Patriots QB Tom Brady (10.27.19)

Q: What are your thoughts on the significance of Bill Belichick’s 300th win?


TB: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Pretty amazing. Three hundred wins is pretty spectacular. He’s the best coach of all time and it’s a privilege to play for him for as many years as I have. He’s taught me so much on and off the field, just been a great mentor for me. Being here 20 years ago – it was his first year, it was my first year. It’s been a great journey. Just proud of him, everything he’s accomplished. Amazing to think that he coached for another place and they didn’t think he was good enough, and then he comes here and does a great job. It’s a great celebration for him and certainly hard-earned, well-deserved. And the only thing better than 300 is 301. So, we’ll be back at it this week.


Q: You talked last week about Bill’s competitive spirit and his ability to maintain consistency for 20 years. Has his ability to be all about the details influenced how you approach your life?

TB: Yeah, definitely. He’s had a big influence on me. He’s taught me about pro football. He’s taught me about leadership and consistency, dependability. All the things I think he really preaches to us as a player is what we get out of him as a coach. His consistency, dependability, trust, confidence – all those things over a long period of time really add up. So, he’s just a very stable figure when he gets up and speaks to us. It’s about trying to win games, and I think we all appreciate that.


Q: What were your first impressions of Mohamed Sanu in the offense today after only being here for a few days?


TB: You know, I think we’re just going to try to find ways to keep incorporating everybody. He worked really hard this week to really get up to speed and to play as much as he did. I think it’s just going to be more and more confidence as he keeps going. He made a huge catch for us on fourth down, had a good crosser that he made a nice catch on, so keep just trying to find ways to get him the ball.


Q: What kind of a struggle was the weather in this game today?

TB: It’s tough weather conditions. We got off to a fast start, which was good, but at the same time, we could find ways to do a better job. So, just try to get back at it this week, and it was our first time playing in that weather in a long time, but I’m glad we got the win.


Q: How impressed are you with your defense and what’s it like seeing them force three turnovers in the first quarter?

TB: They’re amazing – what they’re doing and how they’re getting that ball off the other team. They’ve got good players at every level and they put a lot of pressure on the quarterback, put a lot of pressure on the running back. I know that offense has a lot of good skill players, but it was great to see them come out and start fast and get ahead.


Q: How much did you guys need that 59-yard screen pass to James White? What were you thinking when you saw it was called on third-and-10?

TB: Yeah, we need every yard we can get out there. It was a great call by Josh [McDaniels] and great execution by the o-line, and James is a great screen runner. So, just a great play, good timing.


Q: What’s it like for you to throw touchdown passes on the run?

TB: Yeah, I haven’t had quite as many of those, but it was good. Jules [Julian Edelman] found a little sweet spot in there and glad I was able to get it to him. He made two really good catch-and-runs kind of near the goal line. It was great plays by him.