P Jamie Gillan (9.17.21)

On what happens on his mishandled punt against Kansas City:

“I just dropped it. A massive mistake. I cost that game. The whole point of our position is to be a weapon and to help out the team, and obviously, there I did not. Things happen, right? That has not changed my outlook in practice, my personality or anything. I am still this happy go lucky, likes a plant or two person. Just had a fun week, and to be honest with you, I am really happy this happened Week 1 – trying to find the silver lining in every cloud. It made it kind of like a reset button. I can’t punt the ball without catching it so I better catch it next time.”


On if he felt like he did not have enough time to get the punt off after picking it up:

“That was another mistake, too. I dropped it, and I kind of panicked a little bit and just took off running, which now that it is happened – which it will not – but if it ever happens again, yeah, punt it off because there was only a six-man box and I had plenty of time. It was just a massive mistake for myself obviously.”


On special teams coordinator Mike Priefer saying the Browns unit will never ‘practice failure’ but will talk and walk through challenging scenarios and if that may change in the future:

“That is totally up to Coach Prief. He has obviously been in the league for 20 years. He is super smart with all of that sort of stuff. I do not particularly like practicing something that I am going to mess up, too, and it is kind of in your head. Just treating it normally. I did my JUGS work all week. Punted the ball. Had some fun. Practiced my holding. Just treated it as a normal week because as I long as I have this badge on my chest, I am playing the Texans on Sunday, and that is what I care about.”


On Priefer told him on the flight back to Cleveland:

“Just keep your head up. I went up to both of the coaches and kind of apologized because I let the team down, I let them down and I let myself down, and that is how I felt. I can only go from here. I can learn from mistakes, and that is what I am supposed to be is become a better professional athlete, a better punter and a better player to this team. He just said do not worry about it, and we are moving forward because we have 17 more games and that is just the mindset I have to have.”