QB Baker Mayfield (8.3.19)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On what it is like to get back into FirstEnergy Stadium and play in front of Browns fans:

“It feels good to be back here. Anytime you step on this field, it needs to be a different type of energy. We felt that today.”


On best assets of today’s practice:

“Just the way we competed. We have a long way to go execution wise – there is no doubt about that – but just executing. There are little things we need to harp on again and again and keep doing that, but we will compete.”


On the challenges of playing against DE Myles Garrett in practice:

“That is what you have to do, you have to compete against each other. You have to have someone that is going to challenge you and make you better. Going up against guys like that and other guys in our defense, it makes us better.”


On WR Derrick Willies playing with the first team offense:
“We are seeing a lot of competition from him. He is continuing to work. Like I said, it is the little things now that you have to continue to execute and really trust our guys. Consistency is the key at this level, and we have to be able to have whoever is out there being consistent with whatever receiver group it is.”


On Willies and his consistency during training camp:

“He has been working every day. He is showing he really wants it with the hours he is putting in. It is not just the bare minimum. You can tell he was working in the offseason and showed up ready for camp. Now, he has to just continue to study the playbook. We have everything installed now. He just has to go out there and consistently do it at a high level.”


On if there is any concern not knowing who is starting at RG:

“No, I said it last week, (T) Greg Robinson was not playing until weeks into the season last year. Whatever group we decide is the final one is going to be a great one because they are going to show how resilient they are. Stuff happens along the way in the season. Guys getting reps with the first team is not a bad thing right now. Rotating in and just knowing what is expected and the standards.”


On RB Kareem Hunt having his first practice with the Browns:

“I am hoping he enjoyed that more than we did. Just for him to be out there and be in the stadium for the first time in front of everybody, not that he actually played, but just to be out there, it will change your perspective on it.”


On if he is satisfied with how the Browns offense is progressing:

“We are taking it a step in the right direction each day, which is the key. We will be ready come Week 1, but no, we are not satisfied yet. We need to continue to work. Today was a good showing of once you get in front of the fans and once you get in the stadium, you have to be able to block that out and execute. We will go back and watch this tape. It is never as good as it seems and never as bad. We have to continue to work and be game ready by September.”


On assuming he does want to play in the first preseason game:

“I think you would have picked that up by now. Use your context clues and your common sense, let’s go.”


On how good DE Myles Garrett has been in practice:

“Myles has been great. Anytime you can compete against a guy like that, it challenges everyone in the offseason. It challenges me to get the ball out quicker. Like I said, things I have been working on are no negative plays, less turnovers and less sacks so going up against a guy like that disrupts you so much, it is great practice for us. He has been doing a great job.”


On if he can feel the excitement from Browns fans and the City of Cleveland:

“Yes, it was not even half-filled and the energy is unreal. You can feel it. People are excited to have football back here. The excitement is justified so now we have to go and make it right for them.”


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