OC Alex Van Pelt (11.12.20)

Offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt:

On if WR Jarvis Landry looks healthier this week following the bye week: 

“Yeah, definitely. I think he is feeling better. Probably his best day of practice as far as just the speed, the ability to catch and pluck above his head. Hopefully, that rib issue is getting better each day. He looked really good in practice yesterday.”

On how bothered Landry was by dropped passes in the past few games: 

“You just have to work through it. That is part of the game. Ultimately, he is going catch more than he drops. We have great confidence in his hands. He has made some really tough catches. It is unfortunate this last game he had a couple that I am sure he would like to have back. Not an issue that I am worried about.”

On if he came into the season with a certain set of expectations for QB Baker Mayfield and if he was able to rewrite the plans for Mayfield over the bye week: 

“I do not think there is any major overhaul. We knew going in that there was going to be some growth through the first part of the season. We all acknowledge the fact that we would get better each week. I think he has gotten better each week. When it comes to things like footwork, I think he is feeling much more comfortable now. The second half of the season, like you said, we are resetting and recommitting in the second half to make the push around there in the second half of the season. Not a huge overhaul. I think throughout the course of the eight games, you kind of find out what everybody does well, what we do well schematically, what we do well individually, and then obviously, we try to play to the strengths of our players.”

On if there will be subtle changes to the Browns offensive scheme for Mayfield: 

“Yeah, there are definitely areas during the bye week that you highlight and that you go through and do your scheme evaluation and determine that, ‘Hey, these are some things we need to do more or these are things we need to do less.’ From an individual standpoint with, no overhaul really. Just continue to grow in the system and with the footwork that he is doing a great job with. Without giving anything away, you will see different things schematically that we have decided during the bye week that will be beneficial for us as an offense.”

On how RB Nick Chubb has looked and if it is reasonable to expect Chubb to return to his usual production when available: 

“I hope so. He looked good yesterday in practice. He got some touches, which was great to see him back out there. The key is to get him as healthy as possible for that second half of the season push. Winter football is coming. We are going to have to rely on the run game a fair amount. To have him healthy and full of energy there for the second half is important. He did look good yesterday. Excited to get him back in the mix, hopefully this week.”

On what TE Austin Hooper contributes to the Browns offense that does not show up on the stat sheet:

“Hoop is a very heady player. A lot of the things that he does, he does a lot of the dirty work that goes unseen. Obviously, he is good in the run game blocking at the point of attack, but also, he has a great understanding of coverage, route concepts and how to help guys get open if he is not the primary target. Those are some of the things that you do not see, but a very smart football player. Glad to have him back.”

On if the Browns run game can return to where it was at the beginning of the season with Chubb and G Wyatt Teller back: 

“Yeah, that is our thoughts. We want to get that reestablished. We started strong, and we kind of did not hit our marks in the last few games. Getting everybody back and healthy here, hopefully in the second half, we get back on track to where we started the season.”

On what the Browns offense missed most with Chubb out of the lineup: 

“Probably just the combination of that one-two punch and having two guys that can really break tackles and do a great job in the wide zone schemes, as well as the gap schemes. Just having that great one-two punch.”

On if the Browns offense missed Teller’s ‘nasty and physical’ attitude: 

“He definitely brings that edge. I think the guys feed off of that. When he plays, he is very aggressive and very physical. Hopefully, getting him back here soon will bring that nastiness spot back. Hub (T Chris Hubbard) did a great job in his place, but Wyatt definitely does play with an edge, and he does have the strength and the nasty in him.”

On if winter football means the Browns may use the TEs more: 

“As you all know, the weather here can change at the drop of a hat. We have to be ready to hand the ball off if we need to on these windy days, snowy days or whatever is coming here in the future. Tight ends could be involved. We can run the ball well with one tight end or three tight ends. Just basically however the defense dictates to us the best group is to put on the field, that is what we will go with.”

On if the Browns TEs could also be used more in the pass game as the winter months come: 

“Yeah, definitely in the pass game, too. Quarterbacks always tell you the tight ends are their best friends. They are usually closest to the quarterback in the progressions and usually available for him so yes.”

On if he approaches a game like Sunday with a more aggressive mindset, knowing the Texans defense only has two interceptions this year: 

“No, I do not think that changes the decision making of the quarterback at all. We will still go through our reads and make smart, good decisions. The fact that they only have two [interceptions] could be caused by many things. We will not go in saying, ‘Hey, we are going to force the ball in the spots because they had two interceptions.’ We will still continue to make good decisions from the quarterback position.”

On what has allowed Teller to play at a high level this season: 

“I think there is a little bit of scheme fit involved. I also think (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan and (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters do an excellent job in the drill work, in their technique and fundamentals. I think that he is playing under those parameters of their technique and fundamentals, and I think it is making him a better player.”

On the disappointment not being able to establish the running game against the Raiders and if the team hopes to have another opportunity to dominate in the running game: 

“Yes, absolutely, but we will be in those games again. We have to handle the football better in the pass game, too. That was that thing. We had a few drops. We had some errant throws. That is going to be part of the deal. We expect to handle the ball better through the pass game., but yeah, we have to get that run game cranking when we get those days when it is blowing 40 miles per hour.”

On if Texans DE J.J. Watt is still a player that everyone has to pay attention to and how he is preparing Ts Jack Conklin and Jedrick Wills Jr. for Watt: 

“Definitely is that same player. You see the burst, strength, length, size and his ability of all his pass rush moves. Those guys have been watching tape. Obviously, Coach Peters does a great job of putting the rush plan together for those guys and kind of giving the different styles of rushes they have. Physically, yes, he is still at the top of the game.”

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