Pass game coordinator/wide receivers coach Chad O’Shea (10.29.21)

On the status of the Browns WRs:

“The receivers have had a real good week. We have had them out there and been able to work on the field, which has been good. They certainly have done a great job off of the field of staying ready in the meeting rooms and being well prepared for this game so it has been very positive this week with the receivers.”


On how WR Donovan Peoples-Jones has responded after sustaining a groin injury during pregame warmups against the Broncos:

“He has responded like I know he should respond and I expect him to respond. He has done everything he can to try to get better and become healthy enough to help our team. He is working hard. We will see where it is, but he is certainly working hard at trying to get back. Very unfortunate it happened. He is certainly one we depend on and a big part of our offense so we are real excited that he is just working hard to try to get back.”


On what WR’s Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham. Jr. playing together can do for the Browns offense:

“We are really looking forward to having Jarvis and Odell work together on the field. They bring so much to the offense. They are such an important part of what we do offensively. I know they feed off of each other energy-wise in a positive way, which is great. We want both of those guys out there to try to help our team. When they are out there together, we are a better team. Look forward to getting them both out there together.”


On what occurs when a player gets injured during pregame warmups:

“When we incur an injury that happens prior to the game and when you count on one of those players being active, it does affect the game. What our guys did a tremendous job of – a lot of credit to them – is they were so well-prepared and they understood how to play the other positions. They learned during the week. What we say is ‘learn the big picture.’ We had to bounce guys around that maybe play different positions that they did not play at practice. Really a lot of credit to them and their preparation that they were able to do that in the game because that is a difficult thing and is challenging and when somebody gets hurt like that that close to the game and you do not anticipate that, which it could happen during the course of the game, also. Our guys’ ability to adjust was great in the game, and I thought that had a lot to do with their preparation. I was really happy with that part of it.”


On players getting prepared when they are not 100 percent healthy:

“Injuries are part of the game. They have been, and they always will be. The ability for the players to prepare in different positions and to do different things during the game is very important. I think we will continue to ask our players to do that and to learn the entire gameplan of knowing that there could be some adjustments and some moving parts, especially later in the week when we understand who is healthy enough to play and who is not. Our players, credit to them that they work so very hard to again be well-prepared and to be able to play in different spots. I think that is very important to our success offensively.”


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