Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan (8.6.22)


On why he is so passionate about his job at this point in his career:

“That is what my wife asks all of the time (laughter). It is a lot of fun personally, and I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction helping young kids and players achieve a level that they want to get to and helping them ultimately get to where they want to go. That is becoming a starter and a player in our league and helping them develop their skills and toolbox to make them the best player that they can be. Just enjoy it.”


On if he enjoys being a position coach now, given his time as a head coach and in other roles earlier in his career:

“Yeah, I really do. I am comfortable at my position. Years ago when I was motivated to be a head coach and was a head coach, there are so many different aspects to your day – you have to deal with the players, you are dealing with the media and you are dealing with your coordinators on both sides of the ball, as well as your special teams coordinator. There is a lot going on, as well as all of the personnel things that occur from the front office. Just to be in this world a little bit more isolated and secluded where I can just focus on coaching the line, it is really good. It is comfortable for where I am in this stage of my career.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr.’s development during training camp, including working with former Browns T Joe Thomas:

“He is coming along. We are trying some different things with him in terms of pass protection. We are trying to get him to feel comfortable not only with his set but with the different types of hand usage that we are trying to employ. Joe Thomas has been incredibly helpful. It is great to have him back with us. As we all know, the last two years with the COVID protocols have been challenging where we would have loved to have had him in, and we have said that before. This is just such a great idealistic situation for him to be here, and he is doing media in the preseason. It is just a perfect opportunity to take advantage of him being here not only out here on the field but in the classroom, as well. It is just great for the players to be around a great player.”


On T Jack Conklin’s comment that he has the ability to use anger to help motivate Browns players:

“No, I do not get angry at all. You can see I am very calm. I am very collected. I think every coach has their own way of motivating their players, whether you are jabbing at them or yelling and screaming. I can’t scream anymore because I am too old (laughter). I just kind of go at it a little bit more cerebral and try to challenge them mentally so they feel like they have to live up to the challenge and obviously answer to what they have done, good and bad.”


On how coaching OL has become a science in terms of teaching:

“Good question. I think it is advancing. I think that safety is making line techniques more martial arts. With (assistant offensive line coach) Scott Peters here, he has brought that element to us. The reduction of head contacts or head impacts during the game has decreased just because of the nature of the way players are using their hands. They are stronger. Their upper bodies are built better. They are a little bit more hand-skilled as they come into the program. I think that it has advanced. It is changed. I know we have advanced our techniques. We are trying to build a leverage system that is more advanced than more teams. We are not saying we are better, but we are just a little bit different in that realm.”


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