Just trying to beat the corner to the spot, but I think I over corrected it. Just do a better job next time.”


On the interception on the final play of the game: 

“Mindset-wise right there is you have your play called. Whatever happens, you have to put it up for grabs if you do not get it out immediately. They want to double No. 13 (WR Odell Beckham Jr.) and ended up doubling Jarvis, as well. Just at that point, just put it up and try to make a play. It is fourth down. You have to.”


On takeaways from leading at the half against the Rams and playing with them throughout, given they won the NFC last year: 

“I think we matched up well against them. I do not think it is like they are that much better than us. I think they are a great team, but we have to do our job. When you look at everything that happened tonight, if we do our job, I think we handle business. That is what I think we will learn from the film. A lot of things to learn from that film.”


On DB Juston Burris’ interception providing an opportunity to tie the game: 

“The defense played out of their minds tonight. Talk about all of the guys that they did not have. They did not use any of it as an excuse. You bring back Burris. He comes back, starts the day after and he gets back and gets an interception. They played great. It is the moments you want as an offense and as a QB. It is fourth-and-goal on the last possession to be able to take the lead. Just have to take advantage of it. We have a defense that continued to play like that. Offense has pick up their end. That starts with me.”


On if he was looking to Beckham first on fourth-and-goal: 

“We are seeing just the matchups and trying to find the one on ones. If they take that away, we have to go through it and find something.”


On the key for the Browns to bounce back after the 1-2 start:

“Don’t hit the panic button. I think we realize how close we are, but that is the frustrating part. We can’t have continued mistakes – the same thing over and over again. We have to do our job. Have to hit the reset button. Look at the film. Learn from it. I think we improved in a lot of areas, but when you play a team like that, the little mistakes will get you. We have to eliminate that. Next week we have another good opponent that is playing well right now.”


On if running RPOs gave the Browns offense a spark today:

“Yeah, we were talking about matchups and finding the holes in the defense. Whatever they want to take away, we are going to do the other. If they want to take away the pass, we will run it. If they want to take away the run, we will throw it. Some of that stuff was great for us today.”


On if the Browns need to make adjustments to their red zone offense:

“Will look at the tape and I will get it fixed. I don’t think I have anything else besides that. We are going to get it fixed. There is no doubt in my mind. It is three games in. We have expectations that we have set for ourselves and we have not met those. I think we need to be realistic with ourselves and know that we have not played to our capability and to our potential. We just have to be better.”


On Head Coach Freddie Kitchens taking responsibility and saying to blame the play calls and if he sees differences in Kitchens this year compared to the second half of last season:

“No, he is still trying to find the holes in the defense like every play caller does. Teams are going to play us differently now because of who we have. Right now – I keep saying it – we just have to do our job. We have to execute the plays that he has called, and I have to go through my reads, get the ball out and take care of our offensive line and just execute.”


On RB Nick Chubb’s performance:

“I said it earlier in the week, Nick played great. If he plays like that every week, we have a great chance to be a great team.”


On Rams DT Aaron Donald and LB Clay Matthews as a tough tandem:

“It starts with them upfront. A very talented duo. It allows some of the other guys to get one on ones and they don’t get as much credit as those two, but they are a group that you have to know where they are at all times and handle it, get the ball out and protect it when you want to take your shots.”


On T Justin McCray’s performance and if he had to keep an eye on McCray when blocking premier Rams players, given he may not know him as well:

“No, it is not about that. I think he played great. Every once in a while, a great player makes a play. That is why the Rams signed Clay Matthews.”


On if the Browns improved on getting passes out quicker:

“I still think we have to continue to improve. I feel like yeah, we did a better job of that this week and there was some improvement and stuff to learn from this film, but we have to continue to get the ball out of the hands and eliminate negative plays.”


On his pregame tweet to Browns fans about the energy at FirstEnergy Stadium tonight:

“The crowd was great. Unbelievable atmosphere until the very end, obviously. That is the kind of atmosphere that you dream of playing in.”



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