QB Baker Mayfield (10.6.21)

On what bothered him most about his accuracy last week when reviewing the game film:

“Missing the throws. The same problems. Hitting the guys that are open and taking what is there. Yeah, just have to get it corrected.”


On if there was a specific play or throw he felt he really need to make against the Vikings:

“There are a few. Definitely one down in the red zone to O (WR Odell Beckham, Jr.). Then one of the throws over (TE) Harrison’s (Bryant) head, kind of like a deep out route corner of the field. Just have to hit those. The one to Odell late on the third down, we talked about just communication wise and kind of hit on that after the game. Seeing one thing and just making sure we have all those things and all those little details that we talk about all of the way through.”


On if it comforting to know the Browns are capable of winning games even when he does not perform his best:

“It is nice when you can play around 50 percent completion, which is just terrible, and to have a win on the road in a hostile environment against a good team. Yeah, that is nice knowing we have that, but there is still a standard that I try and set for myself and try and hold myself accountable to so I need to do that.”


On not being on the same page with Beckham on the third down play late in the game:

“That is a specific route and concept for a late-game hitter. He is seeing one thing, and if you go back and look at the film, you see the safety playing over the top and that is what I am looking at, and then he is seeing as soon as he breaks out the safety attach back to (WR Anthony) Schwartz. It is just little things, and it is probably about a quarter of a second off from me being able to see the safety attach back on to Schwartz instead of playing over the top and give it some air.”


On if he is wearing a brace or harness on his left shoulder and if that could be affecting his throws:

“Yeah, I have a harness on. It should not.”


On the third-and-two play with RB Demetric Felton in motion and if he expected the Vikings LB to clear out:

“That is one of our keeper, naked or whatever you want to call it reads, going outside, back inside and then back out. That is one of those where the corner was giving body presence at first on Demetric and then he fell off late so he is standing there by himself, and that is one of those I would like to have back for sure.”


On the challenges traveling to the west coast and playing the Chargers:

“I would say it is more just about us going out there and doing our job on the road again trying to play a complete game. We keep talking about it – or I do at least – and going to have to do that against a team that is playing very well. They have a few wins in a row against some tough opponents so we need to be able to handle that on the road. We are expecting our fans to travel well, as well. Just a good challenge for us on the road.”


On his standard for accuracy and what completion percentage he strives to reach each game:

“Some games are different completion percentage-wise. That was one of those games where we were not looking for 80-plus completion percentage. Just those throws, you are looking at completing some of those and you are looking at a completely different ballgame. To me, it is based on the game, how many throwaways and all of that but hitting the throws that are there.”


On if he felt confident in his progressions and reads and making the right plays last week:

“Yeah, I think we had our shots there but just did not hit them. I think my eyes were in the right spot for the most part. Just have to make the plays.”


On if he would do anything different this week in practice after his performance last week:

“Fix the mistakes. Go back and correct it. That is what I have always done.”


On if there is something different about game reps versus practice reps when connecting with Beckham:

“Absolutely, there is definitely different timing when it comes to game reps when I am having to get the ball out, guys are barreling down and he is seeing a different thing. His game speed is a little bit different, too. It is pretty quick. Yeah, there is definitely that, but we have to take advantage of our opportunities. It starts with me.”


On if there is additional pressure to perform when surrounded by talented players and knowing the explosive potential for an offense:

“No, I think we are kind of going around the circle again. It is my job to get the ball out of my hands and in their hands, our playmakers’ hands, and let them do the work. That starts with just finding completions and hitting them.”


On his mentality when not connecting during a game as desired and looking to get back into rhythm:

“Trying to find a play, scheme or something to get back on rhythm and just trying to get back to finding that groove and find a couple of completions here and there to get the offense rolling. That is what you look for when it is that type of game, but you have to make the plays when they are there.”


On establishing a strong trust with the Browns OL last season and if that has been harder this season due to an increased number of sacks:

“No, I would not say it is because I have been sacks. We have played a couple of good fronts. The Chicago front, we hit on that after we played them. They are dealing with some injuries. (T) Jed (Wills Jr.) has been fighting through stuff so we have guys stepping in trying to plug and play. I just have to do a good job of getting the ball out when I know that is the situation. That does not affect my trust level. I trust those guys wholeheartedly. They are a great group.”


On if he relies on a mentor or other personal connections when frustrated after a less than ideal performance:

“A few people I always bounce things off of. I am not getting into specifics, though.”


On if his footwork has been an issue this season after significantly working on it last season:

“No, I think my footwork is clean. Just about making the plays when they are there. I really do not think it is that complicated. Everybody is going to try and make an excuse. I pretty much hit on it after the game, I just have to make the damn play. It is that simple.”


On if it is more difficult to prepare to face a strong S or pass rusher, referencing Chargers S Derwin James Jr. and Chargers OLB Joey Bosa:

“Derwin is obviously extremely talented and is always around the ball. He had a really good play the other night for the interception. Joey is just an elite pass rusher. He is somebody who you really need to know where he is. He is a guy who can change a game. He has consistently done that throughout his career. We have to be prepared for that and handle it. Those are the types of guys you talk about being the game wreckers. It is eliminating that part of it.”


On when he turns the page after a game, referencing the Vikings game:

“I have already turned it.”


On G Joel Bitonio starting his 100th game with the Browns on Sunday:

“Joel is a very, very consistent guy, the same guy every day. Always fun loving, a smile and does his job every day. Just one of those accountable veterans who you can always lean on and bounce things off of. He kind of brings that positive attitude into the huddle. He is extremely valuable to this franchise and has been for his whole career. He is one of those guys where the offensive line obviously does not get a lot of credit all of the time, but he is one of those centerpieces for us.”


On if he has crossed paths with Chargers QB Justin Herbert:

“Just a few times here and there. I have not really gotten the chance to sit down and talk with him or get mad at him for breaking the rookie record (laughter). He is playing extremely well. I have been able to watch a lot of the games, and he is playing really well. I think he has it all, and I think he is continuing to grow. His ceiling is extremely high.”


On if he ‘is feeling threatened’ that Bitonio may be challenging him as the best actor in commercials:

“We need to get Joel a better production team, and we might be able to talk from there (laughter). I am not worried at all, though because (T) Jack (Conklin) was not real good at his. (RB) Nick Chubb, we are going to have to work on his acting skills, as well.”


On Bitonio’s and Conklin’s ability to rhyme in the commercial:

“I do not know if they came up with the creative content. Joel at least smiled through it. Jack on the other hand looked like he was being held captive (laughter).”


On believing he has a better supporting cast in commercials with Wills:

“I would say. Jed will surprise you. He is quiet, but the quiet ones always get you.”


On his favorite ‘At Home with Baker Mayfield’ Progressive commercial:

“Great question. I do not know. Jed is up there, though. He has had some good showings.”


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