QB Baker Mayfield (12.22.19)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On the sequence of plays at the end of the first half with three deflected passes: 

“Obviously, in a two-minute situation trying to get points before halftime. We had two timeouts with a little over a minute. We were just trying to push the ball down field. They brought some pressures so we were trying to get the ball out quick. The second one, they blitzed and he kind of ran into (WR) Jarvis (Landry) so it slowed his blitz down and then he got a hand on it or I really think that would have been a good play. It is just the little things on that drive.”


On the aggressive play calling going into the first half: 

“Our goal on offense is to score points. If one of those plays happens, nobody is asking questions. It didn’t go the way as well as planned. We just have to be able to play complementary football at that point.”


On the disappointment of letting the game slip away after keeping it close for most of the first half: 

“Yeah, we just didn’t make the plays on offense we needed to. Six points in the first half isn’t good enough. We have to make more plays, take advantage of our one-on-ones and execute. A team like that is going to find ways to win. They have done that all year. We know that we have to do our job consistently.”


On officially being eliminated from the playoffs with the loss, particularly given other games across the NFL went the Browns’ way: 

“It comes back on us not doing our job. You do not ever want to have to rely on somebody else to get into the playoffs. We just have to do our job first and foremost, and we did not do that today.”


On if the Ravens have set the bar to where the Browns want to get someday to compete in the AFC North: 

“We split 1-1 with them. We just didn’t make the plays today. They are a great time. Obviously, their record indicates that. They are rolling right now and have a lot of momentum. We have to do our job. We have a very high standard for ourselves, and we didn’t meet that.”


On WR Odell Beckham Jr. pointing to the Ravens after the failed two-point conversion and if the Ravens did something specific to get under Beckham’s skin today: 

“No, just friendly jawing back and forth between him and (Ravens CB Marcus) Peters. I know they have a good relationship so I think it is just competition.”


On the biggest takeaway from the 2019 season: 

“Not being consistent and not taking care of the little things to where we don’t have to worry about harping on all of the little things consistently. I think that we just need to be able to trust everybody to do their job and show up and play. We have to execute.”


On the failed third-and-1 halfback pass with RB Kareem Hunt and if he expected it to work: 

“Yeah, we just have to block it up right. That is a situation right there where we are thinking about going for it if he does throw the ball and it is incomplete. It is one of those where since it didn’t work, everybody is mad, and if it worked, we are pure geniuses. Stuff like that. We have to be able to execute, block it up right and just the little things like I keep saying.”


On if not having TE David Njoku and WR Rashard Higgins hurt him today:

“No, we have to be able to trust whoever is out there. We have to consistently have guys at the right landmarks, the right depths and on time. We have to trust those guys that they know the offense and they know the signals so we can play fast and not have any hesitations. That is just the case right now.”


On his TD to Beckham today and frustration the two have not connected on more TDs this season:

“That was just a good one-on-one opportunity. Teams have played us differently so we just have to take advantage of our one on ones. That was just one of them that we trust our guy to make a play, and he did.


On losing the final game at home this year:

“Anytime you close the season at home with a loss, it is not a great taste to leave with, but it leaves us with a lot of room to work and improve. That is just the bottom line. There is a lot of room for improvement and progress to be made. That is how we have to handle it.”


On the Browns finishing the year with a losing record despite preseason expectations:

“We set the bar high for ourselves. Our expectations were extremely high, and we didn’t meet that so that is the most disappointing thing. In the bigger picture and mindset, it is a process to turn around what this once was to where we want to go and where we should be at right now. It is a process and there is a lot of room for improvement and progress to be made.”


On finishing with a worse record than last season:

“If we take care of business next week, we will end up with the same amount of wins. Looking back on it, it is pretty much the same thing for us except with bigger expectations and we were not good enough.”


On if it will be easier for the team to progress if the coaching staff remains the same or if there will be setback if there are any coaching changes this offseason:

“That is not my decision to make so whatever happens, happens. Moving forward, I know how I am going to handle it getting whatever receiving corps and tight ends we have together in the offseason and making sure we are on the same page so we hit the ground running in the spring – kind of like I hit on earlier in the week – to where there is no room to be made up come training camp. It is a process, but I am looking forward to this group and seeing what we put together and how we work.”


On how the team responded to RB Kareem Hunt’s comment that not all players gave the same 110 percent on every play last week:

“Positively. It just came down to not executing when we needed to. I think our guys played hard. We definitely played hard. Our guys laid it all out on the line. That is what we expect.”


On Beckham stating he wanted to return to Cleveland next year and make an impact:

“That is the same message I have been hearing from him the entire time so nothing has really changed with that. It just calmed the waters from the outside, which I think it was important for him and Jarvis to do just so that people aren’t questioning them everywhere they go. They want to be here and they want to win. Like I said earlier on and consistently, they want to be the solution to help us win so it is good to hear, but it has been the consistent message.”


On if it is unfair that Head Coach Freddie Kitchens is receiving most of the blame for the team not meeting expectations:

“Anytime you have a head coach and you have a losing record, that is the first person everyone points to, but it goes to many more things than just Freddie. We can all be better in this process. I think that is what it comes down to is there is not one single thing to blame. Just overall, we all have to bring it more and more every day to meet the expectations we set for ourselves.”