QB Baker Mayfield (12.20.20)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On his confidence level at this point in the season:

“It goes back to talking to you guys earlier in the season about trusting these guys around me, trusting the guys up front, going through my progressions and just delivering the ball and let them make the plays. Our guys are making a ton of plays. Our protection continues to be great, and these guys continue to make plays for us. That is why the confidence is so high and I don’t have to do anything else. It is these guys doing their job.”

On reaching 10 wins this season: 

“It is something that until I got into the league my rookie year that I did not realize how hard it was to win in the league. It is something to be proud of, but the best part is everybody in there is like ‘Yeah, 10 wins, but we are on to the next one.’ A notch on the belt and then move on because we are not done yet. That is the best part about this team and I keep stating it about them is they are on to the next one.”

On if the team was aware of the other AFC results today and the potential playoff implications of tonight’s game:

“No, we are of the mentality right now that we control our own destiny. Singular focus. It does not matter what else happens. As long as we take care of our business, we will be where we want to be. That is all we can do right now.”

On being named captain tonight:

“It is a big honor. [Head Coach Kevin Stefanski] decided early in the year to go a game captain every week until the potential playoffs. It is a big thing for me. Coming off of the stretch of games that we are continuing to build and improve, I feel like O am gaining more confidence in our team. For him to do that in a primetime game, it is great to have.”

On if being the game captained added any more motivations or pressure: 

“No, I am not trying to do too much. Like I have told you guys before, just doing my job, continuing to get the ball out and just lead these guys and be authentic. You do not have to be a game captain to lead, and that is the best part about this team.”

On the NY Giants’ and NY Giants QB Colt McCoy’s performance early in the game:

“Obviously, you will look at the game afterwards and realize the red zone efficiency and our defense making those stops is extremely important, and we were 3-for-3 in the red zone. (NY Giants QB) Colt (McCoy) is a winner. He always has been. I grew up in Austin and watched him play at Texas. He is a winner. He is going to always have whatever team he is playing for in the game. We just have to stay in there and realize that as long as we don’t go chasing waterfalls, we are going to be in the game.”

On leading two 95-yard drives:

“We knew from film study that they are a big zone team, especially with a couple of guys out in the secondary that they were going to have to play a little bit more zone coverage and rely on their front. We had our guys in the right spots. Just that one play at a time mentality, those long drives and continuing to overcome penalties or eliminating negative plays, I am very proud of our guys for hanging in there.”

On the Browns’ success with play action: 

“We have established the run game so well. These guys up front obviously are playing so well. Our backs are playing well. It takes everybody in the run game to be able to block. To be able to marry that up with the pass game and make it all look similar, it clears things up and our guys are getting open so that makes my job easy.”

On having a variety of WRs making key plays in the passing game making his job easier:

“We don’t want no scrubs. We have some dogs outside. We have guys that we are very proud of.”

On C Nick Harris stepping in at RG after T Chris Hubbard was injured: 

“I said a little bit postgame to Michele (Tafoya). You hate to have somebody go down. We love Hub. Hub is a team-first guy always. He is a guy that has stepped in time and time again for us. The way Nick Harris stepped up and played guard, he is our backup center and for him to be able to step up and play a different position is tremendous. Hats off to him for mentally being ready and being able to come out there and play well.”

On targeting multiple receivers tonight and if that is a testament to his comfort in the system and with teammates: 

“We are not going to force the ball to anybody. Trusting the progressions, trusting the play calls, taking what is there and keeping the chains moving. Eliminate negative plays and just let these guys make plays. We have great players outside.”

On overcoming penalties on the final TD drive: 

“It goes back to laying down the foundation of this team. Resilience is one of the things we wanted to do. Every once in a while, stuff is not going to go your way, you are going to get knocked back and you have to creep back in and be able to overcome those penalties.”

On the TD pass to Landry: 

“First read was actually to (TE) David Njoku. I saw him stumble a little bit. It is a crossing pattern in man coverage so when I saw David stumble, I got my eyes off him and moved on to Jarvis. Jarvis is a guy that you just give him a chance and he is going to make a great play. Looking back at the pictures of it, David wound up getting his feet together and being wide open. Our guys make plays, and we are going to trust them to do that every time.”

On DE Myles Garrett playing and battling through the impact of previously having COVID-19: 

“Obviously, Myles continues to be a leader for us. He is our Walter Payton Man of the Year for our team. He is an extremely good leader on and off the field. Obviously, his play speaks for itself, but he wants to be out there whenever he can. No matter what, being 100 percent or not, he wants to be out there. He is the best pass rusher in the league and people are always trying to chip him, double team him and trying to prevent him from making plays, but he continues to just work extremely hard. We are proud to have him on our team.”

On if it is hard to see Garrett having a tough time, including a coughing fit after the game: 

“I did not really notice it too much. Besides that, I was listening to the end of his presser. I understand he is a guy that those little spurts and those five-yard and 10-yard bursts where he is having to go full speed every play is not easy. I am not one to really know exactly what he is going through and I have not been in his shoes, but I get tired when I chase down (RB) Nick (Chubb) so I know his job is not easy.”

On how comfortable the Browns offense is when stringing together plays on a long drive: 

“Our guys are extremely comfortable. For them to be able to continue to make these plays, and like you said earlier, overcome some of the penalties and negative plays and push forward and convert some very critical third downs when you do not have that many possessions, these third downs are extremely important and also, the red zone efficiency is very important. When you get down there – we talked about it pregame – we needed seven points, not field goals. We were able to accomplish that and the defense, vice versa, stopped them from getting touchdowns in the red zone.”

On if it was weird facing NY Giants tight ends coach Freddie Kitchens as the offensive play caller and if he spoke with Kitchens today: 

“I talked to him postgame. Not weird. I appreciate Freddie. I continue to talk to him every once in a while. He has lost some weight. He looks good. Proud of him.”

On his conversation with Kitchens: 

“Just ‘How are you doing?’ Just normal checkups. We talk every so often so it is not like a huge catch-up thing. That was my first time seeing him so like I said, he looks good.”

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