OC Alex Van Pelt (9.10.20)

Offensive Coordinator Alex Van Pelt:

On if he has a good feel for how everyone fits into the Browns offense now, given the changes to the offseason and training camp: 

“I think the training camp gave us the idea of how we are going to use guys within the system. Definitely, we were trying to figure out how guys fit and play to the strengths of our guys. Now, I think after the month of training camp, we have a really good idea about where each guy fits and what roles they will play.”


On how challenging it will be for most players playing their first game and first real contact since December: 

“I am sure it will be. Ball security is a premium. That is one of the things you can’t really practice unless you are hitting. Not having the preseason, we have to be conscious of the fact of protecting the football. Like most guys, once you get hit, you realize you are back into it and it is kind of like riding a bike.”

On if he has a sense for how determined WR Odell Beckham Jr. is this season, especially given that he is healthier: 

“I think he is very excited about the season. I know he feels great. He has been working his butt off in camp so far. I know he wants to be successful this season. Coming off of last year not feeling great the whole season, I think he is really looking forward to the opportunities he will have this year.”

On how dangerous it can be with both Beckham and WR Jarvis Landry on the field: 

“Having just those two guys would be great, but we have a bunch of guys that can make plays. We will see how defenses play us this season, but having Hoop (TE Austin Hooper), (TE David) Njoku, (RB) Kareem (Hunt), (RB) Nick (Chubb) and those guys, that is exciting.”

On how realistic it is to ‘expect things to run smoothly’ on Sunday, given changes to the offseason and training camp: 

“Obviously, we expect to come out and operate with precise and clean execution. The reality is that is probably not going to be the case early on. We are anticipating coming out and playing error-free football from the start. Everybody is in the same boat so the teams that can adjust quickly, adapt and get back into the swing of the season, those will be the teams that are successful. We hope to be one of those teams.”

On the impact that limited live reps in training camp may have in the first year of a new offensive system: 

“I think everybody is kind of in the same boat. I think the real limitations are not going to be there. We expect our guys to come out and play like they have played. I am sure every coach is saying the same thing across the league right now. The fact that we did not have a preseason, that is the way it goes. Thirty-one other team did not have one so there will be no limitations.”

On his emotions heading into the first game on Sunday, given the adversity of the past few months:

“I am excited to see what we have. Really, you do not know at this point. I think we have a good feeling about who we are and who we are going to be. Without any preseason games and without any of that kind of thing the whole offseason, I am just really excited to see what we have and who we are. I think we will evolve as the season goes.”

On if he believes he and Head Coach Kevin Stefanski may have significantly different play calling styles, given the team has not announced who will call offensive plays:

“I do not think so. I do not think it is for us to say anything at all at this point. Just for the competitive advantage, I think we will figure it out on gameday. No, I would not think so.”

On how much playing games with no fans could help T Jedrick Wills Jr.:

“It will definitely benefit him. Going into a loud place as a rookie in your first start, being in tune with that snap count or the silent cadence, as well, those can hinder a young guy. Him being able to hear a snap count, we do not anticipate the noise level to be too high so that will definitely benefit him.”

On recent improvement of the Browns offense:

“I definitely think so. I think the last 10 days have been some of our better practices offensively. Like I said, we are starting to understand who we are, how we can use each guy in their roles and highlight what they do well. I think we made strides over the last week to 10 days.”

On if it is meaningful that TE David Njoku is listed third on the depth chart:

“We will have packages for each guy. I think David was hampered by a little limitation of injury early on that kind of set him back, and then (TE) Harrison’s (Bryant) performance kind of elevated him above him at this point. We are a team that is going to be multiple and versatile so having three tight ends on the field is something you will see from us. We will use all of our personnel, and David will be a big part of that.”

On RB Kareem Hunt’s role this season:

“Kareem is going to spell (RB) Nick (Chubb) when Nick needs a spell at the running back position. There will be other opportunities for him in different spots, as well. Extremely excited to have him signed with his extension. He deserves it. He has been nothing but a great teammate for the group so far and expect nothing less. Very excited to have him on long term now.”

On if Hunt will get reps in the slot:

“Would not want to talk about that as it relates to game planning, but Kareem has a different skillset. He can do multiple things.”

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