Pass game coordinator/defensive backs coach Jeff Howard (9.24.21)


On S Grant Delpit’s NFL debut:

“That was kind of fun to see Grant come out there. Really the last week, we were trying to taper him into it just as far as his role within the defense and kind of give him those snaps. You could see him progress through the week. Ultimately, I thought he did a lot of good things in the game that everybody saw. Really at the end of the first half, some of his run support, making some of those tackles on the field and stepping down was really good to see. Really coming in at the end with a sack, it was awesome to see him come off of the edge with speed and make that play.”


On the Browns being able to use the three-S dime package:

“We are always trying to get the best group on the field and trying to figure out matchup-wise who that is. Whether it is four corners, three safeties or whatnot, we are always looking at those matchups and seeing guys skillsets and what that is and then trying to form a role for them so that they can go out there and be successful. What excites me about the dime is really those three pieces that I think our organization really values in those people as far as (Ss) Ronnie Harrison (Jr.), John (Johnson III) and Grant, and that is something that was the vision all of the way back in the offseason. Now that we have all of them healthy, it is something that we were looking forward to using.”


On evaluating CB Greg Newsome II’s first two NFL games:

“Greg has done a good job in the role we have put him in. There are a couple of plays that are tough spots, but I think what stands out with Greg is he is such a resilient guy. Those plays come up, he is really on to the next one and you can see productive plays, even after something does not happen so well. He is really locked in, and really working on his technique, eye progressions and his fit within the defense. Something that we talk about from the whole group is we are trying to find our rhythm. That was really our focus this last week is we are trying to find our rhythm as a group because we have not played together. Really trying to use these practice reps like game reps and are really trying to build momentum so that we can continue to become the back end that we really want to be.”


On Bears QB Justin Fields:

“I have a little bit of familiarity with that offense being in Minnesota for as many years as I have and facing (Bears Head Coach Matt) Nagy. Really, I think a lot of what they do as far as training the quarterback. (Bears pass game coordinator/quarterbacks coach) John DeFilippo, who was with us in Minnesota, I know how he trains the quarterback and how detailed his focus is. You can kind of see it in his play as far as trying to gather pre-snap information to post-snap and going through his reads. I think he plays very clean and gets the ball to where he is coached to get the ball to. I think what Justin has that a lot of guys do not have is when the play breaks down, he obviously has the ability to not only have a productive play but an explosive play because he is a very good athlete.”


On evaluating CB Denzel Ward’s first two games and if Ward has been trying to do too much at times:

“Trying to proactively talk through the process with Denzel is we are really just trying to focus on the details of what he is supposed to do. With guys as good as him, he knows he can create plays and he can make plays. At the same time, you really want to focus and hone in on the details of your job as far as alignments, and so much with a corner is just the detail of am I inside, am I outside, how far inside or how far outside and where are my eyes supposed to be – just those little process things but staying true to that and owning that and then know that the plays are going to come because he is a talented player. I think Denzel’s best ball is ahead of him.”


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