Offensive Coordinator Alex Van Pelt (10.20.22)


On the Patriots defense limiting the Browns run game last week:

“Yeah, that was disappointing. We didn’t play our best really across the board. We couldn’t get the run going like we like to and like we usually do. That is a credit to them. That is a good defense. They are a stout front for sure. They played well, and we didn’t that day.”


On the impact of G Wyatt Teller missing time last week and likely being unable to play this week due to injury:

“Obviously, you would like to have your five starters in so anytime you lose one of those guys, it is a loss. (G) Hjalte (Froholdt) will step in and play well if he can’t go. Hopefully, he will be back soon. We like our guys – our starters, as well as our backups. We expect them to play at a high level when they get in the game.”


On Froholdt’s strengths:

“Probably the biggest thing is his strength alone. His lower body strength, his ability to bend and use his strength to torque guys. He did some really good things for us in the fullback position in some of the goal line stuff earlier in the season. Plays with good leverage and strength.”


On if QB Jacoby Brissett should have thrown the ball sooner or farther on the first interception last week:

“A combination of decision making and just playing smarter that early in the game, not trying to make a high level of difficulty in the throw. Yes, if he had thrown it farther, it may have gotten there. Really just want to make sure that we take care of the football moving forward. That is what I know he wasn’t happy with his decision to try that so early in the game.”


On if the first interception was not thrown to Brissett’s No. 1 read on the play:

“It is part of the read for sure. The big thing we ask for in the keeper game is to not have negative plays whether it be sacks. Incompletion is OK in that situation. Looking back, just throw it away and get back in the huddle on second down.”


On if Brissett was pushing the ball downfield instead of finding open receivers underneath based on what was seen last week:

“I think sometimes that is what you see, that is what you do. You see somebody open, and you pull the trigger. We will get back into the completion mindset moving forward. I think that is when we played the best offensively is when we are just taking what is there.”


On looking to stay committed to the run game, even if it is slowed down:

“I think so. I think that game dictated us to get away from the run game by the score at certain points. Obviously, we want to run it more, get the ball in those guys’ hands, and use that offensive line and our tight ends up front. Sometimes the game doesn’t allow that to happen. I know we are very confident in the run game. We feel great about where we are. We just had a step back last week and continue moving forward to think we will have success in the run.”


On Brissett and WR Amari Cooper not connecting as much last week:

“Just wasn’t their day. Really, they have a good bond, they have a real good relationship and where they are and they communicate really well. Sometimes it just does not come to fruition.”


On if the Ravens run defense is similar to the Patriots:

“It can be. It can be. The fad throughout the league right now is teams playing multiple fronts out of multiple personnel groupings. That seems to have taken off across the league. I think we will see five on the line fronts and we will see nickel fronts that give you an odd structure and make it look like a three-down base front. Seen a lot of that this year. We just have to be ready to adjust and make sure we are communicating what structure of defense we are running against.”


On the Ravens secondary creating takeaways:

“A very talented back end for sure. The corners are outstanding players. (Ravens S Chuck) Clark is a really good safety and plays down in the box. They played in that scheme for a while together now so they are playing well as a unit.”


On the team’s mindset entering the game with the Ravens’ production in takeaways:

“Overemphasis on ball security. It is always our No. 1 goal in the game is to come out with zero giveaways. We have to double-down on that this week.”


On players preparing when outside of the facility:

“I know there has been a lot of talk about commitment this week. It is what can you do extra? What can you do more that we have not done to this point moving forward? That is kind of what we have talked about as a unit and as a group. Spend an extra hour in the playbook at night, watch some tape or whatever that is. Communicate with your fellow teammates about certain plays. Whatever that could be, find a way to just make improvements this week.”


On if he has done anything different with the offense this week related to that commitment to preparation:

“No, I think those guys they burn the midnight oil. They are here early. They stay late. I don’t know what they can do more than what they are doing, and I think that goes for all our group. I think they all work hard when they are out of the building, as well. We are just looking for a little bit of extra something this week.”


On if he would like to see Froholdt and Chubb squat side by side:

“It would be impressive. I don’t know who would win that one. That is some thick legs down there (laughter).”


On young Browns WRs’ production and progression:

“I think (WR) David Bell has fit right in. They silently made plays when we have asked them to. The ball finds him when he is open, and he catches the ball and makes positive yards. It was good to see (WR) Mike Woods (II) get into a game last week for the first time and had a catch. These young guys have to step up and come on, and they are. Feel good about where they are.”


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