QB Baker Mayfield (10.14.20)

QB Baker Mayfield:

On how he is feeling physically:

“Feel good. Just one day at a time right now. Obviously, a little sore, but that is why we have the rest of the week until game day.”


On if his injury is specific to his ribs or if it is his whole right side:

“Yeah, kind of the whole right side. Everything is intertwined right there. I am lucky with the way that I landed that it was not directly on my shoulder – kind of rolled a little bit. Obviously, could have been a lot worse.”


On what it would mean for the Browns to win their first game at Heinz Field since 2003:

“Once again, we are not worried about the past. We are worried about right now. The next game is the most important one, and we have a very good division opponent we are going up against in their house. That is the most important part. The focus is on now, and that is Pittsburgh this week.”


On his wrist:

“Yeah, I feel good now on the wrist.”

On if he will practice today:

“That is to be determined.”

On if he remains confident he will play on Sunday:

“Yep. Just day by day. Still confident.”

On his relationship with DE Myles Garrett, given it seems as if it has grown during the past year:

“I think it has definitely expanded. I think as I am much more comfortable in this system, and like I have said, just trying to be a better leader for this team and reach out to more people. Myles and I have had conversations, and we know the time is now for us to take advantage of it. We know why we were brought here. We believe in that. Not everything is said between us, but there are certain looks we both know what we are thinking, and I think that is where you are picking that up from.”

On how excited he is to play against the Steelers, given both teams’ success to start the season and the significance of it:

“That is the exciting part about it. Obviously, division games are always meaningful for us, but they are undefeated and we are 4-1. It is an extremely important game, but that is because it is the next one. We have to handle it that way, and we are on the road in somebody else’s house.”

On facing the Steelers defense after playing against a tough Colts defense last week:

“Yeah, both very good defenses, I think Pittsburgh is a little less of just line up and play. They will show you some looks and bring more pressures. It is pretty typical for Pittsburgh that they are physical, they have guys that are making plays and it starts up front with a lot of those guys that are obviously extremely talented. We have to handle that – those front seven guys – and take care of business.”

On saying last week’s game was his worst of the season:

“Yeah, I would have to agree with what I said prior. Just looking at the drive before halftime and then also just going in the second half, finding completions is the most important part, which is what we did the weeks prior. I definitely could be a lot better, but like I said, it is always better to learn from a win than a loss.”

On if there is a common thread when he is missing guys high on throws:

“I think the one to (TE) Harrison (Bryant), I should have led him into the hole more instead of trying to put it on him over the backer. There are certain things that just going through reads to make the easier throws, not trying to make the hard throw every time. Just take the completions, make it easy on us and keep the chains moving.”

On his relationship with Garrett continuing to grow, particularly building camaraderie as former No. 1 picks and wanting to provide leaderhsip:

“Absolutely, I think that is something that throughout these Zoom meetings and once again the stuff we did off the field during those meetings to learn about each other more, I think was very important. For me and Myles, we took that personally and we have done that. That is where we are at right now, and I am happy about it. He keeps making plays, and we are trying to lead this team by example and vocally. He is doing an incredible job of being more vocal. We are proud of him.”


On the impact Garrett is making in games with big plays and how that impacts the record:

“A huge impact. Obviously, the stats and the sacks speak for themselves, but if you watch it, guys are having to chip and they are having to bring extra people over there. That makes such an impact on our defensive of freeing up other one on ones for other D lineman and other blitzes and stuff like that. It is not just Myles’ play individually; it is the things that teams have to worry about. That is something that we are lucky to have.”


On the rhythm of the Browns offense:

“We are efficient when we need to be. I think the consistency can always improve. There are little things you can always improve on, but when we need to be efficient right now, we have made the plays and we have made the conversions, and that is why you are seeing this streak of wins. We have to continue to do that but also improve on the consistency when it is not just crucial times and just help ourselves out. We do not have to make it close. We just need to keep getting better.”

On the Steelers DL:

“It is a great test for us. Another great defense. They bring a physical challenge. They bring the muddied pockets. They will hit you. They try to impose their will. That is what our division is all about. We have to play that ball, match that energy and exceed it. They are obviously extremely talented, but the mindset of the Steelers defense is that they play as one and they play together. That is the challenge that we are facing.”

On his confidence in the Browns OL against a physical Steelers defense:

“I believe in our guys first and foremost, no matter who we are facing. Obviously, the challenge that the Steelers defense is it brings plays that we are going to have ups and downs throughout this game. It is not going to be perfect, and we know that. That is what comes with these challenging games and when you play great teams. We know that we just have to do our job, and then if something happens good or bad, move on to the next play and do our job again.”

On evaluating his play in the second half of games this year:

“We talked about some of these plays that we are setting up later on if we get the right looks and taking these shots now. That is where I need to be able to take more advantage of these certain looks, complete these plays and be more efficient, and we will see improvement on this offense. I put that 100 percent on me to improve, and I like that responsibility.”

On the Browns’ mindset of playing in Pittsburgh for Garrett’s first game back against the Steelers since the suspension and how the team will rally to support Garrett this weekend:

“I think it is about right now. We are always going to have our teammates’ backs. We are worried about the right now, and we are playing the Steelers. We are not worried about what happened last year. We have moved on. Everybody wants to make the story of it, but we are focused on right now. The task at hand is playing the Steelers and doing our jobs to the very best we possibly can. That is the focus.”

On if the Steelers defense has changed over the years or if it has been consistent during his career and how the Browns’ new offensive scheme matches up with the Steelers defense:

“They are consistent – same coordinator, a lot of the same personnel. Now, they will have different flavors of the week that they bring, and that is what you have to adjust and adapt to, but they are very good at what they do. They are not going to change it up too much. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are going to add in certain mixes, different looks, but that is the challenge at hand for us. Offensively, it is another physical game so we have to treat it [that way] trying to establish the run game and be efficient in the pass game. That does not change mindset wise for us, but scheme-wise with what we are having right now, we are continuing to improve and that is no matter who we are playing.”

On Garrett being more vocal as a leader this year and the Garrett’s and his work off the field to develop their relationship:

“Yes, I think when you get a guy like Myles, obviously a great leader, but he is more by example typically. When you speak, it speaks volumes and people listen. When his voice is heard, it radiates throughout the building. For starters, that is why he has such an impact this year, not just on the field but off. Just between text messages and all this stuff that we are trying to accomplish not just on the field off the field, I think that has become a great way for us to learn more about each other, obviously like I said off the field but who we are as people. I think that is extremely important for people to build relationships. We are fighting for the same goal to win a Super Bowl, but there becomes much more want and will when you know these people off the field.”

On Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s comment on the Browns offense that the ‘strength of the pack is actually the pack and not individual superstars’ and if he feels pressure to manage personalities and reps on offense:

“I would agree with Coach Tomlin on saying that strength is we have a lot of weapons, but it is about us doing our job. These guys are all doing their jobs efficiently, and that is the most important part. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I talked to AVP (offensive Alex Van Pelt) and (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski before the season, my job is to go through the reads and distribute the ball, and it is up to them to call the plays and dial it up for these guys that need and want their touches. We are just trying to be efficient and win games. That is the most important part and that is the best part of how we are playing right now.”

On facing a game-wrecker like Garrett and if he naturally looks to where a player of that caliber is before the snap:

“Absolutely, you have to know where those guys are for protection sliding, for chips and all the stuff to add in to where you cannot allow him to be a game-wrecker because that is what those guys are. Very talented, very gifted. Like I said earlier, it is not just the plays that they make individually; it is those things that they can create for other guys and those one on ones. We have great players around him so that is a great part about having Myles on our team, as well.”

On the Browns 4-1 start being ‘legitimate’ and why others should take the team seriously:

“We are taking it one game at a time. I know I am truly not worried whatsoever about what everybody is saying if we are legitimate or not. We are taking it one game at a time. That is all that matters.”

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