Pass Game Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach Jeff Howard (12.15.22)


On the challenge preparing for this week’s game not knowing who will start at QB for the Ravens:

“Going into the game, personnel is a big part of it, particularly with the quarterback. I think just watching them on tape – we try to watch all three guys, see how they use them and see what their skillsets are and what they do well – and really for them, I don’t think you are going to change a major part of your offense, but you might lean more on certain play types with different guys. We are just trying to scout that out and see who does what and how are we going to best defend that.”


On if the Browns DBs’ mindset is different when playing a team like the Ravens that uses a lot of big personnel on offense and runs the ball often:

“That is something that you can really see of late with Baltimore is their use of bigger personnel groupings. It has changed even since we played them last where they are using all of those tight ends and the fullback a lot more. Baltimore is unique in the quarterback run game. They are using all of those big people and then the quarterback also runs the ball. It does give you different types of challenges because the majority of the time we see 11 personnel and three wide receivers on the field, and it is a lot different than that. We just try to give them as many looks as we can this week of the runs and the passes out of those personnel groupings.”


On how Baltimore has incorporated Ravens WR DeSean Jackson into their offense:

“When we played them last, they had just signed him and he wasn’t active that week, but you have seen him on tape and played against him for a lot of years. He is a vertical threat and still able to run at a high level. They are using him for that. His snaps, you really see him attacking the deep parts of the field really trying to stretch the defense vertically. That is something that he has always done well. That is really kind of the role they have used him in. The other thing that you see is kind of the emergence of (Ravens WR Demarcus Robinson). Since we played him last, I think he has the most targets of anybody, and that is saying something because (Ravens TE Mark) Andrews is such a huge target for that team. He has done a nice job in the role that they have created for him. He is a guy who we have also played before in the past. He was in Kansas City when we played them a couple of years ago so we are familiar with his skillset.”


On how the Browns defense changes when an opponent has a top target at TE like Andrews:

“It is something different. I think the way they use Andrews is he attacks the middle of the field. He really stretches the seams and really kind of the area between the second and third level of the defense. They try to get him involved in those play-actions and try to get the second-level players to step up and then they attack the middle of the field with him. He has done it at a high level for them for many years and is always one of the guys who they are trying to get involved. The last time, I think we did a good job against him. We kind of knew that and we went out and executed, but every game is a new challenge. We need to do the same thing on Saturday.”


On CB Denzel Ward’s season:

“Denzel’s mentality since he has come back from the injury has been really good. He is really challenging the role that we have for him. It is a little bit different than what we have had for him in the past where we are lining him up and the coverage calls that we are making for him. He has really stepped up to the challenge because most of the time, we are putting him in the most challenging spot of our corner positions.”


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