QB Baker Mayfield (9.17.20)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On the team showing resilience to get a win on a short week following Sunday’s loss:

“It is always about where your feet are. We were only worried about this week and executing. We knew what we needed to work on. We came out and our offensive line came out played unbelievably. I can’t say enough about that and our two backs – 200 yards and gave up no sacks. The protection goes for everybody. That goes for receivers getting their depth and doing the right thing. That was a team, concerted effort.”

On the momentum gained on the team’s first drive:

“Anytime you can execute those first 15 plays that you have and you practice over and over again, it feels great. We were able to establish the run game and able to get completions. Like I said after the Baltimore game, getting the ball in their hands and let them do the work. Obviously, I am surrounded by talent so we need to make sure we are taking care of that.”

On Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s competitiveness tonight and not letting the Bengals fall out of the game:

“I did not get a chance to watch him last week, but I heard the rave reviews. You could tell and it is true, the hype is real with Joe. I thought he played extremely well. Just being decisive, keeping plays extended and taking care of the ball, I thought he did a great job. It is always good to see another young guy come in and take over. Obviously, that team loves him, they follow him and he leads them.”

On the touchdown pass to WR Odell Beckham Jr:

“It was one-on-one coverage. The first play of the game, we ran a keeper to the left and the comeback [route]. We saw how the guy was playing it, and he was really aggressive all over him. We knew that we were going to have a shot at that and come back to it. We called it at the right time, and he ran a great route.”

On the production from the Browns RBs tonight:

“I think it starts up front. We said that all week. The offensive line played great tonight. Those were some big holes, and those guys were not going down by just one single guy. It was a great effort by both our offensive line and our running backs. Those guys are really special. That shows what we are capable of when we get the running game going.”

On having fans at FirstEnergy Stadium and how they played a factor in the game: 

“I thought the atmosphere was great. I truly do. I thought they were loud for not having as many people as they probably would want to pack in there. I thought the atmosphere was great. It is always fun to play under the lights in a night game. Having that atmosphere with those fans getting rowdy was great.”

On getting WR Odell Beckham Jr. involved early in the game: 

“You always want to get the ball in your playmakers’ hands early, just to keep them in the game and keep them locked in so teams have to focus on them and worry about those guys. They are obviously so talented. It starts up front. Once again, we were able to get the run game going, get those keepers going, get the ball in their hands and find completions early and often, and that is what can happen.”

On if the early play-action game helped him develop confidence and momentum on offense: 

“Yeah, I think any time in any offense, if you can run the ball like that and then marry up the pass game with it and make it all look similar, you are going to have success. My job is just to get the ball in their hands, and when we are calling plays and able to run the ball like that, it is easy.”

On if this game from the offense is what he had expected going into the season with the new scheme and playbook, given the success of the run, play-action game and getting the ball into playmakers’ hands: 

“Absolutely. I thought we made the most of the strengths of our players, as well. We were physical up front, took our one-on-one shots and found completions to the guys underneath and just kept the chains moving. We did a good of job of not falling behind too far, besides the one intentional grounding and the pick in the red zone. Other than that, keeping the chains moving is what this offense is all about.”

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski earning his first win and what the team did in the locker room to honor it: 

“Yeah, it was real nice to get him his first win. He works extremely hard. It was just a good team win for us. We had to play 60 minutes because they never gave up and they kept fighting so we had to keep going. Yeah, we gave him a game ball in the locker room, but it is back to work.”

On the turning point in the third quarter with DE Myles Garrett’s strip-sack after the Browns offense was stopped on fourth-and-goal: 

“When you take chances like that, you are depending on your team to be able to play for each other, playing ball and leaning on each other. Obviously, they threw the ball a lot tonight so they were tired, but Myles being able to get a rush on them, strip the ball and us get it right there on the goal line, it is a game changer.”

On what the win can do for the team moving forward this season, understanding it is just one win following the loss on Sunday: 

“It builds an enormous amount of confidence with us not having the extended week to prepare. Just to come out here and execute whatever is called, you go out there, do your job and trust in that system that there are going to be holes. If you establish that run game, like I keep hitting on, and taking care of the ball, then you are going to have success. I think that is going to build confidence for us, and us playing complementary football with the defense, that is the scary part is if we start clicking and keep getting better, it is going to be a fun ride.”

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