QB Baker Mayfield (10.30.19)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On the Browns claiming a ‘signature win’ at Denver last year and how far away this year’s team is from that level offensively:

“Anytime you can win on the road, just based on it was a tight game, I think we did some things well and we had a lot to learn from watching that tape. You said it, last year does not matter. Right now, it is about this week, it is about us and it is about doing everything we can to find a way to win in Denver.”


On challenges playing in high altitude:

“I have not thought too much about it. Our guys are in shape right now. The weather should be good from what I have seen. I am expecting good conditions.”


On if there is anything he can do as a captain to help other Browns players be accountable and play at the level needed:

“I can continue to be more vocal and harp on the little details within every day of practice. I talked after the game about translating it to Sundays, but when it comes time on Sunday, they are not even thinking about it, it is second nature and they carry it over. It is not even a question.”


On the challenges the Denver defense presents and how good they are:
“Obviously, they are playing great on defense right now. With (Broncos QB Joe) Flacco being out, they are going to rely on their defense even more. They held Indianapolis to a few amount of points so they are playing well as a unit. Obviously, you have (Broncos OLB) Von Miller on that side. (Broncos DE Derek) Wolfe is playing great and they have some other guys on the line that because those two guys are getting one on ones, they are taking advantage of that opportunity. You have a secondary that is making some plays, and in the games they play well, their secondary plays well. I think it starts up front and their guys play free after that.”


On positives takeaways from the Browns offense’s performance at New England:

“The fact that we never quit. I think we can point out exactly where things went wrong, as well as fixing the things that went wrong for us on offense and as a team. I think we can get those fixed.”


On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s comments about being more aggressive, getting him the ball more and challenging Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore more last week:

“I think early on we can say that and yeah, we would have liked to there is no doubt about that, but with how things went in the game early on with the fumbles and the turnovers early, just trying to establish and get back on track. Anytime stuff like that happens, you can’t exactly get to how you wanted to attack. You have to get back on track and do the little things right. I felt like later on we did get him the ball, and he knows that. It is just the frustrating part about we shot ourselves in the foot so we were not able to exactly go out there and attack right now.”


On how derailing mistakes on offense have been this season in games:

“It has been the biggest problem for us of not being able to get into a rhythm and be consistent. The good teams and good offenses are consistent with what they do, find completions, continue to get the ball out to where then when they do get their shots, they can call them and feel comfortable about it. We have not done that yet. We are going to turn it around.”


On if Broncos LB Von Miller is the key to Denver’s defense:
“I think he is a vital key, yeah. I would not say he is the only guy because he is not, but obviously, he is a great player. I do think when he is on, the rest of the guys feed off that energy and how he is playing. Teams have to gameplan for him so yes and no.”


On his mindset for the margin of error being so slim now:

“It is the NFL. The margin of error is already very slim so for us to get to where we need to be. Little details and doing our job is very important.”


On if the Browns have a sense of ‘back against the wall’ mentality:

“We are 2-5. We have to win one game at a time.”


On if he was hopeful the Browns may have acquired help on the OL yesterday:

“That is not in my power. Anytime you add pieces to this puzzle, it is good, but it has to be the right pieces and it has to fit. We have right now our roster and so with no injuries and anything like that, we know exactly who we have and we have to establish that and get rolling.”


On if it is a concern to be facing the Patriots’ Broncos’ defensive fronts while moving pieces on the OL:

“No. I think guys have gotten some experience with some playing time, and obviously, we rotated in a few guys, but we will see what we do throughout the week of practice. Whatever group of guys we roll in there with, we are going to be confident in. If somebody else has to come in, we are going to be confident with them, too.”


On how tough is it to keep a week-to-week mindset with their record:

“Just based on where we are, we have to have a singular focus. The only thing we need to be worried about right now is doing our job at a very high level each day, and that goes at practice, that goes to walkthrough, meetings and then to Sunday, carrying that over.”


On how close does he feels he is to playing at the level of the second half of the 2018 season:

“Close, but we are not winning so it does not matter. Until we start winning, I have to continue to get better and better each week.”


On his and the team’s mindset for correcting mistakes and improving in the second half of the season:

“We have to take responsibility and take it personal to do our jobs the very best to the highest ability. Doing everything right. Physical mistakes are going to happen, but that is OK. Guys understand that we are human, but the mental aspect of it and the penalties and things like that are things we need to iron out, and that we will get fixed. I am taking it personal on the offense to establish that within everybody, and we have everybody on board right now. I think the defense has the same M.O. and we are going to feed off each other.”


On if he feels the team will turn things around:

“I do.”


On the Browns offense’s drive at the end of the first half and there seeming to be a lack of sense of urgency or something going on:

“There was a penalty so we were in negative yardage.”


On being in a two-minute situation during the last drive of the first half but there appearing to be a lot of time between snaps:

“When the penalty happened, then we were behind the chains.


[reporter interjects with but…]


“No, stop saying ‘but.’ I just told you the clock was running and we had a penalty. Do you want to give them the ball back? No. You do not play; you do not know it. That is just plain and simple.”


On if he was happy with the last drive of the first half:

“Was I happy with the drive? No, we did not score points. That is the dumbest question you could ask. What?”


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