Pass game coordinator/wide receivers coach Chad O’Shea (9.24.21)


On WR Odell Beckham Jr. returning this week:

“It is great. He has worked extremely hard to put himself in a position to have an opportunity to play. We are really excited for him to be with us. The guys have all worked really hard to get to this point so we are excited about him being out there with us.”


On how Beckham looked in his first full week of practice:

“Odell again has worked really hard so he has put himself in position. Physically, he looks good. He is in good condition right now. He has been preparing off of the field with his mental aspect of learning his assignments and doing those. We feel really good about where he is right now, both physically and mentally.”


On if practice felt different at all with Beckham returning this week, including the energy on the field:

“Odell always brings energy to practice, which is great. I think that is something that is really important is when you have energy at practice, it really is a very positive thing. Certainly, he brings that. I think that collectively as a group, it is a group that brings energy. Odell certainly has done that this week at practice, and I am really excited for him because he has worked so hard to put himself in position to now play.”


On the impact of WR Jarvis Landry being placed on injured reserve and the timing of it occurring the same week as Beckham returning:

“A tremendous amount of respect for Jarvis as a player and what he brings to our team. Now, we are faced with not having him. The group that we have, the team that we have and the way we are built, I really feel like we are going to do the best job we can – you can never replace a certain player because every player is unique – of having a good plan for the players that play. Hopefully, they can bring some of the things that Jarvis brings to the field as far as the work ethic, the passion and the toughness. That is the hopes that I have for the group is that we can pick up in those areas and really without Jarvis go out there, execute our plan and do a great job.”


On if Landry is still providing the team with leadership behind the scenes:

“Yeah, Jarvis has been outstanding with us. Even though he is not physically with us on the field, he is in our meetings and he is very engaged, which I expected him to be because he is such a great leader. He has been very helpful this week to the guys. He has been right there with them from a film study standpoint. He has done a great job of being a great teammate right now, and that is what I would expect of him and that is what he has done. Just very happy he is on our football team.”


On how challenging it is for a player like WR Rashard Higgins to fill Landry’s gameday assignments after not practicing at the position all week:

“During the course of a game when you have a player injured at a certain position, regardless of whatever position that is, it is difficult and challenging at times because you have not repped those particular reps from those alignments and those assignments. I think that Higgins did a great job of jumping in there. He is a guy who really prepares very well. He works very hard at trying to know multiple positions. He was ready to go when he was called upon during the game from an assignment standpoint. We will continue to ask all of our players to learn as much as they can to play in a multiple-position role in case we do have to adjust. It will not be the only time that we have to adjust during the year, whether it is injury or whether it is some other considerations. That is something that the receiver group has really done a good job of is just learning conceptually and learning everybody’s positions so if we do have to use them in different spots that they are able to do that.”


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