Pass Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach Chad O’Shea (10.29.22)


On WR Donovan Peoples-Jones’ performance this season:

“I think Donovan Peoples-Jones is playing outstanding. His preparation has been a big part of that. He has worked extremely hard to do the little things right consistently. I am very proud of the way he has played. I think that he has really shown up in contested balls. He has been very consistent in catching the ball in traffic or some of the difficult catches. Can’t say enough about how he has played, but I think how he has played has had a lot to do with his overall preparation being outstanding.”


On WR Amari Cooper being called for offensive pass interference late in last week’s game:

“There were a lot of things in that game that we looked at. As a coaching staff, you always go back on things to say, ‘Hey, what could we do better?’ We have really moved on for the most part. We have moved on on that play. There were so many things during the course of the game that as a coach that I had to either correct or reinforce on some things that we did positively that I really haven’t spent a lot of time even looking back on that play. We have moved forward. We really have.”


On adjustments for the Browns WRs this week if asked to play more snaps due to uncertainty of availability at TE:

“One of the things that we always encourage the wide receivers to do is to really learn the information conceptually to understand that they need to be big picture learning in terms of the gameplan. Whether it is a tight end lined up there or it is a receiver lined up there in those specific spots, we need to be prepared to be ready to line up in all of the spots across the board. Whenever you use multiple receivers, it is important for those guys that they know exactly what to do at every spot. We are very fortunate here with our wide receivers that we have a good group of guys in terms of their overall preparation, and they are very intelligent. They want to get it right. They work very hard. When we do have to use multiple receivers, we feel very confident that they are going to go in there, know what to do and be able to execute.”


On if it may be more challenging for Browns WRs if asked to play more snaps and understand those concepts and schemes due to having several young players in the WR room:

“I don’t see it as a challenge because of youth. I see it as a great opportunity, I really do. I am very excited about our receiver room in general. It goes back to I am just so encouraged by the way they work and the way they conduct business. Amari Cooper and Donovan Peoples-Jones have been leaders in our room to be able to set a standard of overall preparation. I am confident when we get some guys who go in there that maybe have not gone in there as much as Amari and Donovan have that we are going to get a good level of execution because I have seen their preparation and their work ethic every day. and I am proud of the way that group has worked this season.”


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