QB Baker Mayfield (8.21.19)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On the most irritating or disappointing aspect about how the storyline regarding NY Giants QB Daniel Jones transpired:

“First, I will probably say this is the one and only time I will address this issue because the interview was done back in April right after the draft. Just things taken out of context. That is the problem with today’s day and age. You do not read the whole thing, you do not put two and two together, you just kind of read scripts and then people they combine sentences from different conversations. It seemed very disrespectful, and I can understand that, but what people did not realize is that the conversation entailed of me saying that I was surprised that I was drafted No. 1 overall, too and then me going on a rant after that about QB evaluation and then me frustration from the recruiting process – stuff that I have had very well documented my thoughts on a lot of that. It had nothing to do specifically about Daniel, about the winning and stuff. I reached out to Daniel because all of that blew way out of hand. I wanted him to know how I felt. I have heard nothing but great things from (NY Giants RB) Saquon (Barkley) and (NY Giants WR) Sterling Shepard, guys who have a lot of respect for him and that I respect their opinion. I just want to clear the air with him and it is what it is. Today’s day and age, you read one thing and you can have your feelings. That is the only really I addressed it yesterday because to me, that came back on my character. I do not care about a lot of opinions or if you like me or not, but that looked like my character was way out of line. That is the reason why I addressed it.”


On if he was blindsided by the situation:

“No, once it came out I was like, ‘Wow, I completely forgot that we even had that conversation back in April.’ I was pretty confused about it to be honest with you because that was not what the conversation was.”


On Jones’ reaction to him reaching out:

“He was very nice. Everything that people had said about him, he was cordial, and he said no worries. I know Saquon and Sterling and a couple of guys over there, as well. I think that is a good thing about having people around the league that you know is it can be said whatever is on the outside and people can have their opinion, but when it comes down to it, I have worked with some people and they know how I am inside the building, and they know who I am as a person.”


On clarifying the comments about win-loss records and how they were reflected:

“That is what I am saying is that it was not in the lines of me talking about evaluating and the college frustration of me not getting offers and saying that winning comes first if you were a quarterback. I can absolutely understand the relation to that. No question about it, which is why I felt like reaching out to Daniel. That is the type of thing that frustrates me because it was taken out of context. On top of that, now we are talking about something that is not about the Browns. To me, that is the biggest thing.”


On if he said that he could not believe that the Giants drafted Jones:

“Yeah, that is true; I said I could not believe that the Browns drafted me [No. 1 overall] like I said earlier.”


On how did Jones take it when he talked to him:

“Good, just like I said earlier. He took it good.”


On if he spoke with Jones or texted:

“We were texting. He is very busy, too. If I had a problem with someone I am pretty sure that I have made it very clear that I will say that I have a problem with someone, which is why I addressed it.”


On if he feels he may have to pull back from sharing his opinions:

“No. Absolutely not, no.”


On if he is looking to play on Friday:

“Absolutely. I think that third game a lot of times it is treated as the last warm up before the real thing starts. None of the starters play in the fourth game just because it is so close to the real one. Just find a tune-up, ironing everything out, treating it more like a game week. Just the mental prep work of getting into a routine. I am looking forward to playing.”


On how much he would like to play on Friday:

“I would like to say at least a half, but that is not my call.”


On if the situation from the GQ article makes him wary and if it is a lesson learned:

“Yeah, you can’t trust anyone. It is taken out of context, but at the same time, that was back in April which is why it is astonishing. It is that big of a deal right now.”


On why did he agree to do the interview:

“You are telling me that I read an article that he did with somebody else?”


On the Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey GQ article from 2018:

“I have no idea what is going on outside of here, and I have no idea what you are talking about.”


On if Head Coach Freddie Kitchens having his back helps the situation:

“Absolutely because it is a way bigger deal on the outside. Him addressing it is great, but he is also one of those guys that knows exactly who I am and that it was taken out of context and it was not exactly what I said.”


On if the Ohio State part of the story is accurate:

“What was it? I would be honest that I have not even read the article. I know what it said about Daniel.”


On clarifying the reference that he was not sincere with his apology for planting the flag on Ohio State logo back in college:

“Are you an Ohio State fan? Like are you going to get mad at me right now? That is very accurate.”


On how Kitchens revealed himself during his first training camp as head coach:

“I think he wanted to get his message across about toughness and discipline, and I think he has done a great job of that. Just being himself every single day, not wavering from what he told us from the very beginning and that this is going to be our team and he is going to coach. It is up to us to decide to be all in and buy in. He has been the same guy every day so it has been a really good camp.”


On what the Browns offense accomplished in training camp:

“I feel like we made great strides on trying to see what type of team we are going to be. Communication wise, I think individually and as an offense realizing the importance of that, we have made huge strides on. Individually for me, taking care of the ball and protection wise have been two huge things that I think we have done.”


On Kitchens saying he wants the team to embrace the fact they will get opponents’ best performance each week:

“Absolutely. We want to get somebody’s best shot every game. We have to bring it every week, at the same time that means we are doing something right to where people want to beat us. Run into a game and people are not giving effort, it is not fun. You want to compete against the best. You want to play against the best against their ability.”


On if the Browns defense may have been surprised by Kitchens yelling:

“No, I would say we went through the spring and they kind of saw a glimpse of it and then him just being himself every day and just having conversations with those defensive guys of who exactly he is. I think it has been a smooth transition. He is earning respect.”


On if the fiery nature carries into meeting rooms and inside the building:

“Yeah, and that is the type of staff that they put together. You have a bunch of guys that really care about winning and they will do whatever it takes.”


On if there is a meaning behind wearing No. 6 at Oklahoma and with the Browns:

“Fun fact – I never picked it actually. I walked on at Texas Tech and they gave it to me, and then when I transferred, they thought that was my number so they gave it to me.”


On what number he wore in high school:



On if wearing No. 6 is a part of him now:

“I guess. I am just happy to wear a jersey.”


On if he would change his number:

“I do not think Cleveland fans would be very happy. I will keep it.”


On if he is playing at a different weight and if it is intentional to be a little bit heavier:
“I am a little bit heavier than I was last year, but it is a better weight. I feel like I cleaned my diet up. Just being able to treat this offseason and come in to this year not having to do combine training and be able to focus on football related things. I feel good. As long as I am still able to move around, if I can add a little muscle mass to protect myself, that is good.”


On the difference in his weight between last year and this year:

“That is pretty private, man.”


On if he is keeping his mustache after training camp:

“To be determined.”


On the unfinished business with training camp coming to a close:

“Playing in a real game. Winning the first one.”


On if there are things left to work on and identity leading up to Week 1:

“Starting to game plan. I think we just need to continue to get better. I think we will see with this game what we need to improve on. No steps back. Just keep moving forward and identify what we need to work on.”


On if he was trying to add pressure onto the Ks at the end of practice:

“Absolutely. I was talking to somebody and then I turned around and then all of the sudden I was right in the middle of the drill so I might as well.”


On if he is concerned with the missed kicks during training camp:



On if he has talked with K Austin Seibert to encourage him after missed kicks, given their relationship:

“Most of our history is me talking trash to him in college so that is what I did today (laughter).”


On if he works to build chemistry with WR Odell Beckham Jr. often behind the scenes, referencing their early pregame warmups on Saturday:

“Yeah, I think it goes back to the communication part of things and knowing I was not playing in that game and he was not either, just getting a good workout for me, getting throws in, him seeing how the ball comes out of my hand and then just landmark wise on top of the routes and certain things of how we want it run and where I think it is going to be accomplished.”


On the prospect of playing a significant amount of time with all the starters in the first half in Friday’s game to build for Week 1:

“That would be great but that is also not my call and like I said after the first one, it is the next man up mentality. No matter who we have out there, we have to be able to go out there and do our job and expect those guys to be in the right spots at the right time.”


On the Browns signing WR Braxton Miller:

“Yeah, I had no idea it happened until I walked into the locker room right before practice. He is a guy I have heard a lot of great things about. Jaelen Strong has spent some time with him as well so I am looking forward to building a relationship with him.”


On if he marvels when QBs can transition to other positions like Miller:

“Yeah, that I am not athletic enough to do it (laughter). He is a special player. That is why he is still playing. For him to be able to do that and have success, it is pretty neat.”


On who on the Browns offense has surprised him the most with their development throughout training camp:

“Me? I do not know. We have a bunch of guys who have worked really hard and have earned their way here. I think up front we have a bunch of guys who were not around last year, and seeing (G Eric) Kush and (G Austin) Corbett and some of these guys battle it out, it has been a test of character so far. Out wide, the challenging part is bringing talent into the room and upping the standards. I am very happy with where the guys are at right now, but nobody has surprised me.”


On if General Manager John Dorsey speaks with him about the WRs:
“I think even if I said something, that sweater-wearing guy is not going to take it into opinion – I am just kidding (laughter). No, we have not talked about that. He is doing his thing, and he knows what he is doing. I am just doing my job one day at a time.”


On if he knows the Browns’ offensive identity now:

“Not yet. I think once the pads come on, I think we found out a little bit about our toughness out in Indy practicing against them. I think if we can continue to be an all-around offense, that will be great for us.”


On how much he would like to play in the two remaining preseason games:
“At least a half in this game and then we will see about the fourth one.”