P Jamie Gillan, DT Devaroe Lawrence, WR Braxton Miller and K Austin Seibert (8.29.19)

P Jamie Gillan:

On if his performance with the Browns will help him make an NFL roster:

“I think what will land me a job is punting well. I just need to keep getting more consistent. Every punting coach and special teams coordinator would like consistency from the punting unit. It was really good to get experience under my belt these last four games, which is a different punt scheme compared to college. Like I said, unfortunately, when I have to make a tackle that is usually a breakdown of our own defense from the punting unit or a bad punt on my part.”


On learning he would be the starting punter tonight:

“I found out a couple of days ago. It was nice to get holding in as well because I know everybody talks about how holding is going to be a problem for me. It was good to get a good deal of holding in with (K) Austin (Seibert) and set him up for success, as well as some great snapping from (LS) Charley (Hughlett) so I did not have to spin the ball. It was good going into practice and getting prepared like it was in college. I was able to get ready for the game knowing that I am starting and going to be getting a good game under my belt.”



DL Devaroe Lawrence: 

On if his performance was:

“Yeah i wanted to go out and play hard tonight. It is the fourth preseason game, just doing what I have been doing all preseason. As a unit, just playing hard together and keeping the standard, the standard regardless of who’s playing or who is not playing.”


On if he felt secure about making the team going into this game: 

“I would not say that I felt secure because everybody is competing and this team has a lot of depth in a lot of positions. You cannot feel secure. You have to go out and give it your all, every night.You cannot just do what you are supposed to do as a football player and just go out and applying the techniques that the coaches taught us and play hard together. You cannot really get complacent. You have to keep your head down and keep working.”


On if he feels secure now: 

“I would not say that I feel secure. You do not feel secure until after the weekend when they let you know that you are secure. You just have to keep working, even after this.”


WR Braxton Miller:

On his roster status with the Browns:

“That is up to the coaches and organization. I made sure I went out there and played what I know, and hopefully, put out good tape.”


On the learning curve joining the Browns:

“Actually, the learning curve was not that bad. I just had to look over some of the scripts and understand how they format their plays. It was not that difficult to comprehend, and I feel that I caught on pretty quick.”


On learning the playbook:

“I think being able to come in and learn the offense quickly will help my chances of making the team. I think being able to learn the offense quickly is probably a big deal for the coaches. I was able to learn it in a week and a couple of days.”


On the possibility of making the roster:

“I definitely want to make this team. It feels like I am supposed to be here, and I am just wishing for the best. I definitely want to be here.”


On playing in front of hometown fans:

“Being back in my home state and being back with the fans that know me from my Ohio State days feels great. They bring a good energy and it felt pretty good to be back home.”


K Austin Seibert: 

On if he feels that he did everything he could to make the roster: 

“Yeah, I think I did everything in my power to get the best out of myself towards the end of this camp. I am happy with the results and the way I have kicked the last week, two weeks.”


On what changed to improve his consistency: 

“Nothing, just kept doing the same drills. Kept kicking. Sometimes when you are kicking and you are in a little rut, you have to keep kicking to get out of it. That is just the game of kicking.”


On if things fell into place after he made a 53-yard field goal against the Buccaneers last week: 

“No, just going out there, going one-for-one. My goal every time I go on the field is to help the team and that is to put points on the board or getting good hang on the kick offs or a touchback on the kick offs.”


On if it is different to kick in FirstEnergy Stadium given the wind from Lake Erie: 

“It is just getting used to the winds in the stadium itself. That is the key of it because if you can kick here, you can kick anywhere. Kicking here gives you more challenges and that makes you a better kicker. So in my opinion, I am up for the challenge. I am up for all of that weather.”


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