QB Baker Mayfield (8.20.21)

On TE David Njoku saying he has a better mindset this year and if that is translating to his play:

“Yeah, anytime you can limit distractions off the field, that goes for anybody. Take care of your business outside of the field and you are able to come into this building and handle and do your job. David is playing with the mentality that he is trying to help our team out. That is what we want with everyone.”


On how Njoku has elevated his game:

“He has put on some really good weight. He is a large individual to begin with. That comes with a unique skillset to where he is able to run. The thing we have told David is if he sprints and runs, people are going to be scared for the vertical routes that he can bring to the table. We are working with him on that. He has the natural ability to high point the ball so we are working that, as well, and continuing to expand and grow in that.”


On how helpful it is to have players like Njoku and WR Donovan Peoples-Jones who can grab the ball high if needed:

“That makes me feel very comfortable with the one on ones. If the ball is one of those 50-50 type balls, it is either theirs or nobody is catching it. It is an easy mindset when they are able to make plays like that.”


On his relationship with NY Giants RB Saquon Barkley:

“Saquon is like my little brother – I treat him like my son; pat him on the head and tell him good job (laughter). He is a great guy. We spent time together training before the draft. Just stayed in contact. A good guy who is extremely, extremely competitive. We are always talking trash back and forth to each other. We made that rookie of the year bet, and he has that necklace. He has the notch over me right now.”


On competing against NY Giants S Jabrill Peppers in practice again yesterday:

“Jabrill and I have been going back and forth since 2016 when I first met. He is just one of those guys, a high-energy guy. You love competing against people like that. You are always going to hear where he is, but you have to let him know likewise. It is fun to compete against somebody who you have a personal relationship with.”


On how comparable joint practices are to a preseason game:

“It is really good when we are able to do a two-minute situation like we did yesterday and some third down emphasis. Other than that, it is more so about doing our job and running through our plays against different looks that we are seeing. You try and make these practices as game-like as possible just for those certain situations. It is vital for us in our growth in this offense and defense, as well.”


On if joint practices could replace some of the preseason work for starters in the future:

“I feel like that is a (C) JC Tretter question (laughter).”


On if he expects to play a series or two in the remaining preseason games:

“If I am lucky. Coach said if I start a fight at practice I have to play so me and Saquon might swing today (laughter).”


On if he would like to play in one of the remaining preseason games:

“Any games reps, any reps, I always embrace and go full effort. Whatever happens, happens. For me, I am just handling every rep like I should.”


On what went well offensively yesterday in practice and what needs to be cleaned up:

“Took care of the ball, and we established the line of scrimmage. We were physical. We won our one-on-one matchups. Today, it is about coming in, cleaning up those mental errors and being just as physical as we were. We kind of got after them a little bit so we are going to expect them to come out a little bit pissed off. That is how it should be. We have to challenge each other. That is why we do these joint practices – to get better.”


On if the team can be fully ready for the Chiefs in Week 1, even if the starters do not play in the preseason:

“Our job is to be ready physically and mentally and just ready to roll aa soon as season comes around. You are supposed to be ready when you come back to camp physically, and work through and iron out all the little details. Right now, we are on pace to do that.”


On the differences in his development this training camp compared to past years due to the continuity:

“Just going through these reads and it being second nature to go through and not trying to force the ball to check it down and get it in their hands and move through. Find a positive play and move the chains.”


On how he and WR Odell Beckham Jr. have worked together to prepare for when Beckham is ready to fully play:

“We get routes on air. During the special teams breaks, we are getting reps pretty much every day that he is running. We are trying to save his legs for the real thing but we are getting plenty of reps right now.”


On how nice it is to have a year under his belt with the rest of the Browns offensive personnel:

“That makes life a whole lot easier right now. We are trying things that are pretty challenging offensively – how we want to run routes, certain looks and formationally how we are setting things up. We are trying to challenge ourselves each practice. Our guys are handling it correctly, and we are just getting better.”


On if there is anything extra the offense needs to do to feel comfortable heading into Week 1, particularly if the starting offense does not play in the preseason:

“No, I think right now we are over emphasizing communication on certain looks and adapting on the fly, and like I said, taking care of the ball and no pre-snap penalties. That is the biggest thing going in. Knocking the rust off of the early weeks of the regular season is do not beat yourself. That is the important part, and we are focusing on that right now.”


On how being married has changed him personally:

“I think anytime you have a strong support system and you are able to go home and find that comfortability, I am the type that once you step out of this building, you have to turn it off. I am very lucky and blessed to be surrounded with that. Like I said earlier, if you limit distractions on the outside, you are able to focus and have a clear mind and thinking process.”


On if there is any awkwardness with NY Giants QB Daniel Jones from a couple of years ago:

“We are good. We are great. Came down to Austin when (Arizona Cardinals QB) Colt (McCoy) was with the Giants two years ago, we all hung out. We are good. We talked through that.”


On if the preseason is too long:

“JC Tretter question (laughter).”


On if competitive situations with the joint practices bring out more in the players:

“Yeah, anytime you are competing against a different team there are certain things within our practices when we are just going against each other – guys are really taking care of it, you are not going all the way down, you are not putting your hands in certain spots and you are taking care of each other. Against a different team, you are competing at a very high level, you are trying to win those matchups and just get used to that full tempo and full intensity. (WR) Jarvis (Landry) is always a guy who cranks it up when it comes to game reps.”


On if the timing is there in the passing game:

“We are continuing to grow. We are not satisfied by any means. There are definitely little nuances that we are continuing to try and work on, but it is what we are stressing and continuing to build.”


On if the Browns offense will have a new identity this year:

“Similar to how we were growing in it last year of how are teams going to play us, and that is how you evolve. You exploit weaknesses, and however they want to defend you, you have to find the answer to it. That is the part about having continuity and having smart players that we do on offense to be able to adjust and adapt in games and handle that.”


On how impressive T Jedrick Wills Jr. was switching from RT to LT last year and if there is a big jump for Wills this year:

“It is second nature for him to be doing all those right tackle reps, and to have to switch, it is tough on him and he was able to handle that very well. Hats off to him for doing that. (Offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan, I know, worked a ton of reps with him during training camp last year to do that. He is continuing to be more and more comfortable, and that is not just with the stance and having to switch the footwork but all of the terms and just all of the experience and reps that he has had and seeing the stunts and the different movements they bring to him.”


On NY Giants S Jabrill Peppers saying he can not see over the line:

“If I can not see over the line, I know he can not see me – Lil Pep (laughter).”


On RB Demetric Felton:

“He is a guy who has a lot on his plate right now. We have asked him to do a lot: learn receiver and running back. It is not something rookies normally are are able to handle. I think it was moving kind of fast for him, but he is a gamer. I think we were able to see in the Jacksonville game when he gets the ball in his hands, he can do some stuff with it. This week, we are repping him at running back. He is a versatile guy. We are happy with where he is and continuing to be a key part of this offense.”


On approaching his mentality throughout his career and the pressure to prove doubters wrong:

“I do not care what the doubters say. You have to have self-confidence. You have to trust the people in your corner. It goes along with setting expectations – you set your own, you live up to that standard and you have to hold yourself accountable to that every day. That is the key to it. You get caught up in the outside and if I was listening to the BS, then I probably would be done and not playing. Just focused on me and getting better every day.”


On if he hears the doubters and if it fuels him at all:

“At a certain point, yeah, you hear it because you have plenty of TVs, but if you are paying attention to it that much, then you are not doing your job.”


On if the criticism used to fuel him more than what it does now:

“I feel like you wrote a story about that once upon a time so you might know the answer to that (laughter). It is a part of the process of focusing on the wrong stuff too much. I am able to internalize that and realize that I have to have an edge every single day to be the best version of me for these guys and to be a leader of this franchise, but at the same time, do my job first.”


On if has talked to Buccaneers QB Tom Brady about maintaining the same level year after year:

“That has not been something that I have specifically asked him, but you can tell he is never satisfied. It is always the most important one is the next one. The next play mentality. He has had quotes of it. ‘The best ring is always the next one.’ He obviously means that because he continues to chase those, and that speaks a lot about who he is.’


On Oklahoma joining the SEC:

“Still going to have to beat Texas every year.”


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