Pass game coordinator/defensive backs coach Jeff Howard (10.29.21)

Opening statement:

“Good afternoon. Hop everyone is doing well. A little update from the DB room going into this week, we are excited for the challenge getting to play in our first division game against a very talented receiving corps and a veteran quarterback. It is definitely going to be a challenge for our team and that we are excited for. I think we had a great week of work and getting ready to go on Sunday.”


On how CB Denzel Ward being out on Sunday impacts the Browns secondary:

“Denzel is definitely a core member of our unit and somebody who we rely on heavily. You can’t discount any of his effect on our group. It is definitely a challenge, but we try to have a next man up approach with the group, and the next guy is getting ready to go. We will be ready to play.”


On Ward sustaining injuries this year and if Ward has not been able to find his groove do to that:

“Injuries, we try to do our best to put ourselves in situations where they do not happen, but they do happen. That is a part of the game. We are just going to try to focus on the day to day and trying to be better. I know he puts in a tremendous amount of effort with his rehab. Try to make the most of where we are. That is kind of where we are.”


On CB Greedy Williams’ performance when called upon due to injuries to other Browns CBs:

“I have been very thankful for Greedy and the way he has performed this year. I think the challenge of being injured and what he has had to face this last year, he has really done a good job with that, coming in every day and trying to get back with the rehab. Whenever he has had his opportunities to play, he has come out and played. I appreciate his consistency with the reps that he gets every day in practice and the reps in the game. I think he has made the most of his opportunities, and I am sure he will be ready to go this week.”


On if he will miss having run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell, who will not be with the team on Sunday due to medical reasons:

“Yeah, I do miss Coach (Mitchell). It is an unfortunate thing. Coach Stump is a big part of our staff. He does such a great job. He is somebody who I try to get here early and work out, and he is always there working out with me. Just a guy who we all miss. Praying and hoping for the best for him.”


On the challenge overcoming injuries and not having as much consistency with the starting lineup as desired:

“I really personally try to just focus on the challenge, try to answer the questions the best that we can and not really think about the things that are bad, trying to have an optimistic outlook on it. It is kind of my job to get the next guy ready. That is what I try to spend a lot of my time on is whoever that next guy is, I have to make sure that he is ready to go. There is no really pout. It is kind of the way the game is. I understand it, try to get the next guy ready and then try to build the group. I think we have done a pretty good job of that.”


On S John Johnson III’s interception last week:

“That was great. It was good for him to get that. He really executed his technique flawlessly, which was really cool to see. I really actually talked to him about that play a couple of series before. I kind of thought that we would get something like that, and it was awesome for him to go out and execute and go pull it down. That was big for him and really big for our unit.”


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