Pass Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach Chad O’Shea (8.3.22)


On younger Browns WRs getting extra reps due to injuries at the position, including WRs Jakeem Grant Sr. and Michael Woods II:

“We have had some guys take advantage of the opportunities that they have had here recently, and they have made the most of their opportunities. That is what we told them on Day 1 is there is going to be a time where you are going to have an opportunity to go out there and show this team that we can trust you and you can be dependable as an offensive player. We have had a couple guys in Jakeem Grant and Mike Woods who have made the most of their opportunities. I think they have made the most out of their opportunities because they work hard, they go out there and they perform and try to do the things that we ask them to do. Certainty, that has been a very positive thing for our offense that they have done that.”


On RB Demetric Felton primarily working with the WRs during practices:

“The value in Demetric Felton is that he is a football player, and he can do multiple things for this offense. Although we have seen him thus far on the field as a receiver, we always have the flexibility with Demetric because he has such a great skillset to bounce him around in different positions. We have asked him to come in the building on a daily basis, and wherever we put you, you make the most of your opportunities. Certainly, he has done that as a receiver so far at camp.”


On if there are similarities between Felton and Grant:

“I think that when you look at our receiver room that there are a lot of different, unique skillsets. I think that although you could look at similarities between Demetric and Jakeem, there are also differences. I think that is the great thing about our receiver room right now is that we have enough guys who have strengths that are unique that they can bring that to our offense and help us win games.”


On the setback of WR David Bell not being able to practice yet during training camp due to injury:

“I think that anytime you are not on the field, it presents a different type of challenge but no different challenge than with what we have when you are presented with other things. I think that we do enough with him from a walkthrough standpoint and we are very intense in the meeting room setting with him so we spend as much time as we can to make sure we kind of close that gap so when he does get on the field that he is able not know the information, go out there and try to execute. Obviously, we want as many players on the field as we can. If you are available to us, you have a chance to improve, but he certainly can improve although not being out there.”


On evaluating Woods in training camp and at Oklahoma:

“I start with the non-physical traits with him. His character traits are very strong. He has tremendous work ethic. He is very smart. He is mature. He is taking the coaching. Certainly, for a rookie, I think he has been very professional in his development. His skillset, it has been great to see him go out there with the opportunities that he has had here recently to make the most of those opportunities because of his ability to play different positions. We asked our players, ‘If you can play in multiple roles, you increase our role for the team, and you increase your chances of going out there and having individual success.’ Certainly, he has done that because he has the position flexibility mentally to play multiple positions. He has made the most of his opportunities, and it has been very positive for Mike Woods so far.”


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