QB Baker Mayfield (12.15.19)

Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield


On his mindset after this loss:

“It hurts knowing that we came in and they out-played us. It’s just frustrating. I’ll be able to tell you more after I look at the film.”


On how it feels to put together a bad game all the way around:

“We started slow. After that, we were playing from behind the whole game. That’s pretty much the tale of the tape.”


On the inconsistent passing game this season:

“When we get in a rut, we try and establish the run game, and we did that in the second quarter. We know we just fell behind after that. A few critical plays we need to look back on with third down conversions we didn’t make that ultimately could’ve turned this game around. That’s the frustrating part about not being able to execute in the pass game.”


On the heated exchanges on the sideline:

“Frustration. We’re not having success. Frustration is the sign of everybody wanting it. Our guys didn’t give up today. We kept playing even though it was well out of reach. It’s just frustrating. That’s all I can say about that.”


On his opinion on deferring the decision to kickoff or receive after winning the coin toss:

“I don’t really have an opinion on that.”


On if their talent is better than their performance tonight:

“We started slow, like I said. If you start fast, we can kind of control the game. We weren’t able to do that today.”


On what he saw on his interception:

“Ball was just too high. Patrick Peterson is a veteran player who understands concepts. He played behind it, saw the ball and played it well. I have to get through the reach next time or just make the throw.”


On going up against Cardinals QB Kyler Murray:

“Yeah, he won.”


On if he was surprised by Murray’s performance tonight:

“No, I’m never surprised by anything Kyler does. He’s a special athlete, and they ran the ball well and allowed him to do stuff all game.”


On how disappointing it is to be eliminated from playoff contention:

“I don’t think it set in yet, but very disappointing. I’ll say that.”


On his relationship with Murray:

“He told me he had the bragging rights. That’s basically the end of it. We have a good relationship, so he was giving me a hard time. Just went with the punches.”


On if Head Coach Freddie Kitchen has the faith of his players:

“We just have to execute. Like I said, we have to look at the tape and see exactly where we went wrong. It’s just frustrating.”


On having a talented roster but not performing:

“Just execution, I think. Everybody has to do their job. Just because guys look good on paper doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. We have to go out there to execute and do our job. We’ll continue to push forward.”


On if the team is close to reaching its potential:

“We’re close to putting a game together. (We’re close) to what we know we can do. It doesn’t matter what the expectations are from the outside. We set a bar very high for ourselves. We didn’t meet that today.”


On how they view the last two weeks without playoff contention:

“See what type of men we have in the locker room. You have a job to do. You have to show up on Sundays and play. I know I’m going to do that. I’m going to get the offense ready to play against a very good Ravens team. We have that as the task at hand.”


On how he felt he did today:

“Some improvement, but a loss is always not good enough.”