Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey (5.30.24)

Where’s Deshaun (Watson) kind of relative in his rehab to where you would hope he would be if he wasn’t going through a rehab process?

“Yeah, I think rehab versus non-rehab wise, obviously the reps, he’s not getting the live reps out there on some of those seven-on-seven periods and things like that we’re doing. But I think Kevin (Stefanski) does a great job the way he structures practice in the offseason program. One, with the rules and doing what we’re allowed, but then, two, that really allows Deshaun now to get some reps, too, not just strictly standing back behind a mental space. So I think it’s a really good combination right now of him getting mental reps, him getting some of the live reps, quote unquote live reps that he can get in a more of a jog through tempo and then obviously the routes and the throwing when he can’t get in on his throwing days.”


Now that you’re out here on the grass, even though what you just said, how will your offense get the most out of Deshaun Watson?

“Yeah, I mean, it’s going to be a constant evaluation to make sure we’re doing the right things. That’s part of developing an offense and coaching and making sure we’re maximizing our personnel as much as possible. And of course, that starts with Deshaun. So we’re constantly going to be evaluating that, making sure we’re doing the right things, especially as he gets out there. And those reps continue to grow from a full speed standpoint.”


Ken when you see him throw the ball, like today was the first time we saw him live and it looked good, but if you seen him really push it with the arm.

“Yeah, I think kind of each day it just keeps going. And so I think that’s part of this process, and it is a process. You know, we went through a similar thing in Carolina with Cam (Newton) coming off a shoulder surgery where we had to make sure we’re monitoring distance of throws, couldn’t go past a yardage. How many throws he’s making that practice. All those things were basically throughout the entire year. So I think where he’s at right now is kind of in that process right now. And as he gets more and more comfortable and part of that’s just the mental side of things, too, that, ‘Okay, I can start really open it up more and more because of the confidence.’ So I think there’s a lot of that involved with it as well, but you see him continue each day, ramping it up a little bit more and more. He threw the ball down the sideline, a vertical throw today. That’s one I haven’t seen from him a lot because we haven’t pushed him to do that. So that was good to see. I think the more he grows and feels comfortable with it, the more you’ll start seeing those things get ramped up more and more.”


Does it make your evaluation of putting the system in a little bit more challenging, knowing he’s not 100% and it’s kind of a day-by-day situation?

“I think that’s a good question. I think what we’re trying to do right now is, because of his situation, obviously, he’s trying to get all the reps he possibly can from a mental standpoint, but we still want to install the offense, and we still want to get everybody else involved up to speed. So that puts a lot on us as coaches and in the quarterback room to make sure we’re maximizing every learning tool possible. From the different camera angles to on the practice field, making sure we’re talking live as plays are going on and all that stuff. So you don’t want to limit what you’re installing just based off of his availability, because there’s things that those other guys need to make sure they’re getting reps on, too.”


How much of your offense do you estimate to be out of shotgun versus under center?

“Again, I think it’s a conglomerate effort, and between Kevin, myself, the whole coaching staff, there’s a lot of input on those types of things, not only from the pass game, but obviously the run game as well. So to put a number on that, I think the season is so fluid, and a lot of times, you don’t really know because of the way the league has evolved in terms of what you can and can’t do in training camp and OTAs and things like that. A lot of times those things are evolving until week three or four of the season, and it’s not truly set in stone until you get a really good feel in true live game action. So to answer your question long about, I think it’s still an evolving process to determine exactly where we want to be from a gun versus under ratio.”


Ken, what have you seen from Jameis (Winston) as he’s taken those reps in practice last two weeks?

“Yeah, I think Jameis has done a great job. It’s really encouraging. I think the most encouraging thing is the ‘Alright, if we make a mistake and we go in the room and correct it,’ you see that being corrected the next day on whether it’s similar concepts, the same concept, whatever it is. So as a veteran guy who’s played a lot of football and seen a lot of things, it’s not like he’s not open to the coaching and not open to the evolution of his game, and kind of how maybe we do things a little different than what he’s used to. So he’s done a great job from a leadership standpoint, from an execution standpoint, continuing to grow and then taking in what we’re talking in there onto the grass.”


How much does your personal experience as being an NFL quarterback and of course college, help you in your job as often?

“You know, I think it’s a good question. I like to think it does help because when you’re watching film and you’re watching it from the side view and the back view and that wide angle, things look so different than from that perspective from under center and it’s like ‘Oh, why? Just throw that.’ Well from that view, it doesn’t look the same all the time as that wide angle view and when you can rewind it a few times and everything. So I think there’s a understanding of some things are realistic, some things aren’t from a what you ask those guys to do standpoint sometimes and then just the understanding of a comfort level of that position is so important. They have to feel comfortable and confident in what they’re doing because they’re the ones pulling the trigger at the end of the day. So we got to make sure we’re getting those guys to that point where they feel 100% ready to go and rip it and just able to react and not think about things.”


Why do you like using those choice routes that you have in your system and how do you think (Elijah Moore) kind of fits?

“Yeah, again, that’s part of us finding out if guys feel comfortable doing that, because some guys have that feel and then other guys it’s just not part of their forte. So I think that’s the good part is like right now we’re getting different guys doing it, whether it’s a choice routes, whether it’s deep balls inside, whatever those concepts are to see, ‘Hey, who feels comfortable and who’s got that knack for running certain things.’ So Elijah has been coming out doing a great job, whether it’s those types of concepts or just winning one-on-one matchups on a slant or a go ball or whatever. So that’s part of this feeling out process and evaluation process for us as new coaches and then for us as we evolve in our offense.”


Going off of those choice routes, is there a challenge as a coach teaching, making sure that the quarterback and the receiver are seeing the same thing and are on the same page? Because it feels like there’s a danger of the quarterback would see one thing and the receiver seeing something.

“And to answer your question: yes. I mean, it takes reps, it takes them talking about it, it takes watching film. There’s so many different aspects of not only those routes, but a lot of different routes within the system. So, yeah, to answer your question, there’s a lot of communication there. When we had Cole (Beasley) in Buffalo, there was an adjustment period there, and getting on the same page like that first year was like, ‘Oh, is this going to work?’ Because it just takes time for quarterback and receiver to get on the same page on some of those field routes.”


Bigger picture, as you and Kevin have rebuilt the offense, and really put your system into play, how helpful are OTAs? Even though there’s no contact, but being able to get reps on film and being able to actually see it play out on film. 

“Yeah, anytime you’re watching tape or you’re walking through and all that stuff, that is great. But to get live reps is huge. And in whatever you’re doing, it doesn’t matter the system. So, yes, I think to be able to get out here, get live reps, to be able to teach off of guys see it, things are happening fast. I mean, our defense is darn good, so, things happen fast out there for those guys. So there’s a teaching aspect of it. And I think the way you worded it was perfect. You know, it’s not my system. It’s not Kevin’s. It’s our system, and so we’re developing our system, and these reps right now are invaluable for us.”


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