Pass Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach Chad O’Shea (12.9.22)


On confidence QB Deshaun Watson’s timing with WRs will improve this week:

“Deshaun has done such a good job of working very hard and closely with our wide receivers. He is great in his communication of exactly what he wants on individual routes and on specific assignments. That has been real positive. We have worked really hard on that on the field, as well because once we talk about something, we really try to put it in action on the field. I just think that Deshaun has done a great job of working extremely hard with our group and to be on the same page. We have made progress, and the guys have really taken to his attitude and the way he approaches it from a work-ethic standpoint and overall attitude. Really encouraged with Deshaun working with our receivers.”


On the nature of conversations between QBs and WRs about providing feedback to each other:

“The receiver and quarterback positions, they work so closely together. There is a lot of ongoing communication throughout the week, not only during the game or during practice but throughout the week in the meeting rooms. We really make a lot of progress in those meeting rooms with that ongoing communication. The communication to detail what that is, it is the specific routes, our angles, our depths and our decisions that we are making on those routes. There are so many things that go into running a route, and we need to be on the same page with the quarterback and the quarterback needs to be on the same page with us. It is a two-way street. It is one of which here that I think we have a great environment that we allow our players to talk through exactly what they see and how they see the routes. Deshaun has just done a great job of working with our receiver group and our group has worked really good with him of just that communication because it is so important with the amount of details that is required to be very efficient in the pass game, specifically route running.”


On the importance of continuing to strengthen chemistry between Watson and WR Amari Cooper, given the impact of the relationship between QB Jacoby Brissett and Cooper:

“Obviously, Jacoby did a great job for us at quarterback in being in communication with our receivers and they were on the same page. I think Deshaun has really picked up exactly where Jacoby left off as far as being receptive to what our receivers say, being on the same page and him asking them what we need to do as far as to be efficient on those routes. It has really been very positive to see him work with our group. Jacoby is still a huge part of this. He is not the starting quarterback right now, but he is a part of what we do in the pass game as far as his communication, what we do in practice and what we do in the meeting room. Jacoby has been a great benefit to all of us right now, even though he is the backup quarterback.”


On WR Anthony Schwartz being placed on injured reserve after making strides to improve in recent weeks:

“I really feel for Anthony because I do believe Anthony has done everything we have asked him to do. He has worked extremely hard. He was doing some real positive things on the field. I have always spoken very highly of him as a person and I think a lot of him. It was very disappointing for us to see him to go to IR, but it is another setback that he will deal with. Knowing how he has been in the past, I think he will deal with it very well. I would love for him to be with us, but obviously can’t control everything and we will go about our business with the guys we have. Disappointed for Anthony, but I will say this, very positive in what he has done here recently for us and being involved in special teams was so important, and he really embraced that role. Anthony will always give you a great day’s work. Really, he is a dependable guy and we wish him the very best in trying to get back with us.”


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